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Pub Meet
Thu 1st May 2008
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 15
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Your Comments
1st May 2008 20:49 :: John & Carol
Sorry I/we couldn't make it tonight. Was a bit unwell this evening. Cracking evening for a roof down drive. :-( I hope you all had a good night.

1st May 2008 23:56 :: David & Heather
A good pub meet - it was nice to be able to get out and about the car park and admire the sparkly bits on Don's car.  Hope you're on the mend, John.

2nd May 2008 07:10 :: Alex
Must polish my day!!

2nd May 2008 08:19 :: Rob and Margaret
A great night, nice to see photos from a pub meet.

2nd May 2008 08:38 :: ronnie
Sorry lads I decided to stay and watch the nerves were shot..

2nd May 2008 09:00 :: alex
I've just logged on in the office - where have all my photos from the meet gone?  My Kames ones have gone too - is it my connection or have they been removed??

2nd May 2008 12:26 :: Si
Alex - your photos appear above and have not been removed.  It may just be your connection.

2nd May 2008 13:52 :: Joe&Suzy
Another fun night with great company!!

2nd May 2008 15:03 :: Michelle and barry
We forgot all about the meet!! Im rageing, cos I remembered at around 10pm looks like yous all had a good night, hope I remember the next one. lol

2nd May 2008 17:38 :: woulfgar
YEA ALEX ONE DAY SOON I HOPE ;P yea was a fun night.

2nd May 2008 17:57 :: alex
Si - you are right, they were there all along, just a VERY secure connection in the office blanking them out, I guess!  Must get a decent connection at home!!

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