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Christmas Lunch
Sat 5th Dec 2009
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 18
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Christmas Lunch

Saturday 5th December 2009

The River House Restaurant

As the date for our Christmas lunch arrived, instead of deep and crisp and even, we had wet, damp and drizzly. However it couldn't dampen the spirits of the 34 members who turned out for our annual Christmas Lunch at the Riverhouse Restaurant in Stirling.

Not many fives could be seen in the car park, so we can assume many came incognito or even by sleigh!

Once we were all settled, we made our selections from the great (as always) menu. A few tipples were ordered with some immediately spilt over the floor then ordered again, and the festive lunch began. The food was up to the usual standard (and the chips) and the staff very attentive. Are we booked for next year yet????

Then it was time for Santa and the raffle. The raffle prizes seemed evenly distibuted (on our table anyway!). The raffle and Auction raised a further £175 for The Help For Heroes Charity, taking the grand total for the year to £651. Thanks to all for supporting the charity throughout the year.

At last it was Santa time. He too, had come incognito but we soon forgot that when we saw the laden sacks! A vast assortment of goodies was handed out. Richard will now need an MX5 to go with his MX5 parking sign!  Sarah seem very excited about what looked like a spaghetti measure to me. Spaghetti measures, butter dishes, is this a car club or cookery club. Shes going to do something to a crankshaft with it, or so I was told!

Sadly all too soon it was time to leave, to allow the staff to set up for the evening diners. After saying our goodbyes, we all headed home, well fed and laden with prizes and presents. What more could we ask for?

Merry Christmas and a Merry 2010 to all!

Report by: Dorothy

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Your Comments
5th Dec 2009 18:43 :: Stella & Nige
Food excellent, company brilliant, lovely relaxing time and managed to stay awake all the time.

Thanks to all and everyone who helps to make these events great.

Happy Christmas everyone!

5th Dec 2009 22:24 :: Jacqueline & Ian
A brilliant day, great food and drink but even better company. Many thanks to everyone who not only donated raffle prizes but also purchased tickets. And to Gavin for all the organising.

A merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you all.

5th Dec 2009 23:14 :: chic and heather
Excellent start to the festive season enjoying good food in good company. Thanks to everyone for their contributions throughout the year as well as today which resulted in a sum of £651.00 being raised for Help for Heroes.
Thanks to Gavin for arranging today and hope all members old and new enjoyed themselves

Compliments of the season to all and look forward to seeing everyone in 2010

6th Dec 2009 11:46 :: Stewart & Maggie
Great day out. Many thanks to the organisers for making a successful outing.Good start to the festive season.

6th Dec 2009 11:57 :: Colin and Sandra
Thank you to all five people who pulled our raffle tickets out, a fix ? Surely not.

Our first turkey of the season.

Merry Christmas one and all.

6th Dec 2009 15:48 :: eilidh
scool libraraein

6th Dec 2009 16:22 :: Gavin
Nice to see one and all. Great food again.

6th Dec 2009 19:20 :: jxf12690
Fabulous day out in good company. A pleasure to meet Bill and Linda for the first time. A merry christmas and happy new year to all. Looking forward to next years events.

6th Dec 2009 19:24 :: Graeme & Christine Babbs
I think this was possibly my first as a 'mere member' and I really enjoyed it. Thanks to all who organised it and the events during.

You may have noticed a cryptic comment in the list. It is proof  that my assertion that "you can type what you want Eilidh, it won't accept it without a valid email address" wasn't true after all!

6th Dec 2009 21:37 :: BillB
Just arrived home after a 489 mile round trip and the Christmas dinner was worth the journey. Excellent food, company and venue. Also, thank to the 'Knights of the round table' for their superb company in the Pirnhall Inn following the Christmas dinner, Bo'ness was well represented. Many thanks to Jim and Marie for the transport to and from the venue, Linda and I hope to see you both again in the New Year. Thanks to Gavin for organising the event, Chic and Ian for assisting, and Eilidh for being so generous with the Quality Street selection.  Have a very Merry Christmas and a cracking New Year. And thanks to out two adopted 'kids' for their overnight stay at the Pirnhall, and their company at the breakfast dinner on Saturday evening and again on Sunday morning (double helpings of Sausage, eggs (without the chips on Sunday morning) can't be good for the figure)!!!!

6th Dec 2009 22:26 :: Sarah
Lovely meal and nice company as well.

Have a great xmas everyone, and see you in 2010.

7th Dec 2009 14:28 :: Richard & Eileen
Good food and good company again. Happy xmas!

7th Dec 2009 16:23 :: dot and chas
Brilliant day,great food and great company.Many thanks to all involved in organising it.Great to catch up with friends old and new.Also thanks to Santa for our pressies.It was great to continue the chat and banter at the Pirnhall,oh yes and another meal!
Merry Christmas!

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