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Tech Day
Sun 23rd Nov 2008
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 11
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Winter Tech Day.

Including a practical Demonstration by Scott on the various stages of tackling the rust problem on sills, a chance to have a shot at welding with some scrap pieces of metal.

Please remember to bring your BBQ lunch, bbq will be provided.

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Your Comments
23rd Nov 2008 21:11 :: John & Heather
good day - pity Scott didn't make it as I was looking forward to the welding lesson - but I have got to thank David for the heads up on the twisted bushes, always thought my car sat a little lower than some of the other Mk3's indicating the Eibachs had been fitted properly - but no, the bushes were twisted! - many thanks to Richard and Eileen for their usual hospitality and to Chaz for crawling under the car to release the bushes

23rd Nov 2008 22:16 :: Gavin
Thanks david for the heads up ref the bushes, Charlie rolled my car over the cobbles to get them untwisted. Oh, and by the way the snow wasn't that bad as the photos show. Thanks to all,report to follow.

23rd Nov 2008 22:57 :: David I
To those who have had their wishbone bushes released, remember you'll almost certainly need to have the geometry adjusted - the extra drop makes a surprising amount of difference to camber and toe.

24th Nov 2008 09:33 :: dot and chas
Many,many thanks to Richard and Eileen for their hospitality.Great BBQ as usual (thanks John)My bushes are also now "untwisted" so will be getting the geometry checked.Thanks to everyone for a productive tech day.

24th Nov 2008 10:27 :: chic and heather
Enjoyable day spent watching the technically minded guys dealing with mechanical issues - particularly impressed with the very technical adjustment of Bobbie's door!! Thanks again to Richard and Eileen for their hospitality

25th Nov 2008 15:50 :: Bill
Great day, great people, great hospitality,learnt a lot,need I say more.

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