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Sunday Pub Meet Lochgoilhead
Sun 4th Oct 2009
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 11
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Sunday 4th October 2009

After a bleak stormy Saturday, we awoke to blue skies and warm weather for a Sunday morning run in October. The sun gods were shining on us once again. I’m sure they must drive MX-5’s in heaven.

We all gathered at the meeting point at Stirling services, full of enthusiasm for the days adventure. The assembled 10 cars and 17 members included Stella and Nigel who couldn’t decide who would drive so to save any argument brought along both of their cars, the rorty red Mk1 and the suave supercharged Mk2. We also had two new cars out for their first club run, Gordon and Sue in their very smart Mk2.5 Sport and Jacqueline and me in my brand spanking new Mk3.5 Tech Sport. Gordon and I were full of pride and looking forward to a gentle club run on clean smooth roads! Were we in for a shock?

With engines started we all headed off towards the Carron Valley. 1.6 miles later, everybody read the road sign - “Road Ahead Closed To All Vehicles”. ‘Follow the diversion signs’ came the message over the radios. So we did just that, on to the A872 to Dunipace, right turn into Barnego Road and a housing estate with massive speed bumps, then onto a quiet country road. This turned into one mile of hell, the tarmac road turned into a rough, narrow track with huge holes and ruts like the Grand Canyon. On arrival at a dead end in a farm yard/scrap yard, it became obvious that this was no diversion. Everybody turned round and headed back down the mile long track to Dunipace and normal roads.

We then continued onwards on the B818 to the Carron Valley. Cruising along in the sunshine beside the water’s edge we soon forgot about the trauma we had subjected our precious machines to. Onwards to Loch Lomond Shores for a quick stop where we were joined by Eileen and Richard bringing the car count up to 11.

The remainder of the run to Lochgoilhead via the Glen Fruin Road, Arrochar and the Rest and be Thankful was trouble free and fun. We arrived at The Shore House Inn slightly late and all very hungry. We were not to be disappointed with Gavin’s choice of lunch venue, the food was absolutely delicious and enjoyed by all.

As we were gathering in the car park preparing to depart we were joined by another Mk3 Z Sport belonging to a couple from the Tyne Tees area. With the two Z Sports parked together comparisons were made between the two cars, one lowered and the other not. It’s always heartening to see MX-5 owners from other areas exchanging stories and sharing the very same passion that we all have for these wonderful cars.

The end of another great day in the company of wonderful friends. Many thanks to Gavin for organising the day.

Report by: Ian Ness


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Your Comments
4th Oct 2009 18:33 :: stella & nige
What a fabby day - what a fabby lunch! Even the 'wee' boy enjoyed himself!

4th Oct 2009 22:30 :: chic and heather
Excellent day - good roads and weather and the seafood starter was superb. Good venue Gav with a diversion thrown in to increase the appetite

4th Oct 2009 22:51 :: Jacqueline & Ian
Yet another great day out with MX-5 Scotland. Great friends, cars, and food. Shame about the roads, will my poor new car ever forget the trauma of its first run.

5th Oct 2009 08:36 :: Gavin
Oops. Who moved the sign? i guess I'll be supplying the Dinitrol. glad you enjoyed the meal though.

5th Oct 2009 09:34 :: Dot and Chas
Great day,great food and company,even the weather held up till we were nearly home.When did that sign go up,must have been after we passed!LOL!
My Z-sport was surprised to meet his cousin from Carlisle.Nice to meet his owners too,hope they enjoy the rest of their Scottish trip.

5th Oct 2009 15:12 :: wattie97
some of the roads GAVIN took us on has made me think twice about lowering my car. However another great day out on superb roads with great company and food. Thanks to Gavin for organising it all.

5th Oct 2009 20:50 :: Gordon & Sue T
Bang! Crash! Wallop! followed by some suitable expletives.  You didn't need encouragement Gavin, did you?????  Are you up for re-election, oh mighty leader?

Great day, greate lunch venue, midge free despite it's reputation.  Let's do it again, but with refinement of route!

5th Oct 2009 21:30 :: Jim and Maria
The people who decided to raise the MK3 suspension height for Europe obviously know more about MX5 club runs than we do.Another super day out with great company and another great restaurant. Thanks Gavin

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