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Visit to Scottish Parliament
Sun 20th Apr 2008 to Sun 20th Apr 2008
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : Unknown
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Your Comments
20th Apr 2008 18:14 :: Jen&Robin
Sincere thanks to Jim & all involved for a truly fantastic day.
We will be back. 

20th Apr 2008 18:25 :: Rob and Margaret
Many thanks to Jim, Alison and Gavin for a great day.
The morning run was brilliant especially through the forest and the parliament tour was enjoyable and informative.Well done guys.

20th Apr 2008 19:07 :: kevham
Thanks to Jim and the others for an excellent day out.  It has changed my jaded view of the parliament for the better.  I will try to take the family for a doy oot there soon. Thanks again, Kev.

20th Apr 2008 19:43 :: Gordon & Janice
Many thanks to Jim, Alison et al for a really interesting day out. I was always a big fan of the design of the parliament building, it was great to get a behind the scenes guide to the "workings" of it.
Great run in the morning too, like Rob we really enjoyed the forest run and it was good to see a new side of the Dunfermline area.

20th Apr 2008 19:50 :: Angus
Thanks for a great tour of our parliament. A most interseting day

20th Apr 2008 20:20 :: Douglas & Linda
Thanks Jim & Alison and Gavin for a wonderful day, was most interesting and informative, hope we can do it again next year for all those members who couldn't manage this year.

20th Apr 2008 21:04 :: John & Heather
Many thanks to Jim & Alison - what a great privilege, to be allowed to tour our parliament building in such a way.

20th Apr 2008 22:46 :: lochpark
Big thanks to Jimand Alison for organinsing a a great afternoon and a special thanks to Jim Hume for taking the time to show our group round.

20th Apr 2008 22:57 :: John & Carol
Thanks to Jim, Alison and Jim Hume for a very interesting tour. Great day out.

21st Apr 2008 08:08 :: Graham & Norma
We had a great time both on the run and at the Scottish Parliament Building. Many thanks to Jim, Alison, Gavin and also for the Guided tour by Jim Hume. Well Done!

21st Apr 2008 08:08 :: Jim & Alison
Jim Hume MSP emailed the following comment to me!


Glad to be of help.  They were a really nice bunch and very appreciative.

Anytime Jim. Thanks for grub and the prime passenger seat of the day.

Cheers and happy MX5ing


21st Apr 2008 08:54 :: Norann
Thanks Jim and colleagues who made the tour so interesting.  Also thanks to Gavin for the organisation.  A great day!  Ron & Ann

21st Apr 2008 09:22 :: chic and heather
Thanks to all involved in organising an excellent day out and special thanks to Jim Hume for taking time out to show us around and give an informative insight into the parliament and its workings

21st Apr 2008 10:32 :: Johnf and Margaret
Thanks Jim and to the others for the tour that got to parts outwith the normal public view. A great day out in great company.Looking forward to seeing the group photo on Scotland's most famous staircase.

21st Apr 2008 17:02 :: Gavin
Many thanks to Jim and Alison and Jim Hume for the informative tour. It was nice to go where the public don't really get to see.

21st Apr 2008 20:07 :: dot and chas
Thanks to Jim,Jim,Alison and Gavin for organising the run and the parliamentary tour!
Great to see the parts that others don't see!

21st Apr 2008 21:42 :: Jacqueline & Ian
Thanks to Jim, Alison and Jim Hume for a very interesting parliament tour. Yet another great day out.

21st Apr 2008 22:53 :: David & Heather
Sounds great - any chance of a re-run next year for those who procrastinated too long to get on the list?

21st Apr 2008 23:22 :: john
was going to upload some pics and then - i thought - what would Alex say - when he sees that I am in his seat - I know we were flash happy in our group - but would it be appropriate to show pics of us in the(our) Chamber?

22nd Apr 2008 00:11 :: Jim & Alison
It was my pleasure to show many of the Club members around the Scottish Parliament - ably assisted by Jim Hume MSP, Councillor Tony Martin and Alison.

It has been fun organising my first Club run and the largest tour group I have taken around the parliament by far!

I am sorry we had to restrict numbers for security and cafe capacity reasons but I am happy to confirm we can do it again next year - there certainly seems to be the willingness from Club members!

Jim Hume has taken a video of the Constituency Tour which I will post if the technology allows.

I'm also glad that many members were willing to comment on their changed perception of the parliament after seeing it on the inside - even the skeptics ;-)

Kind regards,

Jim Tolson MSP

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