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The Rabbie Burns Run
Sat 24th Oct 2009 to Sun 25th Oct 2009
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 12
[ show event report ]


Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th October 2009

UPDATE 16/10/09: One double room still available.

If you wish to join this fun packed weekend the hotel details can be found below.
Remember to quote MX-5 and/or Kennedy in the booking.

Meet at 9:00 for an 09:30 departure

Saturday Meeting point

Tesco Car Park
Gallowhill Road
ML11 7AG


In the spirit of the homecoming year and being the 250th anniversary of the birth of Robert Burns, we are arranging a themed weekend as a different kind of trip from our normal weekends.

On this basis we will be heading into Ayrshire on Saturday 24th October and spending the morning and early afternoon touring around the locations associated with the birth and early years of Burns’ life.

We will be visiting some of the spots which inspired his poetry such as Tam o Shanter, including the Brig o Doon and Alloway Kirk (with its resident witches and warlocks).

Brig O Doon Hotel

We will be lunching at the Brig O Doon Hotel Tea Room before heading south through the Ayrshire scenery which inspired him to write his poems about the beauty of nature. We then continue to our Saturday night stopover at the Clonyard House Hotel in Colvend, Kirkcudbrightshire.

Clonyard Hotel

Ideally, we would like some Burns entertainment for the Saturday evening so anyone who is coming along and would like to offer some ‘sangs’ and ‘clatter’ then please let us know. While no formal Burns evening is envisaged hopefully within the assembled company we can gather together some entertainment.

Sunday takes us through the romantic Dumfriesshire countryside which inspired a lot of his romantic writing and where he lived both as farmer and exciseman and leads us finally to Dumfries itself where we can view the home where he spent his last days and also his final resting place before lunching at The Globe Inn and then heading back northwards and home through the scenic Galloway Forest Park.

The Globe Inn

While this event is arranged as a weekend trip anyone who wishes to join for either or both of the day runs will be equally welcome.

Clonyard House Hotel

Tel: 01556 630372 or 01556 630388

Room Rates

Dinner, Bed & Breakfast would be £50 per person in a double or twin room.

Single occupancy would have a £10.00 supplement. 

Run Organiser: Charles Kennedy

Saturday Itineraray

Google Maps Morning Route

Lunch at the Brig O Doon Hotel Tea Room

Google Maps Afternoon Route

Evening at Clonyard House Hotel

Sunday Itineraray

Google Maps Sunday Route

Lunch at The Globe Inn

Please post your comments below if you wish to attend this event.

NOTE: Slight change made to route in Mauchline 15/10/09


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Your Comments
25th Oct 2009 15:10 :: Jacqueline & Ian
Wow what can we say, a brilliant weekend from start to finish.

Many thanks to Chic and Heather, the many hours of planning and thought that so obviously went into this event ensured that it was a successful and fun event.

25th Oct 2009 16:48 :: topcat
Hear Hear!

This event must have really taken a lot of efforts and meticulous planning Thanks Chic and Heather. Thanks also for all our musical friends. That was a treat.
Really enjoyed our time this weekend

Tom and Moira

26th Oct 2009 13:57 :: Gavin
That was a fantastic weekend away in a part of the country that CS should visit more often. Thanks to Chic and Heather for orchestrating the weekend and also to all of the players. Great food venues and superb driving roads. I managed to squeeze 337 miles out of my tank. Thanks for a great finale to 2009.

26th Oct 2009 16:02 :: Gordon & Sue T
It was all just too much.  Too much fun, too much food, too much Guinness, too much Talisker & too much witchery for one night.  So, when can we do it again?  ;-)

Well done C&H.  Thanks a bunch.

26th Oct 2009 18:22 :: crian
Hi folks!

It was great to see you all- think you were a bit taken aback to see me coming in to the Clonyard? Maybe a few minutes late= still - not too bad- lovely scenic routes both there, and back- including me losing Gav and going runabout in the woods- still lovely- some of these country roads are even better than the main ones- great cambers and as smooth as silk! Chic & Heather did great on this one- maybe they should do another?? Ian has suggested I teamup with someone more experienced - no offence taken- but that should be a learning curve for even me!!Gavin - maybe I can give you horticulture lessons- in exchange for this??

Best Regards to all, Crian.

27th Oct 2009 10:30 :: chic and heather
Many thanks to all who attended and special thanks to Ian for his assistance throughout the planning and for his graces at dinner,to Eileen for her presentation of the haggis,to Gordon and Jacqueline for their toasts and poems, to Andrew for his piping, to Ian and Gordon for their music and song,to Alwyn for his photography and to the cast of Tam O'Shanter who brought the evening to a hilarious conclusion. We thoroughly enjoyed the weekend which allowed me to indulge myself in my two main hobbies -Burns and Mx5..better thank the witches as well lest they make a return

27th Oct 2009 16:03 :: chic and heather

Can't think why Ian put that verse of Tam O'Shanter under your photo.....??

Whene'er to drink you are inclin'd,
Or cutty-sarks run in your mind,.....

15th Nov 2009 03:53 :: anton
Hi All,

First thanks Chic and Heather (and others) for a great introduction to the owners club.

We enjoyed the lunch on Saturday and thanks everyone for all the advice.

Finally got a car. :)
Silver Euphonic

So looking forward to attending an event in the new season.

Jane and Anthony

15th Nov 2009 06:00 :: charlesk

Good to hear that you have found your new car.
Look forward to your company in the new year

21st Nov 2009 14:09 :: Ian Ness
Gordon's "Toast to the lassies" now available for all to enjoy.

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