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Wet Leaves Run
Sun 19th Oct 2008
organised by Tayside Scotland

Car Count : 9
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One of the reasons why the NSS area has such strong runs is because the changing colours of the leaves offer a superb background to our autumnal runs, and Tom's Wet Leaves Run lived up to its name. In fact you could have dropped the word "Leaves"!
As 9 cars pulled up at the Horse Shoes Diner for coffee to find it was closed (a theme for the day), we could have been forgiven for thinking we would defy the wet weather forecast. We were truly a cosmopolitan bunch representing 4 areas; not only were we pleased to welcome Andy, Laura and Malcolm from the north for the first time, but also Ron and Lynne up from Newcastle for a few days. We set off for the most part tops-down under a sky which, while louring, didn't seem to threaten unduly. In fact in our first stretch to Dunkeld the leaves stayed dry; however, as we left our first comfort break all the Mk 3 drivers put their tops up, thus indicating either that this version of the car has a rain detector as standard or that Mark 3 drivers are a bunch of jessies. In fact they turned out to be wise indeed as most of us were rushing for our hoods by the time we reached Killin. Only Malcolm was hardy or foolhardy enough to remain topless all day, and presumably his Mark 1 bore a passing resemblance to a bath by 4.30pm. Malcolm also featured as the only emergency stop driver of the day as a pheasant stepped out and narrowly avoided becoming the main ingredient in a casserole.
Killin always impresses as a beautiful village and it was a hungry set of adventurers who arrived at the Falls of Dochart Inn ready for lunch only to find it, yes you've guessed it, closed. However, it did give us time to try to persuade Ron in the Gift Shop that all Scots wear Jimmy hats, and soon we were tucking into another superb lunch where the smell of Cullen Skink seemed to dominate the air ... much to the disgust of Colin who's allergic to fish!
After a pleasant break we headed back East through Lochearnhead and on the road to Crieff, always a glorious stretch; it was at this stage that 3 of us got separated from the main herd and had to be rescued by Malcolm's sat-nav, and we found our way to the afternoon stop at the picturesque village of Stanley before heading back to Dundee.
Tom must be thanked for fitting a reccy for the run into his tight schedule and for bringing us home safely with surprisingly few hairy moments given the preponderance of wet leaves and rain ... and so another series of NSS runs comes to a close. This of course means that your Area Coordinator will be looking for "volunteers" to organise NSS 2009, so be afraid, be very afraid!

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Your Comments
20th Oct 2008 19:17 :: Malcolm MacBain (Malc)
Great run, superb route and I really enjoyed my lunch.

21st Oct 2008 17:40 :: Andy Wylie
Enjoyed the day and the twisties......cheers all :)

23rd Oct 2008 13:23 :: gordon &allison
hi there,
sounds like you all had a good time on the run up north, sorry we could not make it, i'd just like to take this opertunity to invite you to the madmortons extravaganza, a run through fife with windy roads, etc, organised by me and my brother Willie and of course our wives. (had to add that bit) check out central Scotland events for details, all welcome :-)

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