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Spring Rally 2009
Fri 15th May 2009 to Sun 17th May 2009
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 8
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Elvington Airfield and Museum,
Halifax Way,
YO41 4AU

National MX-5 Club Spring Rally Site

Friday 15th May

After packing a bag with ‘Spring’ clothes we headed towards Tesco at Eskbank where we met with Minno and Dinaz, Dorothy and Charles and Gavin, standing next to their cars in layers of thermal clothes due to the arctic gale blowing across the car park. To avoid any of the party passing away with hypothermia we set off swiftly down the A68, passing through Lauder and Jedburgh to reach our lunch destination in Middleton, still with hoods up as the rain continued unabated.

It was clear that we were now in Yorkshire as everything on the menu was served with mushy peas and if you managed to consume 12 pints of beer you were rewarded with a free tie, presumably for your partner to strangle you with for staggering home drunk and penniless!

After lunch we headed on to Wetherby and checked into the Ramada Hotel where we were joined by Chic and Heather, and Andy who had travelled down the day before, and of course lots of other MX5 owners who had congregated from around the country for the runs and rally.

The evening’s entertainment was provided by a spectacular thunder storm which gave the local ducks an excuse to swim round the flooded car park, much to the amusement of all in the bar and it gave the men a welcome diversion from watching their cars all evening in case any stray car vandals should wander into the car park and scratch their beloved MX5s. A constant worry when away from home it seems.

Once the storm had passed we headed for our beds in preparation for an early start the next day, hoping for some dry weather so we could at last get the hoods down.

Report By: Eileen Nicol

Saturday 16th May

After natures Pyrotechnics on Friday night it was a pleasant surprise to awake to a sunny morning however by the time we congregated in Wetherby Services for the Saturday run the grey clouds had closed in again.

The Yorkshire Ridings OC had arranged a choice of three routes to reduce the number of cars on any run but once we found out that the run we had chosen had at least another 52 cars going we decided to leave a little early on our own so 6 cars from CS headed off for the North York Moors.

The run began with a short blast up the A1(M) before heading east towards the Hambleton Hills. On reaching Sutton Bank we climbed the steep, hairpinned road past the Kilburn White Horse and on reaching the summit found ourselves enveloped in the low cloud. Continuing along the ridge the sky had cleared by the time we reached the picturesque old market town of Helmsley where we headed off into the moors on unclassified roads before reaching our first stop in Hutton le-hole.

A short break and then we continued on the high moorland roads crossing Spaunton Moor before stopping at the old Iron works high on the moors looking down from the viewpoint into the hairpins described as dangerous which dropped down into Rosedale Chimney Bank. After pictures were taken we proceeded with some caution down Chimney Bank and then climbed out the other side to continue across Egton High Moor which led us into Goathland for a lunch stop.

Goathland is the village where the TV series Heartbeat is filmed and we decided to have lunch in The Goathland Hotel which is The Aidensfield Arms in the series. After lunch we had a pleasant stroll around the village, which by this time had another 60 MX5’s in it, to view the various locations made famous by the series.

We then headed back onto the moors and across the fast sweeping roads past the Hole of Horcum, across Lockton Moor and down into Pickering. We continued south to arrive at Elvington Air Museum with the intent of watching some of the track events that were going on. However the weather took a serious turn for the worse soon after we arrived so we decided to head back to the Hotel to get ready for the evening entertainment.

We all regrouped just before dinner time and then 15 of us sat down to dinner at the table reserved for CS thanks to Mino’s earlier charm offensive on the organisers.  After a pleasant dinner we decided that the Disco was a bit too disruptive to conversation so we adjourned, along with many others, to the quiet lounge where we enjoyed an evening of reminiscence and light hearted banter with members of other areas, particularly those from Yorkshire and Tyne Tees.

Too soon the evening was over at the end of an enjoyable day well arranged and organised by The Yorkshire Ridings Area.

Report By: Charles Kennedy

Sunday 17th May

After another leisurely breakfast we loaded up the cars and with the sun now shining we dropped the tops and set off for Elvington air museum where the event was being held. As we got closer to the airfield, we were joined by more fives from other areas. Some wag played "we got ourselves a convoy" over the radios!!! What a magnificent sight when we all arrived en-mass, the sun shining, the birdies tweeting. Does life get any better?
While we went for a good wander round the stands, Dot went off for a massage from our very own Dinaz who was on duty in the "Pamper Palace" Gavin and I headed to MX5 Parts where he bashed his plastic on some shiney bits for his new 3.5!!
My wallet didn't escape, when Dot spotted the chrome surrounds for the foglights for the front of her mk 3! We then had a good wander round the Museum exhibits and the wartime control tower which I particularly enjoyed, it gave you a real feel how it must have been during the war.

Unfortunately, all too soon,it was time to head home, roof-down all the way back up to Scotland.

A huge thank you to Mick, Neill and the team who arranged the weekend and Saturdays runs...........Well done guys!!!!                     

Report by: Charles McGillivray


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Your Comments
17th May 2009 17:22 :: Gavin
Good weekend was had by all. Great roads. Good hotel  and great company.Well organised by The Yorkshire crew.
Met up with loads of people from other areas who have become acquaintances over the years.Nice route down organised by Richard. I must have caught the sun over the weekend, a wee bit nippy on the skull.
Got my goodies from MX5 Parts.
Good run back, not too many mobile chicanes.


17th May 2009 21:37 :: chic and heather
Very enjoyable weekend Good to catch up with old acquaintances from other areas again. Good hotel and well organised events..two nippy heads here as well, must mind the sunblock in future

17th May 2009 22:38 :: Jenny Dorgan
Hi everyone, Great Rally It was great fun catching up with you again over the weekend. I'm looking forward to Rounders even more now.

I caught the sun too, my face is beaming like a beetroot.

18th May 2009 02:10 :: Mino & Dinaz
A superb weekend away for which grateful thanks to Mick Gauntlett and the Yorkshire Ridings team - events like this give real meaning to the answers for those who ask, "Why join the Club" and "What has the Club ever done for me".

And so it's now full steam ahead for the preparations for the 1520 Anniversary Rally on SATURDAY 12th September at Mallory Park in Leicestershire. Will Scotland be there or simply wish it had been.....

18th May 2009 08:09 :: Richard & Eileen
Good weekend, enjoyed it all, despite the wet run down. Well done Yorkshire team

18th May 2009 16:53 :: dot and chas
Great weekend.Thanks to Richard for leading us safely to Yorkshire on some fabby roads.Thanks to Mick and his team from Yorkshire Ridings OC for the organisation of the weekend.The outdoor fireworks and water display on Friday night were particularly impressive.Nice to meet up with old faces from around the country.Thanks to all!!!

19th May 2009 22:59 :: Ian
Full report now posted

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