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Perthshire Glens Run
Sun 3rd Aug 2008
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 20
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Your Comments
3rd Aug 2008 19:14 :: willie and gill
hey!!! just a wee note to say thanks to all involved for the great run today, food and scenery superb, sorry about holding you up for the odd 12 seconds, but some of us have hair to keep dry!!!

3rd Aug 2008 19:22 :: Roxy
Thanks for a lovely day. Wonderful roads and scenery and, more importantly, it was great to see you all again.

3rd Aug 2008 19:56 :: Rob and Margaret
Many thanks guys for a great day out.Excellent lunch venue and some of the best roads Scotland has to offer.

3rd Aug 2008 20:05 :: Richard & Eileen
Great day. Thanks to Ian and Jacqueline for organising it all

3rd Aug 2008 20:14 :: ronnie
Great day out....lunch was superb....roads great especially that single track alpine pass type job..great company from Tar and BVR...shame about rain but that can't be helped...thanks Ian

3rd Aug 2008 20:46 :: john & heather
that was a good one - thanks to I & J for organising the day

3rd Aug 2008 21:53 :: Gordon & Janice
Thoroughly enjoyed ourselves today, some truly breathtaking scenery and some of the best driving roads in Scotland.
Well done Ian & Jacqueline.

3rd Aug 2008 22:05 :: David & Heather
Had a great day - it was good to see everyone again. Thanks Ian & Jacqueline.

3rd Aug 2008 22:23 :: Douglas & Linda
Thanks Ian & Jacqueline.

3rd Aug 2008 23:52 :: Malcolm & Eileen (NSS)
We had a nice day today and found some new roads. Those of you in the second group might like to know - that the guy on the motorbike has been on Dundee Bikers Forum, moaning about the Loch Tummel Road being clogged up with a bunch of MX-5s. Ha Ha.

4th Aug 2008 05:44 :: Tom
Fantastic Drive and Lunch, Well Done Ian & Jacqueline.

4th Aug 2008 09:52 :: Colin
Happy Days !!!
Thanks E'body

4th Aug 2008 10:13 :: Joe&Suzy
Thanks for a wonderful day guys..Can't wait until the next one!! 

5th Aug 2008 09:08 :: Snowcat
Good company, good roads, challenging driving. Many thanks to Ian & Jacqueline.

*Suddenly spots the photos* OI! Ye cheeky wee sods! 8-P

5th Aug 2008 09:16 :: Thomas
What can i say?.... a fantastic days driving on some amazing roads. Aswell as that i learnt loads about my car. Thanks for a brilliant day guys with a good lunch and a good laugh.

7th Aug 2008 18:14 :: Gavin
I think everyone has said it all. At least we didn't let the rain stop our group going topless. Thanks Ian and Jacqueline for organising the run and lunch.

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