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Planning Meeting
Sun 8th Nov 2009
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 15
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Sunday 8th November 2009

The Richmond Park Hotel
26 Linlithgow Road
West Lothian
EH51 0DN

Minutes of Meeting

1. Welcome

The meeting was opened by Gavin Ryans, area coordinator for Central Scotland and a warm welcome was offered to all attending.

2. Balance Sheet

Gavin presented the balance sheet for year to 31st October 2009 and after discussion this was approved as proposed by Gordon Thomasson and seconded by Dorothy Swinton.

3. Previous Minutes

The minutes of the meeting of 11th January 2009 were approved as proposed by Jim Ford and seconded by Sarah Close.

4. Election of Area Coordinator

Gavin Ryans then confirmed that it was his intention to step down as Area Coordinator and advised the meeting that two applications had been received for the position which was reverting to its former set up as having two joint coordinators.  The applicants were confirmed as being Ian Ness and Charles Kennedy who were subsequently elected by unanimous vote.

5. 2009 Overview

In addition to the hand out recording the 2009 events a short slide show recorded some images of 2009 and discussion was invited on the good and bad points of these events.

6. Run Reports

Ian Ness then introduced a discussion on the merits of and the manner of presenting run reports. It was agreed that reports should continue as they offered a facility to keep members, who were unable to attend, informed about the event and also gave an indication to potential new members of what the club does. It was also agreed that the reports should be done by a variety of members to encourage different presentation. Anyone being asked to do a report to be advised in advance of the event

7. Pub Meets

A record of attendances at this year’s pub meets was then presented by Charles Kennedy and it was highlighted that attendances in the west were only 50% of those in the east and on some occasions were very poorly attended. After discussion it was agreed to reduce the number of west pub meets but to monitor this dependant on new members and that pub meets would alternate between south/east Edinburgh and Central Scotland with a west meet roughly quarterly for the present.

With regards the experiment of Sunday pub meets it was thought that while these had been very successful the locations had resulted in them becoming a mini run rather than an informal pub meet and it was agreed that we should revert to the original idea of setting a location which enabled members to make short drives to the lunch venue.

8. Buddies

Ian then introduced the idea of asking experienced members to “buddie” new members at events to ensure they were welcomed and particularly that they were looked after on the runs so no one was lost. This was agreed and it was also agreed that the club would buy 4 new radios for the use of new members.

9. Programme of events for 2010

Discussion then took place on the meetings main business that of arranging next year’s events calendar.

Dates for a number of events were then agreed and a full list will be published on the website. Several events still require volunteers to arrange them and it would be appreciated if members would offer themselves to assist and also suggest new routes.

A discussion took place into a variance on our normal Sunday outing to meet Tyne Tees as Yorkshire Area had asked if they could also join us. The proposal was made that the event have  two options. Initial option being the normal run to Lindisfarne for BBQ and rounders with a second option of an overnight on the Saturday before the rounders to allow a chance to spend more time with our friends from south of the border. It was agreed that we would follow this model and that there would be two runs arranged to accommodate both options.

Tyne Tees have suggested a hotel near Hexham to meet up.

It was agreed to investigate the possibility of arranging a carting evening however it was felt that the cost of £1700 for a track night was prohibitive and that we would look at joining other clubs, if possible, for anyone interested in a track night.

Easter weekend was agreed as being Saturday to Monday and it was also agreed to take up Ian and Gordon’s offer of organising a weekend away in the borders.

Three Tech days were arranged as has become the norm but one this year will be in East Lothian with two in Callander.

10. AC’s meeting and AGM at Kegworth

A report was then given on the main points raised at these meetings and Iain Fleming advised the members of the new Marquees and advertising banners which are to be provided by The National Club for each area. A report on these meetings has been posted in the news section of the forum.

11. Bumper stickers

Iain Fleming then displayed the new bumper stickers as well as windscreen stickers which will be available in the near future.

12. Website

It was agreed by all that Simon’s recent work on the website had made a dramatic improvement to it and after Simon explained the options available it was agreed that the club would purchase new web space at an anticipated cost in the region of £120 per annum.

It was also agreed that, despite the benefits of mailshots to members and potential members, the work and cost was prohibitive. It was agreed that we would try a welcome email to new members with a link to events included and that we would issue a regular email to all members advising them of upcoming events.

13. Raffle Proceeds.

Members were given an update on the current charity raffle which has raised £476.00 to date with our final raffle to take place at the Christmas lunch. It was also announced that Jim Tolson had offered a prize of lunch or dinner for two accompanying him to the Private Member’s Dining Room at the Scottish Parliament. This prize to be auctioned at the Christmas lunch with proceeds being added to the raffle proceeds for Help for Heroes.

After discussion it was agreed that next year we would commit 50% of raffle proceeds to charity with a possible addition at the year end dependant on income and expenditure and it was further agreed that the charity for next year would be Maggies.

14. Awards

Stevie Smith Trophy – this had resulted in a three way tie and after discussion it was agreed that it should be shared and so the trophy was presented by Dinaz to ;

Richard and Eileen Nicol

Ian Ness and Jacqueline Doherty

Charles Kennedy and Heather Woods

Car of the Year Trophy – Dinaz then presented this trophy to Sarah Close for her work on project Annabelle and for the knowledge and help she had given to others.

It was agreed that the criteria for qualification for next year should be as this year with the amendment that pub meets should qualify for the Stevie Smith Trophy, that membesr are excluded from the competitions for three years after winning and that AC’s be excluded from competitions.

15. AOCB

The only additional item of business was in connection with the award purchased, as agreed, at last year’s Planning Meeting, for Douglas Hunter. It was reported that Douglas had felt unable to accept the presentation therefore it was agreed that the Quaich purchased should be disposed of.

16. Thanks

Thanks were then proposed by Gavin, Ian and Chic to those who had given of their time and knowledge to the club both local and national including, Graeme Babbs, Mino Manakshaw and Iain Fleming , Richard and Eileen Nicol, Simon Fraser, and Ian Ness. Special thanks were given to Gavin Ryans for his time as Area Coordinator.

There being no further business the meeting closed

Minutes by: Charles Kennedy

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Your Comments
9th Nov 2009 03:34 :: Richard & Eileen
A longer than usual planning meeting, but very productive, with good food!

Welcome to Chic and Ian as new co-coordinators

9th Nov 2009 17:19 :: Jenny Dorgan
Congratulations to Chic and Ian in their positions as new co-ordinators.

9th Nov 2009 18:20 :: Ian Ness
Minutes of meeting now posted.

10th Nov 2009 06:07 :: dot and chas
Very productive planning meeting.Welcome and good luck to Ian and Chic! Also a big thank you to Gavin for holding it all together.Enjoy your retirement!
Looking forward to 2010,

10th Nov 2009 14:06 :: Graeme
Congratulations to Chic & Ian on taking up the ACs posts.

10th Nov 2009 14:36 :: wattie97
productive meeting with plenty open discussion. Best wishes to Ian and Charles in their new roles. Thanks to Gavin for all he did to keep us all together. If 2010 is as good as 2009 we will have a club to be proud of.
      Wattie and Janet.

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