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Tech Day/BBQ
Sun 22nd Feb 2009
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 17
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Sunday 22nd February 2009



What a brilliant tech day – sunshine, 17 cars and lots of technical advice being swapped.  No sooner had everyone arrived at Callander than hoods were lifted and the hard work began – well, there was a lot of looking under bonnets anyway so I’m assuming the hard work followed.

Even Tom & Jen brought a playmate for Cara, wee Jake had a good time running round thanks to Andrew who I suspect likes dogs more than car engines.

After a couple of hours of work the barbeque was lit and the hungry hordes descended on the food like it was the last supper, thanks to the many people who helped with the cooking and distribution of food, it was much appreciated. The medicinal wine was opened and shared among those who were not driving but were sitting enjoying the unseasonal sunshine.

Everything was going well until Chas decided to bring his car round for it’s once-a-year ceremonial wash, unfortunately the garden hose was too powerful for him and he accidentally (!) soaked us ladies who were supervising at the time, no more than we deserved you might think, even though we were just trying to be helpful.

It was good to welcome some new faces – Tom and Jen, Alison and William, Janet and Bobby (nearly new), Neil, Stewart, Gordon and Sue who had plundered her daughter’s wedding supply of wine, as well as the usual regulars who are always welcome as they offer help & support to everyone.

I do believe Don got his bushes untwisted and is now much more comfortable.

Graeme, your photo has been posted on the CBeebie’s website so expect a rocket for not telling Eilidh where you were, you cruel man!

All in all it was a great day shared with good company and a wealth of technical knowledge, can’t wait for the next one.

Report By: Eileen Nicol

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Your Comments
22nd Feb 2009 16:35 :: billyboy
First of all it was very nice to meet with you all today.Alison and i had a great time chewing the fat about the cars etc.Nice dry day so the top came down at 9.30 this morning and didnt go back up till 4.00.Hope to see you all again soon.

22nd Feb 2009 17:46 :: graeme
A good day - got sidetracked with my missing face and forgot the other jobs I had in mind. Thanks to Richard for polishing my boot lid and to he and Eileen for the usual excellent hospitality. The only downside? 3/4 hour to get through the roadworks at Dobbies on the way home 8-(

22nd Feb 2009 18:17 :: billyboy
Was just telling the Mrs about todays outing and she will be with me at the next meet.What i really liked today was the supercharged mx5,i'll bet that goes like **it.Later on in the year i'll bring my Impreza Sti which kicks out over 300bhp and has a nearly straight thro exhaust!I know its not a mazda but i love my jap cars.

22nd Feb 2009 21:08 :: dot and chas
A great tech day to start 2009 ,fantastic weather,great BBQ ,great company and great to see so many new members and their cars(also some old faces).Thanks as always to Richard and Eileen for their hospitality.Roll on the next event!

22nd Feb 2009 22:55 :: Jacqueline and Ian
Thanks everyone. Had a great day. So many great cars, great company, great food and great weather. How lucky are we? :-) Special thanks to Eileen and Richard for their hospitality.

22nd Feb 2009 23:01 :: Bill
Great day, good weather, company and bbq. Thanks to Richard and Eileen for being excellent hosts

22nd Feb 2009 23:09 :: chic and heather
Another enjoyable tech day spent in good company old and new. Car park was rather full so hope we did not annoy the neighbours - thanks again to Richard and Eileen

22nd Feb 2009 23:50 :: Liz & Don
Great day, got my bushes untwisted, other than that did little else.
Chilled out day, had a great time with members old and new.
Thanks to Richard and Eileen.

23rd Feb 2009 10:25 :: Stewart
Great day ,Thanks to Richard & Eileen for their hostpitality.Good to exchange views and experiences.Nice bunch of friendly people.Had a great run back via Abrfoyle missing the roadworks

23rd Feb 2009 11:18 :: BillB
Nice to see things getting off to a good start with such a large turn-out. I did contemplate driving down for the tech day as I have a couple of small jobs to do on the car, but as usual, work got in the way :-( Ah well, just have to wait a bit longer for a good burger and wine.

23rd Feb 2009 17:56 :: Gavin
Grear turnout to the first Tech Day of 2009. Thanks to Eileen and Richard for their hospitality. I promise not to forget the wine next time.

13th Apr 2009 15:46 :: Tom and Jen
First tech day,first outing with central,what a great day,great crowd,great BBQ (thank you Richard) also a big thanks to Eileen We took our yorkie Jake with us and he had a fantastic time playinf with Eileens dog.Thank you to all who made usmost welcome,we look forward to the next one.

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