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New Year Run
Wed 2nd Jan 2008
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 24
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Puddle Jump to Peebles

Despite what some may have thought looked like last minute Lunch arrangements, I can confirm that both organisers of the New Year Run had the Lunch menu tied up weeks ago, it was only due to the messing around with the menus by the original venue that forced the change a few days before the event and credit has to be given to John for rectifying the problem so quickly, it was quite literally a case of "our man at the scene," because when John was phoning round Hotels, Colin was in Peebles doing a final recce, looking at Hotel car parks and awaiting instructions in case the route had to be changed…that's dedication.

First event of the year with 24 cars and 43 (including young James) brave souls venturing out to face the elements.  Meeting up at Newhouse, which has become our usual safe haven January starting point. With plenty of warnings of any hazards on the excellent route notes, we tiptoed our way across some dodgy puddle filled Lanarkshire roads into Border country and on to Peebles, where unfortunately we had to split the pack to have lunch, 30 + James going to The Castle Venlaw Hotel on Edinburgh Road and 11 going to The Tontine Hotel on  High Street, Ok I know that’s 42, I forgot to tell you that Jasper had to dash back to work so missed lunch.  It was good to see some folks on their first Club Run… John, Douglas (who henceforth will be known as big Douglas)  and Wendy & Duncan who all seemed to enjoy the day. Lunch was a slow affair and this gave the detached Lunch party a chance to join us and take part in the raffle, slightly different this time as we decided to make it a free raffle, one ticket per car and everyone was happy, many thanks to all the members that donated prizes.
After lunch and as promised by the organisers,  the afternoon section was much more interesting, using some really nice roads back to Lanark, in particular the stretch between Stobo and Coulter where the section to Dreva runs High and Parallel to the Tweed, offering excellent views of the River. Utilising all the B roads we weaved In and out of Broughton and around Bigger before arriving at Lanark Loch in darkness. Time to say goodbye and have a chat about the day, however the wind Chill factor was starting to take its effect and people were glad to get back into their warm cars for the journey home.
All-in-all a great start to 2008 and despite the cold weather it was hoods down all day.
Many thanks to John and Colin for all their hard work in setting such high standards for the year to come.

Five word talking point...
Mad mental raving looney cyclist.

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Your Comments
2nd Jan 2008 16:27 :: Jim & Alison
Happy New Year to all the brave souls who came out for a cold New Year Run! Big thanks to Colin and John for organising it too!

2nd Jan 2008 17:50 :: Rob and Margaret
Many thanks to Colin and John for a great start to the new year.

2nd Jan 2008 18:06 :: dot and chas
A big thank you to John and Colin for organising todays run and lunch.A great start to the New Year!

2nd Jan 2008 18:18 :: Gordon & Janice
Congratulations Colin and John, an excellent route to places I've genuinely never seen before.
Amazingly nice weather too, we made it all the way back to Troon with the roof down.

2nd Jan 2008 18:42 :: Tom
Fantastic start to the year. Well Done, Colin & John !!! Think the sat nav just showed "Unnamed Road" all day, brilliant.

2nd Jan 2008 19:01 :: David & Heather
Well done Colin and John - set a great standard for the rest of the year.  Roof down all the way, too.

2nd Jan 2008 19:25 :: Liz&Don
Great Run and Lunch.... well done to BVR and Lowflyer

2nd Jan 2008 19:26 :: Norann
Well done Colin & John for the run and finding all those great roads!!  Think I might need to update the suspension or else find a new driver - only joking!!!  Ron & Ann

2nd Jan 2008 19:32 :: Dawn
Great day out! Enjoyed every minute of it! Brilliant job Colin and John! Thanks!

3rd Jan 2008 11:01 :: kevham
Thanks to the Carluke lads for organising the run.  Jools, James and I had a great time and it was nice to meet up with some old and new faces.  See you at a race track in 2008......

3rd Jan 2008 12:21 :: Phil
Great day out, top down all day.

4th Jan 2008 13:35 :: David & Heather
No pics yet? Aww..

5th Jan 2008 11:23 :: Wendy & Duncan
Thanks to everyone for making our first Run so enjoyable. What a great way to discover countryside we never knew existed We'll see you all soon.

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