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The Rabbie Burns Run
Sat 24th Oct 2009 to Sun 25th Oct 2009
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 12
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Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th October 2009

A weekend of sweeping Autumnal roads, wonderful company, great entertainment, laughter and MX5 magic. That’s what it was. Chic and Heather put together a mixture of all these elements and came up with a winner from start to finish.


With everyone gathered at Tesco Lanark we set off on our Rabbie Burns’ discovery drive.

Tesco Lanark

Winding our way to Mauchline, the first of these discoveries was Poosie Nancie’s Taven and across the road, the Kirk, with its graveyard containing many of the Burns’ family graves.

Driving along the winding back roads we passed Mossgiel and Lochlea farms where Burns lived and worked as a young man. Then onwards to Tarbolton passing the Bachelors Club and the Masonic Lodge frequented by Burns'.

The morning drive finally took us to Alloway and Burns’ birthplace. With Chic acting as tour guide we were shown all the important landmarks, finally ending up in the Auld Haunted Kirk graveyard. It was here that we heard the eerie skirl of the pipes and then suddenly, two demented witches appeared out of nowhere with the sole intent to scare the living daylights out of everyone.

Beware of the Alloway Witches

Shocked and traumatised the only thing we could do was to go in search of some comforting refreshment. The Brig O' Doon Hotel Tea Room turned out to be the perfect resting place and we were joined by Moira and Tom who joined us for the rest of the weekend, and Suzzie who kept us company to Newton Stewart. Scrumptious food and drink was enjoyed by all along with friendly social banter.

With appetites satisfied it was time to move on, this time heading south through Maybole to see Souter Johnnie’s cottage. Heading down the B734 to Barr we then entered the Galloway Forest Park where we enjoyed splashing through the huge puddles while travelling the made-for-MX-5 roads.

Finally, we arrived at the Clonyard House Hotel and settled in with a well-earned drink or two before the evenings festivities started.

At the appointed time we all entered the function room and took our places at the large table. With filled glasses in hand we prepared for an evening of fun and laughter.
Again the skirl of the pipes was heard as the haggis was ceremoniously brought to the table. Chic with amazing proficiency recited Burns’ “Address to a Haggis” brilliantly.

Fair fa' your honest, sonsie face,
Great chieftain o the puddin'-race!
Aboon them a' ye tak your place,
Painch, tripe, or thairm:
Weel are ye worthy o' a grace
As lang's my arm.

Following grace we all enjoyed a hearty feast fit for the occasion, with wine, spirits and banter all flowing in abundance.

Bring on the food

With stomachs filled, the entertainment continued when Andrew, Gordon and Ian started the sangs and clatter. With three guitars, fiddle, bodrum (all from one mx-5 boot!) we were well entertained by the brilliant trio.

The Band

All was going well until it was suddenly stopped due to the arrival of Holy Willie. Bible and candle in hand and dressed in long nightshirt and night cap he entered the darkened room and recited “Holy Willie's Prayer”.

Following more sangs and clatter accompanied also by Andrew on the pipes it was time for Gordon to make his “toast to the lassies” bestowing there feminine attributes, odeures, infinite understanding and communication skills. Where would we men be without them!

Jacqueline replied basically confirming what we all know, we mx-5 men are just wonderful, well this is how I remember it anyway!

The evenings fun and laughter continued after midnight when Chic produced his master stroke, “Tam O' Shanter”. Mellow and relaxed the assembled group sat back waiting to be entertained even more, were they in for a shock!

Chick started the ball rolling reciting the first verse and then a wizened witch appeared. The haggard old crone and Chic went round everyone in turn handing out verse after verse and enticing everyone to take part. Now reciting burns without any practice, with a belly full of wine & spirit and while being molested by a haggard witch is no easy matter. But in true mx-5 tradition the deed was done amid mirth and laughter.

No, wha this tale o' truth shall read,
Ilk man and mother's son take heed;
Whene'er to drink you are inclin'd,
Or cutty-sarks run in your mind,
Think! ye may buy joys o'er dear -
Remember Tam o' Shanter's mare.

And so to bed the end of a wonderful evening.


On Sunday morning, Crian joined a tired but happy group and we headed via wet and winding autumn leave strewn back roads to Dumfries, grateful that the changing clocks had allowed us an extra hour in bed.  Following a huge breakfast at the hotel, and in true MX-5 Scotland tradition it was again time for more food. The Globe Inn was our destination. This was a favourite haunt of Burns' and has changed very little since his time. After a hearty meal filled with fun and laughter we were given a tour of the Inn where Burns, who worked as an excise man in the area, spent many a pleasurable night.

Leaving Dumfries we headed homewards via the Mennock Pass and Leadhills back to the end of the run at Lanark.

This was the last run of the 2009 season and what a wonderful end it turned out to be. It was also two firsts - the first themed weekend we’ve tried and the first wet run this year. We may have no control over the weather but we can organise events, and this one was first class. I’m sure we all wish to thank Chic and Heather for the tremendous amount of time and hard work that they put into this event. It was all worthwhile, we had a great time.

Report by: Ian Ness


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Your Comments
25th Oct 2009 15:10 :: Jacqueline & Ian
Wow what can we say, a brilliant weekend from start to finish.

Many thanks to Chic and Heather, the many hours of planning and thought that so obviously went into this event ensured that it was a successful and fun event.

25th Oct 2009 16:48 :: topcat
Hear Hear!

This event must have really taken a lot of efforts and meticulous planning Thanks Chic and Heather. Thanks also for all our musical friends. That was a treat.
Really enjoyed our time this weekend

Tom and Moira

26th Oct 2009 13:57 :: Gavin
That was a fantastic weekend away in a part of the country that CS should visit more often. Thanks to Chic and Heather for orchestrating the weekend and also to all of the players. Great food venues and superb driving roads. I managed to squeeze 337 miles out of my tank. Thanks for a great finale to 2009.

26th Oct 2009 16:02 :: Gordon & Sue T
It was all just too much.  Too much fun, too much food, too much Guinness, too much Talisker & too much witchery for one night.  So, when can we do it again?  ;-)

Well done C&H.  Thanks a bunch.

26th Oct 2009 18:22 :: crian
Hi folks!

It was great to see you all- think you were a bit taken aback to see me coming in to the Clonyard? Maybe a few minutes late= still - not too bad- lovely scenic routes both there, and back- including me losing Gav and going runabout in the woods- still lovely- some of these country roads are even better than the main ones- great cambers and as smooth as silk! Chic & Heather did great on this one- maybe they should do another?? Ian has suggested I teamup with someone more experienced - no offence taken- but that should be a learning curve for even me!!Gavin - maybe I can give you horticulture lessons- in exchange for this??

Best Regards to all, Crian.

27th Oct 2009 10:30 :: chic and heather
Many thanks to all who attended and special thanks to Ian for his assistance throughout the planning and for his graces at dinner,to Eileen for her presentation of the haggis,to Gordon and Jacqueline for their toasts and poems, to Andrew for his piping, to Ian and Gordon for their music and song,to Alwyn for his photography and to the cast of Tam O'Shanter who brought the evening to a hilarious conclusion. We thoroughly enjoyed the weekend which allowed me to indulge myself in my two main hobbies -Burns and Mx5..better thank the witches as well lest they make a return

27th Oct 2009 16:03 :: chic and heather

Can't think why Ian put that verse of Tam O'Shanter under your photo.....??

Whene'er to drink you are inclin'd,
Or cutty-sarks run in your mind,.....

15th Nov 2009 03:53 :: anton
Hi All,

First thanks Chic and Heather (and others) for a great introduction to the owners club.

We enjoyed the lunch on Saturday and thanks everyone for all the advice.

Finally got a car. :)
Silver Euphonic

So looking forward to attending an event in the new season.

Jane and Anthony

15th Nov 2009 06:00 :: charlesk

Good to hear that you have found your new car.
Look forward to your company in the new year

21st Nov 2009 14:09 :: Ian Ness
Gordon's "Toast to the lassies" now available for all to enjoy.

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