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Wolf's Run
Sun 24th Aug 2008
organised by Grampian Scotland

Car Count : 12
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A brief summary of the day event:-
Keith to Keith, 24th August 2008.

•Meet Keith, First square with Public loos, junction of A96 and  B9014.
•Go through Keith to junction of A95
Take A95 to Craigellachie.

•At Craigellachie, cross  A941 and take B9102 up the worng side of the Spey, through Archiestown, Knockandoo etc to Grantown on Spey.

•LUNCH (pub)

•at Grantown take A95 to Chapelton
•at Chapelton take B9153 to Carrbridge
•At Carrbridge take A938 (Dulnain Bridge) then left onto B9007 to Nairn
•From Nairn take local roads along the edge of Culbin Forrest to Kintessack and Forres.
•Go round Forres, and take B9010 south, forking left onto un- numbered road past Pluscarden Abbey
•Take A96 through Elgin to B9103, (right) to Mulben
•A95 back to Keith

Total 123.6 miles.

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Your Comments
2nd Sep 2008 11:38 :: Ian
It was my first run with the club and I hope it\'s the first of many.  It is difficult to imagine it being better.  On the way back I didn\'t see folks turning off into the Keith square, and by the time I realised what had happened I was too far down the road.  Sorry I missed the chat at the end - apologies if I appeared rude not saying farewell.  Thanks to all those who worked so hard to make this a good day.

31st Jan 2009 15:06 :: Lesley
Hi folks,

Just been looking through the latest softop-hardtop magazine and thought I spotted a familiar friend who may have been on the Wolf Run. It looked like an Indiana which I think could be my last MX5.  We knew that it was purchased by someone from Inverness, or round about, and just wondered if it was that car.  We traded it in for our third MX5 at Struan Motors Perth, September 2007.  If it is, hope someone is having a great time with the car.  I'm really missing the bum warming heated seats as my latest car doesn't have these !!

31st Jan 2009 18:38 :: Lorraine
Is that the purple coloured one? (Sorry for being dim!). If so then it belongs to Paul and Sue and has been much admired by all.

1st Feb 2009 11:03 :: Lesley
Hi Lorraine,

It’s a deep maroon colour, with cream leather interior, wooden steering wheel.  If they purchased it in Perth then it has to be our old car as there are very few around. We had a private plate on it so don’t know the registration to confirm.

1st Feb 2009 12:12 :: Lorraine
Lesley, I'll be seeing them on the 21st so will ask where they got the car from. It's certainly the only one that colour in our group so it may well be your car.

1st Feb 2009 18:06 :: Lesley
Thanks Lorraine
I am a member of our local mx5 club (Edinburgh) and we would have loved to have gone on this particular run as my husband is from Nairn although we have been in Edinburgh for 20 odd years now. Will keep an open on any postings round about the 21st Feb.Thanks for your response much obliged Lesley

27th Feb 2009 13:01 :: Paul & Sue
Our car is actually a Montana, which started its life down in sothern England according to the service stamps.  So I don't think it can be your old motor.  We bought it from McRae and Dicks in Inverness early last year - so now you know the answer if anyone ever asks you "Who would be potty enough to buy a convertable sports car in February in Northern Scotland?".  Mind you it was one of our best ever decisions (we love it) and yes I can understand you missing the bum warmer its "toasty".

18th Mar 2009 21:34 :: Lesley
Thanks for your reply. Will still keep an eye open for the old buggie anytime we are up north

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