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Planning Meeting
Sun 11th Jan 2009 to Sun 11th Jan 2009
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : Unknown
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Next year's runs planning meeting will be in the conference suite at the Newhouse Hotel. There have been pub meets at this venue before.
There will be a buffet lunch for a small fee of around Ģ3.95.
If you intend coming to this meeting please leave your name here and if you intend to have lunch please say so.

Please Note: The newsletter states that the planning meeting will be on 25th January, this has been changed as the venue was not big enough.

Please note list for numbers for lunch will be closed after close of play today 5th January.

For those coming to the meeting for lunch it will be at 12:30.

Those coming to meeting with  buffet lunch (L) before hand indicated:

Gavin (L)
John and Heather (L)x2
Chic and Heather (L)x2
Dot and Chas (L)x2
Jacqueline and Ian (L)x2
Eileen and Richard (L)x2
Sarah (L)
Mino and Dinaz (L)x2
Neil & Jean(L) x2
Tom (L)
Gordon and Sue (L)x2
Linda Dobbie +1 (L)x2
Brian McMillan (L)
Liz and Don (L) x2
Willie and Gill (L) x2
David and Heather
Gordon and Janice
Rob and Margaret
Colin and Claire
Sandy and Margot
John and Carol

41 Total


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Your Comments
11th Jan 2009 20:56 :: Colin
Good to see opinions aired at last and glad to get some thoughts on all aspects of the the Club off my chest. I feel I can now move on and hope we all get back to the business of enjoying the MX5 to the limit.

11th Jan 2009 21:24 :: Jasper
Well, that was an eventful meet. Could have been better, but could also have been worse. At least i personally donīt feel an urge to cancel my membership.

11th Jan 2009 21:44 :: BillB
Glad to hear that Jasper. No doubt I will hear in due course if anyone stepped up to the line for elction to the vacant position of joint AC.

12th Jan 2009 11:06 :: Brian McMillan
Apologies for non attendance but some last minute family matters cropped up.

12th Jan 2009 21:23 :: Jacqueline & Ian
It's going to be a busy year with 32 events now listed in the future events section. It turned out to be a successful planning meeting. Good to see everyone again, looking forward to a years fun with you all.


14th Jan 2009 10:09 :: Robin
To date, I have received 3 PM's and two private Emails asking me basically what the 09 CS structure is. I'm happy to help, but may I ask that something is posted soon to assist those who were unable to attend what it's own way the CS "AGM"/Planner

14th Jan 2009 16:45 :: Gavin
Year planner will be posted soon so that you can download it yourself.

14th Jan 2009 17:35 :: Robin
Aplogies Gavin, I did perhaps did not make my self very clear. They seek & sought structure...EG AC's...who is who...not the programme.

14th Jan 2009 18:35 :: Gavin
They can PM me and ask the question which I will reply to.

14th Jan 2009 18:41 :: Si
Would it be possible to just answer publicy then we're all clear what the structure is?  It'll save you having to answer a million and one (ok, 5) emails.

14th Jan 2009 20:10 :: Robin
These paying members...your "customers"..have now to apply in person to you to extract basic information? Information which would normally by now be in the Forum,  transparent, informative, and expected. I've dealt with can do the rest.

14th Jan 2009 23:57 :: Claire
I was at the meeting and I\'d be interested in knowing the offical line of structures and plans for electing new AC\'s because it was all a bit vague on Sunday.

Is there still going to be two AC\'s or will there be only be one newly elected AC for central in 2009?  Also how do we vote for or nominate someone to be an AC for 2009 as I understand that this is normally done at the start of the planning meeting?

It was a bit of a surprise that we had to ask about this at the meeeting under any other meeting as I thought it would be a key issue moving forward. 

However I\'d appreciate if the plans could be published openly as I will not be PM\'ing about it, I believe what both sides of the meeting were calling for was more openness so perhaps this is a good enough time to start.

15th Jan 2009 06:30 :: chic and heather
Good to see that you are still interested in the CS club Claire after you informed the meeting on numerous occasions that you were leaving along with a number of other members. Hopefully Johns comments to you had some positive effect.

I am sure that Gavin will post a report once he has time to wrute one up. However the plans in relation to the AC's position was made very clear by Mino in that it will be reviewed and elections held after the assesment is completed by John Cookson and in the interim Gavin will continue as sole AC.At least that was my understandimg of what was said. There were as i recall no objections to this proposal

15th Jan 2009 08:17 :: ronnie
I have PM'd Gavin as I was not at the meeting due to another commitment. I am awaiting his reply.

15th Jan 2009 16:38 :: Claire
I look forward to hearing the official position shortly from our AC.

Chic and Heather as a paid up member of the club and as I stated at the meeting on Sunday I shall await the outcome of the investigation to decide my future role in the club.  Thanks for your reply though :)

16th Jan 2009 13:50 :: Gavin
As was explained at the meeting byMino Manekshaw who is on the National Committee, it was felt that pending the outcome of John Cookson's investigation I would stay on as AC for the near future. Once the report findings have been published then it would only be fair to hold a meeting to find elect ACs. If anyone has a problem with that then they are perfectly entitled to speak to someone from the NC.

19th Jan 2009 21:13 :: Si
Minutes and an overview of 2008 now added (courtesy of Chic & Heather)

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