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Duns Run To Jim Clark Room
Sat 5th Jul 2008
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 16
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Jim Clark Duns Run

Itís always refreshing and interesting when newish members offer to organise a Run. Whatís not usually expected from them is an event which grows bigger and gains momentum daily, an event which not only consumes their spare time but becomes an almost obsessive hobby, yet this is no criticism of our Jim Clark production team; David & Heather and Joe & Suzy, this is an accolade to the way they adapted and honed that spell they fell under, to turn that addiction into dedicated enthusiasm.

If you have ever organised and led a Run before youíll always remember the first one, the feeling of disappointment when someone posts a message to say they now canít manage, the checking of the three day weather forecasts, sneaking those little looks on the web site every time you pass the PC just in case anyone else has added their name, then the night before the big day, all that time you thought you had to get things ready seems to dwindle away, hence the meticulous cleaning of the car falls by the wayside, you promise yourself an early night, so itís one more check of the website before retiring to bed,  a good nightís sleep is exactly what you need, well so you keep saying to yourself at three in the morning when youíre still wide awake.
Then the big day arrives, you fall out with your  partner over something trivial and itís a mad rush to get to the meeting point, determined to be there first you arrive only to find Tom has beat you to itÖ as usual.
Morning David, Heather, Joe and Suzy how you all feeling, yep we are fine just hope the weather improves, David answers in an almost confident tone, well you would have to be inhuman not to be nervous.
The rest of the day trippers soon arrive and a few wee sub groups are formed much to the bewilderment of the local shoppers in the Lanark supermarket car park, routes are distributed and once again the Jim Clark team have excelled in this department too, racing car logoís and Jim Clark watermarked route sheets along with an arial picture of Charterhall Circuit, complete with named corners, very impressive. I scan through the route again and pay particular attention to the total Mileage, hmm 112 miles before lunch and 70 after. I suggest to the team that we should get started, although slightly disappointed that once again the only ones that have not turned up were the three newbies, seems to be a pattern emerging this year, if a non member askes if they can attend or a member wishing to partake on their first run, you can bet money on them not showing up. We have split the group into two and issued the red and yellow cards asking that single drivers go behind two up cars, Rob and Margaret will be tail enders to first group leaders David & Heather, Linda and I will bring up the rear of the second group led by Joe & Suzy. So we were off and one group had slightly more cars than the other, thanks to someone not recognizing the difference between red and yellow, however this did make the second group a bit easier to keep together. A good pace was set as we wound our way through Biggar and Peebles then reaching Innerleithan for our comfort stop, a chance for a quick natter to our fellow members and introductions to Ron & Lorna who joined us here having travelled up from Melrose.
Onwards through the Golf Course road at St Ronans Well, where Jasper had been waiting to take pictures of the cars as they crossed the small bridge. It was around this point that I suggested to Linda that I thought the Team had perhaps made the Run too long and I hinted to her that we could be quite late in returning home. It was planned to have a further stop at Gifford, however the general consensus of our group was to give this a miss and carry on to Duns. The first group having made the Gifford stop soon arrived and we all settled down to what turned out to be an excellent buffet lunch, followed by our customary raffle. A short drive into Duns where we visited the Jim Clark Museum, a room no bigger than your own sitting room but jam packed with memorabilia of the late great man. We left the museum with the rain now definitely on for the day and decided to give the memorials and cemetery visit a miss, although Suzy did point them out and commentate as we passed by. The Circuit at Charterhall was our next destination. A somewhat strange and eerie environment, not helped by the dreich weather, this former world war II airfield and race track had been left in disrepair, last used for racing in the mid sixties and although broken up and weed covered you got the feeling that someone has tried to keep the Circuit tidy just in case a rescue mission was on the cards. The weather had dampened the spirits of some but we had come here to see it and had been given permission to drive a lap in its entirety and drive it we would. Due to its surface condition it turned out to be a very slow lap, using the entire width to avoid the pot holes, arriving back where we started and arranging the cars in line for the many photographs that were taken.
Lots of small A and B roads were our route back to Lanark after we made a well earned pit stop at Innerleithan again.

What a fantastic day, hopefully we could do it again under better weather conditions, although respectfully the route would have to be shortened to allow for proper viewing of the various tributes.
Once again many many thanks to David &Heather and Joe & Suzy for all their efforts and hard work, its much appreciated.

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Your Comments
5th Jul 2008 21:19 :: David & Heather
Thanks to all who took part in today's marathon.  The weather turned on us, but at least we had a roof down run to Duns.  I think we now collectively hold the record for the slowest ever lap of Charterhall, led (appropriately!) by our own Jim Clark(e).

5th Jul 2008 21:21 :: Gavin & Robin
Terrific day,superbly organised. Always fun,at times hilarious, and a great experience for Gavin.He says "an unbelievable bunch of folk".Huge TY to Heather, Suzy, David & Joe.

5th Jul 2008 21:29 :: Joe&Suzy
Excellent run today guys..thanks to all for supporting our first run!!..;)
We had a dry, then wet, if not soaking afternoon of good driving, food and laughs. I do hope that other mazda driver coming in the opposite direction wasn't left in too much shock!!..:p

5th Jul 2008 21:31 :: Jacqueline & Ian
Many thanks to Heather, Suzy, David, and Joe for such a well organised and fun day out, even the weather couldn't dampen our enthusiasm. We both had a great time, see you all again soon.

Jacqueline and Ian

6th Jul 2008 01:01 :: jim clarke
thanks david & heathe joe & suzy for such a great run i had a great time exep for that wall i dont know how im still here one moment im hitting wall next im up in air and back on road smiles thank you for looking after me smiles great friends great day hope for meny more

6th Jul 2008 05:28 :: Tom & Barbara
Thanks Guys, for a very well organised brilliant day out.

6th Jul 2008 09:33 :: David & Heather
Particular thanks to Colin and his encyclopedic knowledge of Scotland's back roads for his help with the best bits of the route to Duns and to Rob & Douglas for riding shotgun for the two groups and helping with the raffle.
Jim - I heard you'd had a slide, but I didn't realise it had been so dramatic - glad you're OK!

6th Jul 2008 09:47 :: Jasper
Thanks again to the organisers, this took lots of organisation (5 preruns!?!?) but the result was there! Real pity the weather ruined part of the program, this run deserved better but still a good day was had by all :)

Generally speaking i think having a theme really adds to the run!

6th Jul 2008 13:01 :: Norann
Just want to add our thanks to David, Heather, Suzy & Joe for a brilliant day.  Enjoyed seeing everyone again and had a great chat with Lorna and Ron at lunch.  Hope to see everyone again soon!

Ann & Ron

6th Jul 2008 13:04 :: Rob and Margaret
Having seen all the hard work and preperation that went into this run we always knew it would be a good one. Many thanks to Heather, David, Suzy and Joe for a fantastic day out. Excellent choice of roads and lunch venue.The themed run sheets and info  were a great tribute to Jim Clark.

6th Jul 2008 13:37 :: Douglas & Linda
Well done David & Heather and Joe & Suzy, you couln't have done anything about the weather but your fantastic preparation and attention to detail cetainly shone through.
Brilliant buffet Lunch. Nice to meet Gavin and see Ron & Lorna again.
Jim...there was only supposed to be one off road event in the Duns area yesterday, lol 

7th Jul 2008 22:32 :: Colin
Good Stuff !
Great day out, well organised - looking forward to next time.
Thanks to all involved for setting it up.

8th Jul 2008 18:28 :: john & Heather
Good day - thanks to all the organisers - pity it rained so much

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