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Perthshire Glens Run
Sun 2nd Aug 2009
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 23
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Sunday 2nd August 2009

“Wow” were we lucky or what? Perfect top down weather for our annual run round the Perthshire hills and glens. And what a great turnout. 22 cars and 36 enthusiastic owners gathered at Kinross, all full of excitement for the day ahead. We were off to a great start.

We also had a high proportion of new members joining us for the first time, those being,  Alan (Blue Mk 3), Caroline (Yellow Mk 1), Crian (Winning Blue Mk 3), Jim (Red Mk 1), Kevin & Helen (Silver Mk 2) and Louise & Logan (Red Mk 3). It was great to meet you all and hope you had a fun day and will be back, eager for more.

Following the briefing by Gavin we all jumped into our sporty little numbers and hit the road. Our convoy snaked its way up through Glen Devon and Glen Eagles to Kinkell Bridge.

This was where the confusion started. A passing MX-5 had slipped into our convoy and ran with us for a few miles. At the Madderty right turn, the interloper turned left, and, you guessed it, about six cars followed.

After a short time the car stopped and told the following convoy that he was not part of the run. So after a quick about turn they all raced back to rejoin the pack. Unfortunately there was also a cycle race taking place in the area and the organisers were a little unhappy with nearly twenty cars parked near the junction, as dozens of bikes whizzed by. At least the riders seemed to appreciate the cars.

Onwards to Fowlis Wester, where Colin (NS-South member) was waiting, camera at the ready, to capture the convoy entering the hamlet. We were now 23 cars strong as we continued on to Blairgowrie. At this point we again lost a few cars who had missed a junction. Chic and Heather gave chase and eventually caught up with the breakaway group who then formed a mini convoy to Pitlochry. The rest of us soaking up the sunshine continued on via Bridge of Cally and Glen Brerachan to our lunch stop at The Port na Craig Inn at Pitlochry.

Due to the unexpected, but also very welcome, larger number of members on this run, the Inn provided us with two adjoining dining areas. Once glasses were filled we made ourselves comfortable at the tables and conversation flowed.

We had phoned our menu selections ahead but the food did take a little bit longer than normal to arrive due to the fact that everything is freshly prepared and they don’t usually have so many people at once.

However, the meal was excellent value, fresh and delicious and the apple crumble was well worth the wait.

Actually, we weren’t the only MX-5 owners in the restaurant. Eddie and Bob from the NS-East area were enjoying lunch when we arrived. They had been looking out for us on the route hoping to join in but assumed we had already passed and drove on to the Port-na-Craig and parked along from the restaurant. After their lunch they chatted to some of our group and took lots of photographs of our cars before continuing with their own run. Good to know that the love of our cars unites us all. Glad you could join us.

Following lunch, and as it was a warm sunny day (and our parking tickets were getting close to expiry) we held our raffle on the grass, beside the cars. This year we are donating all raffle money to the Help For Heroes charity. The magnificent sum of £104 was collected, making our total for the year so far £341. Many thanks to everyone who donated prizes and purchased tickets. It is very much appreciated.

At this point, Maria & Jim and Janet & Wattie were heading to Aberdeenshire for a few days holiday. We wished them well and waved goodbye. The convoy then headed south on the A9 and then via Aberfeldy to Glen Lyon. Driving up into the glen on the usually quiet but very scenic single track road presented a few challenges with oncoming vehicles. 
Most cars were very happy to stop and wait, smiling and waving and I’m sure wishing that they could also be one of the pack enjoying the sunshine in an MX-5. The Discovery pulling the horse box was the best. As I approached it in the lead car we both stopped as there was no way we could pass each other and the Disco driver expected me to reverse back to a passing place. Then over the hill came the other 19 cars, the Disco drivers face was a picture. He realised that we could not go back and he was obviously not confident in reversing with the trailer. He then, with a little guidance, drove the Disco up onto the sloping grass verge, allowing us to just squeeze past with millimetres to spare.

The final and most stunning part of the run was from Bridge of Balgie over the hills past Lochan na Lairige before dropping down to Killin and the Falls of Dochart. The end of the run was at Lochearnhead were we said our goodbyes to everyone. Another brilliant day, hope to see you all again soon.

Report By: Ian Ness


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Your Comments
2nd Aug 2009 13:02 :: Colin (alf)
Thanks for letting me tag on between Fowis and Rattery,a braw wee run !
Pity we didn`t stop for a chat,maybe next time !
p.s. good turn out !

2nd Aug 2009 20:58 :: Gordon & Sue T
Another magic event from the Ness stable.  Grrrrrreat!

2nd Aug 2009 22:45 :: Jim
Great run - thanks to all the organisers!

I look forward to seeing many of you again at the Scottish Parliament run on 6 September.

2nd Aug 2009 22:49 :: Crian
Thank you all for putting up with my sometimes erratic behaviour!!That was a great run-I hope Gavin enjoys looking after his new won bonsai!!Regards to you all- see you again sometime soon! Crian.

2nd Aug 2009 22:58 :: Jacqueline & Ian
Many thanks to everyone for making this such a well attended and enjoyable day. We really had fun and hope you all did too.

3rd Aug 2009 09:28 :: Heather and Chic
Thanks to Ian and Jacqueline for all their hard work and organising.  Great Run (even if my head was in the map book all day !), good weather and lovely lunch venue.  Fab turn out, look forward to seeing everyone again soon.


3rd Aug 2009 09:41 :: Richard & Eileen
Thanks to the organisers, Ian & Jaqueline for a great day, with a nice lunch and even good weather

3rd Aug 2009 17:23 :: Gavin
What a smashing day, great roads and great company. Nice to see some new faces and get re-aquainted with some not so old faces.Thanks to Ian and Jacqueline for organising the day.
Crian I promise to look after my Bonzai.

3rd Aug 2009 18:29 :: dot and chas
Fantastic day and a fantastic turn out.Thanks to Ian and Jacqueline for organising the route and the lovely lunch venue.

3rd Aug 2009 23:24 :: Rick and Julie
What a lovely run and with lovely people too.
We enjoyed ourselves and had a great time.

4th Aug 2009 08:39 :: Caroline
What great roads, lovely lunch, great weather.  Good to meet you all - look forward to the next time I can join in.

4th Aug 2009 18:03 :: louise & Logan
We both had a great day and will definately be back joining you soon. Babysitting permitting. Crain, hope you enjoy the wine we won for you!

4th Aug 2009 23:32 :: Crian
Ian&Jacqueline,You were both great- must have had a lot of hard work to do this- your followup report was super- very descriptive-photos great too- only- I didn't realise I look so serious!! Will try make Knockhill- if not- then hasta la vista!

5th Aug 2009 00:19 :: Crian
It was really nice to meet u both-must confess- I was pretty nervous- so was good to be in your company- can't remember name of guy with us at table-can u tell me? Well a great day anyway- willtry make Knockhill-work and family permitting-look forward to seeing u both again soon-wine went down a treat-will give you my next tickets again- but will have to watch u!! regards Crian.

6th Aug 2009 19:29 :: wattie97
Where do you guys find these roads. The run to Pitlochry was superb. Thanks to Ian and Jacqueline for organising this run and lunch stop was superb. Nice to meet new members on this run and hope they will join us again.
I think Jim might post piccies of our trip up North.Thanks again.
    Wattie and Janet.

6th Aug 2009 20:56 :: Liathach
Looks like a great run though I think with 20 cars, it would be better to travel in smaller pods so as not to give problems to other drivers (Disco & horsebox)

7th Aug 2009 00:45 :: Jim and Maria
Thanks to Ian and Jacqueline for organising the run, another great day out. Have posted on general chat the interesting start to our break.

12th Aug 2009 08:47 :: Stella & Nige
Great to see so many Newbies!  Hope you'll continue to join us for what was a fabby day.

13th Aug 2009 23:29 :: Alex McBay
Soory for late cooments. Great route and enormous fun for my wife Roma's first ever MX5OC run.  We both enjoyed the day and felt very welcome.  Thanks to all especially organizers.

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