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Road to the Gathering
Sun 21st Sep 2008
organised by Tayside Scotland

Car Count : 7
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So there I was: winding my way down through Glen Isla in a small convoy of cars, a good lunch in my belly, a beautiful woman in my passenger seat, the shining, warm sun starting to sink in the West, a successful Gathering behind me and thinking "there may be better things to do on a September Sunday afternoon, but I'm happy to be right here right now". But I jump ahead ...
The weather yet again smiled on us in North Scotland (South) as we assembled at the Horse Shoe diner and waited for Malc to lead us once more on one of his magnificent routes. The day started with a nice surprise that (another) Colin, having just bought his car a few days ago and found the Web site last night, turned up just to say hi and join us on part of the run. We then headed into the hills and West past Meikleour (fast becoming Malc's trademark); having been forced by traffic to move at a leisurely pace, we then had the chance to put our pedals to the metal on the approach to Dunkeld, where we stopped for a break. We all got out of the cars with huge grins on our faces and Alistair summed up the mood "now that's what I like!". One pee later (or 30pee to be precise - nice loo, though) we had another brisk run back East and headed North from Blairgowrie to Glenshee. After wrestling briefly to put up the new NSS banner and the usual photo calls, we headed inside to what is already feeling like a familiar venue. More details of what was a happy and friendly occasion are detailed elsewhere, so I'll skip over the fact I think I was the only AC not to win a raffle prize (no bitterness there, then) and move to the return run. We wheeled back South, but quickly left the Blairgowrie road and headed down Glen Isla shadowed by a mystery 5 at the back - seem to remember this happened last year too! Which brings me back to my feeling of contentment: flanked by 4 familiar cars and having just enjoyed the company of 100 like-minded individuals, I felt pretty darned good about life.
Thanks to Douglas who masterminded the day and who is always enthusiastic about keeping MX-5 Scotland alive, and to Malc who again came up with a great route and determined the pace that left us all with smiles on our faces.

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Your Comments
21st Sep 2008 23:22 :: Malc
Had a great day and wasn't the countryside looking it's best for us today?
Having a problem uploading photos on event page - anyone else tried?

22nd Sep 2008 19:08 :: Lorraine
It was great to be there ahead of you and to see you all arrive. We must be tight up our way as we managed three pee's for twenty pee ;-)
It's good to see other AC's too but I miss not sitting with the troops. I wonder who they were taking the "p" out of seeing as I was not there ;-)
Excellent to see all the NSS crowd so bring on the next joint event.

23rd Sep 2008 22:36 :: Rugger
I wonder who they were taking the "p" out of seeing as I was not there
We were debating if you could have got any closer to the pudding table :)

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