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Easter Overnight at Carnoustie
Sat 11th Apr 2009 to Sun 12th Apr 2009
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 14
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Saturday 11th April

Well what a weekend! Top down all the way.

At the start of the run we all gathered at Kinross Services and basked in the sun. Chic and Heather had produced a lovely handout with pictures of some of the route providing a small taste of the glorious countryside we were about to explore. The route was cleverly planned to allow people to join in wherever they could.

Everyone milled around, admiring cars and chatting and Gordon and Sue surprised us by joining us all the way to Carnoustie. A special new arrival was Gavin's Mk 3.5, which glistened in the sun. His face beamed almost as brightly, like a new father showing off his baby. After a short briefing from Gavin covering the club etiquette and present road conditions, we all slipped into formation and cruised off on our run.

Through towns, villages and countryside we made our way, doing our best to keep together through the Easter holiday crowds. Neil slipped into our convoy as we passed through Blairgowrie, and some spirited driving on swooping twisties was interspersed with the occasional slow slog behind a tractor or a tour bus (Glenshee!!!). On these occasions it was best to just enjoy the scenery and chill.

Our Lunch stop at The Victoria Restaurant, Dinnet, created a great chance to meet up with NSS members Tom, John and Vikki. This was John and Vikki's 'local' and no wonder they liked it so much. We enjoyed friendly banter and fine food in the lovely conservatory.

From there, we headed off to Cairn o' Mount and 5 generations of MX5s lined up for a photo call…. what a glorious sight.

All Mk's on display at Cairn O' Mount viewpoint

John and Vikki peeled off at this point and hopefully we'll see them again sometime soon. Continuing through beautiful scenery we passed through Fettercairn, Edzell and Brechin and arrived at our hotel in Carnoustie.

We said our goodbyes to Andrew, Tom, Neil, Sue and Gordon and then made our way to the hotel spa to enjoy the facilities before dinner.
After luxuriating in the pool, steam room and jaccuzzi bubbles, we spruced ourselves up and enjoyed some bottled bubbly before dinner. A relaxing meal in the large dining room ensured that we were able to enjoy the evening and reflect on what a great day we had just had and look forward to more of the same tomorrow.

An after dinner conversation led to a slip of the tongue about Huntly Castle (a spoonerism actually) from a most unexpected source (you know who you are!) and caused me to have an uncontrollable fit of the giggles. Tears of laughter were streaming down my face much to everyone's amusement and I was helpless to stop myself. I don't think I'll be allowed to forget it.

Sunday 12th April

Easter Sunday exceeded all of our expectations with the sun shining brightly all day.

After breakfast we checked out and found that the Easter Bunny had left chocolate bunnies on the roofs of our cars! We were fortunate that they hadn’t melted in the sun or been liberated by a passing foxy fiend. One of our bears had a close call though, when someone trapped it ‘accidentally’ under a folded roof (you know who you are!). Our two resident first aiders (professionals in rescue and medical matters!)leapt into action and applied CPR in the car park, bringing it back to life and the safety of Eileen’s arms.

Emergency over, we left Carnoustie and travelled through Monifeith then south over the spectacular Tay Bridge. After a slight detour we managed to meet up with Colin, Tom again, this time with Jen and their cute little dog, Jake, and Scott in his beautiful Mk 1 Gleneagles.

The Easter holiday traffic made it quite challenging to keep together and the radios were buzzing with instructions. St Andrews was crazy and we all gathered in Crail for a head count. We cruised through Anstruther and Elie and careered around the countryside towards our lunch stop, where Janet and Bobby joined us.

For most of the way, we were at the tail end and it was my duty to report that we were all through traffic lights and junctions but I missed one or two while my mouth was full of chocolate (yes, I know it was me).

Colin took some great pictures of the cars before he left us at Harvey McGuires in Pitscottie. Lunch was enjoyed by all, even little Jake who waited patiently for some tasty roast beef.

Then it was back on the road to make the most of the glorious sunshine and beautiful countryside, finishing at our starting point in Dobbies car park, Kinross. Many had a little bit of space left for a delicious cake and more good natured banter and another bear was liberated from captivity by Dorothy.

Looking around, you could tell the men who hadn’t taken advice at the start to wear sunscreen (you know who you are!) They shone like beacons.

Many thanks to all who made this event a great experience that I will remember with a smile. I hope everyone who took part feels the same. I had a fabulous time and am looking forward to more fun in the future.

Report By: Jacqueline


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Your Comments
12th Apr 2009 12:42 :: john and vikki
Hi Gang.
Nice to hook up with you at Dinnet for a lovely lunch. Vikkis first time on a run with mx-5s as far as the eye can see. Oh what fun. The roaster goes from strength to strength !

12th Apr 2009 13:32 :: alf
Great run down the East Neuk of fife !
Thanks to Chic & Heather and everyone else,and to God for the wonderful weather !

12th Apr 2009 18:11 :: Jacqueline & Ian
Great roads, sunshine all weekend and great company all in all a brilliant weekend. It was really good to have so many NSS members joining us during the weekend, hope to see you all again soon. Many thanks to Heather and Chic for all the hard work in organising this event.


12th Apr 2009 19:02 :: dot and chas
Wow! Well done Chic and Heather for organising such a fantastic trip and also the amazing weather! We don't usually need sun lotion at Easter!Nice to see all those that joined us along the way.Hope to see you all again soon!
Dorothy & Chas

12th Apr 2009 19:18 :: Gavin
Superb, Great weather, great roads great company and good food. Good to meet up with members from NS Areas. Thanks to Chic and Heather for organising the run and the hotel.
Surely a Club first, having all marks of the car in one shot.


12th Apr 2009 19:36 :: Richard & Eileen
Great couple of days, Sun Food Nice hotel, good roads and everyone enjoying themselves!!

Thanks to Chic and Heather for organizing it all

12th Apr 2009 19:50 :: Sarah
What a great weekend,with the sun shining, nice food, great roads. Again thanks for Chic and Heather all the hard work that you put in.

12th Apr 2009 21:10 :: gordon & sue T
Sorry we couldn't stay the night.  What a bl--dy magic Saturday.  Healthy disregard for certain nanny state rules!  Brilliant drive Chic. 
"We hate busses!!!!"

12th Apr 2009 21:44 :: neil t
Glad I was able to join you all. It was a great run.

13th Apr 2009 08:26 :: chic and heather
Many thanks to all who came along for the Easter run. Along with the sunshine the company makes the drive that extra bit special. Glad to have met up with so many members from NS and look forawrd to your company again soon.Hope everyone enjoyed themselves as much as we did.

13th Apr 2009 15:27 :: Tom and Jen
Hi to all,what can you say,great roads,good company,excellant runs.I enjoyed myself playing catch from Blairgowrie on saturday(guy in Feista Xr2I and Escort Cosworth would bot agree as we swopped places en route Dinnet)Sunday sun shining again,this time jen and jake (our yorkie) was with me,We had hot tea and a nice fried egg roll while we waited for the gang to arrive.the run around Fife was fab,the lunch better,although Gavin got redder with his whiskey and turnip soup !!As the roast beef was a bit fatty I put  in a request to the waitress for a "Doggy Bag" for Jake who really enjoyed his lunch.We left the others to go thier own way at Piscottie and headed home. A big thank you to all who arranged,stewarded the run,here's to the next one.thanks again

13th Apr 2009 15:33 :: scott
Hello to all,thanks for putting up with me on my first ever run out.The roads  in Fife were great,food better and company the best,Cant wait until the next one.Cheers,Mk1 Gleneagles

14th Apr 2009 21:07 :: Rick & Julie
I am green with envy that I couldnt make this run, especially with the great weather that weekend .If I hadnt been in hospital getting a new hip I would have been with you all.Cant wait to get back behind the wheel. I shall be monitoring all your escapades over the ether until I am fit enough to join in

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