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NSE Cullen for Chips
Sun 5th Apr 2009
organised by Grampian Scotland

Car Count : 10
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What a great day that was. Maybe nae the hottest but at least it stayed dry and the chips were fine!
We had a good turnout too with 10 cars for the first half then 11 for the second leg. A special thanks to John and May, and Kenny for coming on your first run with the NSE group. I'm glad we didn't put you off coming long again. It was fine to see James too having not seen him for a good year and a half. Your car looks as good as ever James!
On the lighter side, Mark wins the vest for "muppet of the week" award because he forgot to bring the vest which he won at the last event for being a muppet ;-) and we somehow managed to lose one car that went shopping in Huntly but still managed to meet us at the end in Inverurie. That Bermuda triangle doesn't half have a long reach!
Thanks to Ian for planning and leading the route and to Malcolm for leading the second group.
Disclaimer:- No reccying was involved in the making of this event, but a wee bit of recycling was achieved!
Thanks again folks for coming along today.

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Your Comments
5th Apr 2009 21:32 :: PaulDS
Me and Elaine thoroughly enjoyed our wee jaunt.  Roads were very bumpy or was it just my car?

5th Apr 2009 23:34 :: Liathach
Perhaps a wee bit bumpy but thoroughly enjoyable.  You'll need to go on the May w/e to the west coast for smooth roads!  My CD player did miss a beat a couple of times.

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