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Tech Day /BBQ
Sun 7th Jun 2009
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 15
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Sunday 7th June 2009



Yet another very successful Tech Day with 15 cars in total attending. Various jobs were completed on some of the cars, for example:

Chas spent a long time struggling with the complex wiring for the integrated brake light on his new boot rack. After many failed attempts to get it working, Sarah came to his rescue. After a few minutes with a volt meter and swapping a few wires around, hey presto! a working brake light.

Graeme stripped out his inner door panel to try to find the intermittent fault with the wiring to his door speaker. It was working when he left, is it still working I wonder?

Colin had his ignition timing set from the standard 10 to 14 degrees BTDC on his very tidy Mk1. This should help him to get back to Edinburgh a bit faster.

Chic with a little technical advice from Dave (Mr Vinyl) fitted the European 2009 Tour decals to his bonnet and door. The car is now ready for its great adventure.

Dave washed his car, and very nice it looked afterwards too. It was great to see the actual car after following the months of interesting detailed and informative (and impressive) welding, painting etc that Dave had shared on the forum thread.

Richard as always was on hand with his extensive knowledge of all things MX-5 offering friendly help and advice to all those who required it.

With all the technical stuff done we descended on the BBQ. Head chef Graeme prepared the hearty feast of burgers, bangers and kebabs to perfection and everyone tucked in.

It was good to see Donna & Tom, Julie & Ricky, Graham & Tom enjoying their first club event. We hope you had an enjoyable day and that we will see you all again soon.

Many thanks to Eileen and Richard for their hospitality and arranging for the sun to shine and the rain to stay away all day.

Report by: Ian Ness

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Your Comments
7th Jun 2009 21:48 :: BillB
Sorry we could not make this one, early newborn grandson took up much of our time....We will have to wait until Calander weekend to see everyone.

7th Jun 2009 21:50 :: Colin and Sandra
What a lovely day! I had my car tuned and bit barbie. Bit sunshine, plenty chat - a grand day out

7th Jun 2009 21:51 :: BillB
Sorry we could not make this one, early newborn grandson took up much of our time....We will have to wait until Calander weekend to see everyone.

7th Jun 2009 21:59 :: BillB
I have just checked the car count and am really glad to see that things are continuing to take off well. Pics of new passenger (once he gets a little bit bigger) will be posted soon

7th Jun 2009 22:50 :: Jacqueline & Ian
Yet another great day. Thanks again to Eileen and Richard for all your hospitality.

7th Jun 2009 23:15 :: Sarah
What a great day, as always nice to meet new members. Again thanks to Richard and Eileen for hosting these fantastic events.

8th Jun 2009 01:49 :: Dave Scott
Hey guys. Thanks for the hospitality and Barby. I think I ate someone's fancy burger, it was well tasty, maybe venison or something, lol.  See you all soon.

8th Jun 2009 10:03 :: Gavin
Great day out, thanks to Eileen an Richard for hosting the Tech Day again. Good to see new faces, hope you enjoyed it Guys, Super weather, rain stayed off, midges came out. Thanks Chas for sorting my techy problem. :-)
Another nice informal Tech day again.

8th Jun 2009 14:48 :: Dot and Chas
Another fantastic tech day.Thanks to Richard and Eileen for their hospitality.Thanks to Sarah for the electrical advice re bootrack light!Nice to see new members and old faces too.Even caught the sun!
Bill and Linda ,congrats on the new arrival!

8th Jun 2009 20:16 :: chic and heather
Thanks as ever to Richard and Eileen for hosting this event and supplying the skin so soft - also to Dave for his advice with the Decals and Ian for their installation.

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