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Lindisfarne- Stevie Smith Memo
Sun 12th Jul 2009
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 11
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The Stevie Smith Memorial Run

Sunday 12th July 2009


Meet at 10:00 for a 10:30 departure.
Tesco Eskbank,
Bonnyrigg Road,
EH22 3PP

Google Maps Link to Tesco Eskbank

Run Organiser: Gavin Ryans

Our run down to Lindisfarne Island to meet up with our friends from the Tyne Tees Area.


BBQ - Bring your own food

Rounders - Scotland v England (The defence of our 2007 title.)

2007 Lindisfarne Event

I've been in touch with Jenny from Tyne Tees and the 'Holy Island Rounders Grudge Match' is on.
The crossing times are between 09:30 and 17:00 so that will give us plenty of time to have a BBQ and rounders bash afterwards.
Remember to bring your own food for cremating, the ACs for CS and TT will supply the BBQs.
The 10:30 departure from Tesco Eskbank will give us a leisurely run down to Lindisfarne.
Remember that once we're in the car park you will need to purchase a parking ticket for the day.
We don't want a repeat of last time, you know who you are.
If you know of any 'secret weapons' that we could use this year then bring them along.
Don't forget the usual flags etc to bedeck the cars with.

A raffle will be held with the proceeds going to the Help for Heroes Charity.
Running total to date £136.00

Donations of prizes are always welcome.

Click Here For Google Map Details Of Lindisfarne Route


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Your Comments
12th Jul 2009 19:54 :: Colin and Sandra
note to selves - take sun cream. Looking a little slapped. Taking the waterproofs and ella bellas must have made helped the weather.
Rather than rounders i reckon we would have been better off having a group nap. Or play a game we had a chance of winning.
A grand day out.

12th Jul 2009 22:30 :: ron and lorna
Great day out even got home roof down.Reminds me thanks Richard for hood toneau folding demo.Suggest a tent/awning raising contest next time.

12th Jul 2009 22:44 :: Jacqueline & Ian
Yet another great day, even the weather was kind to us. Congratulations must go to the Tyne Tees rounders team following a convincing win.  The event canopy erection demo was also fun.

13th Jul 2009 07:07 :: Jenny Dorgan
Another great day in the company of some of our dearest freinds. As always, great fun was had by all and it's always a pleasure to beat you at rounders. I think it was the new rounders bat that clinched it, and eight year old Ethan was a little star.
Looking forward to the next one, we'll see about making a weekend of it.

13th Jul 2009 09:52 :: chic and heather
Another enjoyable run followed by an afternoon spent in the sunshine with old friends from Tyne Tees..must remeber to increase the factor on the sun lotion next time

13th Jul 2009 12:31 :: wattie97
A most enjoyable day out with good company from North and South of the border.Well done to Tyne Tees on their resounding win. Which brings me to a small matter of winners and losers.
It is all very well turning up in cars with flags and pipe music blaring but the threat ended there. Tyne tees must have thought they were in for a serious gubbing at rounders but allas this was not meant to be. I was sorely dissapointed in both the numbers taking part and the quality of  those who did. Where has the pride and determination to win gone. Sarah did a fine job with a magnificent catch and spirited fielding but sadly that was the only high we at CSS had.
Perhaps we need to have a training session or try another sport like dominoes.
Thanks again to the oganisers and just to let you know my boken nail is on the mend.

13th Jul 2009 14:32 :: chic and heather
Glad to hear the finger nail is healing up and was pleased to see that you did not use it as too much of an excuse for your fielding - however the running between bases was a joy to behold ...maybe a running competition next year

13th Jul 2009 22:39 :: Ian
Report now posted.

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