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Oban Weekend
Sat 11th Oct 2008 to Sun 12th Oct 2008
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 22
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Car Count Sat-21, Sun-18.

The Meet...
The usual good location and quiet as we had avoided the Farmers Market date, a surprise extra was Jasper on his Motorbike, who stayed with us until Inveraray, sorry I'll rephrase that, he stayed ahead of us until Inveraray, stopping several times to photograph the convoy. We were joined by 6 other cars that stayed with us for the Saturday Run. Good to see Fiona & Craig and June & Tom making a welcome return to Club Events. A special mention to new members Andy & Joyce for their dedication, not only did they come along for the run on the Saturday, they joined us at the Hotel in Oban early bells on Sunday to be with us for the day again.

The Weather...
Were we lucky or what, after one of the wettest Friday's ever, we were blessed with sunshine which stayed with us all day Saturday and most of Sunday.

The Run...
Rob and Margaret had put together a fine Run which although used roads we had travelled over on previous Oban Runs, the Sunday had a few different roads which were brilliant, we headed over the Connel Bridge through Appin Country and then took the Corran Ferry to Ardgour, the difference this year was that we turned right instead of left when leaving the ferry, a good choice of route, as the road skirted Loch Linnhe and Loch Eil the whole way before joining up with the A830 to Fort William.
Then we took the excellent  B8004 Banavie to Gairlochy road which passes Neptune’s Staircase and onto the Commando Monument where we made a brief stop, before heading for Lunch at the Onich Hotel.

The Hotel...
Having arrived early at the Hotel a few of us  went back out with the intention of re fuelling, somehow or other we ended up taking a wee run over the excellent single track Connel to Kilmore road which passes by Loch Nell. The Hotel its self was very comfortable and the evening dinner was superb, the owners were extremely friendly and did all they could to make us welcome. Gordon and Allison had prepared a quiz, which was up to their usual high standards, and most of us had a great laugh, prizes were supplied by Rob and Margaret.

To Rob and Margaret for organising both the Run and the Hotel.
To Gordon and Allison for their highly entertaining Music Quiz.
To Colin and Claire for travelling tail ender.


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Your Comments
11th Oct 2008 17:40 :: Robin
Big "Ta" to the organisers!
Good fun today, excellent lunch in the company of Jim Clarke, his Lady & Phil. Had twisties to.(unfortunately)myself going back. That does it..resolved to do the whole thing next year.
This turning back lark has to cease!

12th Oct 2008 11:56 :: jim clarke & irene
Well done to the organisers Rob and Margaret must have had a word up there for the good weather.Had a nice lunch with to charming gents Phil and Robin and of course the lovely Jim Thanks a lot guys for making me feel welcome and Jim and I hope to do it again see u soon . Jim and Irene

12th Oct 2008 19:15 :: BillB
What a lovely way to spend a Sunday, a 274 mile round trip in good weather in a MX5, meeting up with a good friends and having a very nice lunchtime chat. We really did want to carry on down through Glencoe and cut off at the Killin junction, but common sense prevailed. Thanks to all for the  (mini-run) short journey from Spean Bridge to Onich. It was so nice to see everyone again, and going by he comments the full run (and the entertainment) seems to have been a real cracker. Just sorry we could not take part in the full run. Now safely home and having a glass of chilled white plonk.

12th Oct 2008 20:03 :: June
Great day, good weather, fab roads!!! Good to see everyone again! Thanks to Rob & Margaret :-)

12th Oct 2008 20:57 :: Douglas & Linda
Thank you and well done Rob and Margaret for a great weekend, all your hard work and planning shone through.
Now its no more mr nice guy time...
Apologies to everone for the delay in leaving the car park at Onich, that was just the Clique, no sorry the children trying to spoil another run.
Thanks Allison and Gordon for another brilliant Quiz, it was a shame there were not as many teams as before and here's me thinking we were a CLUB, however it was their loss and our gain as all four teams went away with a bottle of something as a prize 

12th Oct 2008 23:28 :: Claire
A Big thanks to Rob and Margaret for a brilliant weekend, hotel was great, food was superb and we even managed to keep the rain at bay what more can you ask for!

Also big thanks to Alison and Gordon for the sterling work with the quiz again, always a highlight of the Oban weekend (although I have to say its even better when your in the winning team!!!). 

I agree with you Douglas there was a bit of a weird strained atmosphere in parts this weekend which is a bit uncommon for any events that I've been to over the past few years. It did seem to be a club of two halves this time round which is a great shame given the hard work, personal expense and time that I know goes into planning these events to make sure they all run as smoothly as possible. Normally its all very lighthearted and good fun. 

Lets hope we can get back to the way it used where we could all sit down together after a great days driving and have a good blether over a glass of wine in the bar!


13th Oct 2008 07:54 :: Gordon & Janice
Where to start... thanks to Rob & Margaret for a fantastic couple of days driving and for leading the run so well.

Thanks to Alison & Gordon for the quiz, although I still want a dope test done on the winners :-)

Thanks to Willie and Phil for being such excellent company at dinner on Saturday night.

13th Oct 2008 13:36 :: John & Carol
A big, big thank you to Rob & Margaret for an excellent time. The run on both days was fantastic. Thank you to Gordon & Alison for their sterling work on the music quiz.  Dope test indeed! Hehehe! 

The hotel was great, the food was great and the staff were hilariously over efficient. The “Your wine must be still on ice.” comment from the waitress, when she had clearly forgotten to bring it to the table was class.

Quote: “A club is an association of people united by a common interest or goal.”

We were disappointed too that some members made themselves unavailable for the evening considering the amount of hard work and hard earned cash that had been invested in ensuring we ALL had a great time.  There certainly seemed to be a them and us situation happening and if the missing party didn’t want to socialise with the rest of the members then why turn up at all?

Also, IF the delay on leaving the Onich Hotel was a deliberate attempt to break up the convoy and ruin an otherwise brilliant occasion. Then you failed.  Maybe it was a momentary lack of concentration? Although the lead car and several others leaving the car park straight after him would be an indication that we were on the move again.

It’s sad to think that this kind of thing could happen at an MX5 Scotland event.

13th Oct 2008 14:20 :: BillB

13th Oct 2008 19:06 :: gordon & allison.
thanks to rob & margaret who were involved in organising the run, thanks to those who took part in the quiz, glad you enjoyed it, well done to all who won prizes !!!. hehehe, we share the sentiments above but assure you douglas that you are doing a great job as co-ordinator and we enjoyed the evening banter, although johns jokes were dreadful,hehe and colins vodka was slightly expensive for our taste, duckyfuzz, does he?.

13th Oct 2008 19:47 :: willie morton
what a fab weekend, thought the roads were just amazing!!!, hotel was great and a lovely change. thanks to all involved. especially to whoever organised the weather. no storms ha ha ha

13th Oct 2008 21:28 :: Rob and Margaret
Thanks everyone for your comments. Although we had helped on many runs before, this was actually the first run in our own name and we so desperately wanted everyone to have a great time.

What a weekend! Lots of emotions involved on our part.  Worry, excitement, laughter, releif and unfortunately dissapointment. 

Sadly, we have to agree with the other comments.  We organised the weekend as a club and not for two separate groups.  Don't get me wrong, everyone was welcome and it's just as well there are those of us who gladly welcome new members. 
It was a nice surprise to see Andy and Joyce who had came all the way back up to Onich on Sunday.

However, we had a brilliant weekend with new and old friends.

Lastly,there are a few people that we owe our thanks and gratitude to. First, thanks always to Doulgas and Linda who gave us lots of encouragement and good advice and also for helping over the weekend. Next, thank you to Gordon and Alison  for their usual spectacular quiz which provided us with great entertainment that produced hilarious fun.  And of course I can't forget our tailenders Colin and Claire and middlers Janice and Gordon.  Lastly, I have to thank Batman, (John), and Carol for helping to put things in to perspective by reminding me, (Mararet), to relax and have a laugh.


13th Oct 2008 22:06 :: Jasper
Glad yous had a good weekend with mainly nice weather too. I can\'t deny it was fun to roar past all the cars on the bike :)

Even after some photoshopping i\'m not happy with the pictures, but i\'ve uploaded them (bit much to put them on the site one by one):

I hope all the cars are in it at least once!

14th Oct 2008 10:26 :: Eileen
Thanks to everyone for a great weekend, I know Richard thanked Rob personally but Rob & Margaret did a great job, very clear instructions over the radio.

Douglas, you do talk some rubbish! Happy to discuss these points with you at any time.

14th Oct 2008 18:07 :: Gavin
Yes, Rob and Margaret, fantastic choice of roads. The single track ones were particularly good. Hotel was as ever great.I hope the detours weren't too bad at the end

14th Oct 2008 22:12 :: June
Great piccies Jasper, espesh like the one with the red mk2.5 with its lights on :-)

14th Oct 2008 23:32 :: June
Sorry for the duplicate piccies, I got a bit carried away with the upload button!!!!

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