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Pub Meet
Thu 13th Sep 2007
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 15
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The road show moved to a new venue tonight, granted we have been there before when it was called the Paraffin Lamp and we never returned after we got ejected from the place at 10pm.(early closing...come on its 2005)
A new owner, major facelift and now called 'The Canny Man' meant we could give the Ayrshire members the chance to get to a Pub Meet near to them, unfortunately and disappointingly only two of them took advantage.
Nice decor good food, though a tad more expensive than we are used to, would have made the perfect place if it had not been the unwillingness of the staff to at least remember the tables they were supposed to be assigned to and respectfully give the service we were due, after all there was no shortage of staff wandering about, so why take so long to come back and write down the orders.
Another excellent night in good company, with more than a few laughs.

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Your Comments
13th Sep 2007 22:11 :: lochpark
Good venue, great food and banter.

Still cringing slightly thinking about those leather trousers and kinky boots. (Private joke)

14th Sep 2007 00:22 :: nikkidoll
Good food, good banter pity we had to be there in the toyota as my mazda away still in paint shop. Nice not to turn up fresh from work. Great run there great run back. Gathering here we come.

14th Sep 2007 07:26 :: Kev777
Buzing night guys!!!Minirun with the guys from lanarkshire inc a dodgy celica (not even a ragtop version)ensured much hilarity (Moo anyone) Food was very good and the chef even crashed out when uttering the immortal line to the waitress "So...Where Do You Work....?"  Only thing to detract was the downpour on the way home :( 
Thanks everyone

14th Sep 2007 07:48 :: Gordon & Janice
Great night out, our meal was delicious and as ever the company was great.

Seemed like ages since we saw everyone so it was nice to catch up.

14th Sep 2007 08:26 :: John & Carol
What a great laugh! :-)It's was great to catch up with you all again and also to meet some of the newer members, we both enjoyed the patter and also the mini run home. Brilliant!

14th Sep 2007 08:53 :: alex
Great night and welcome to the new members - shame we were split up a bit.  And I agree about the staff they were a dozy bunch!

14th Sep 2007 10:14 :: Colin
Great night - roll on the next one............

(I've shaved - no longer an upside doon heed)

14th Sep 2007 13:37 :: ronnie
Sorry I did not make it. I got an unexpected visitor which knackered me for getting out on time.

14th Sep 2007 14:12 :: cjt1.6red
First time for atending an mxoc night but met Graham and Norma who were also in the same 'boat' which is exactly what we needed to get home, thanks to Alex for coming over to speak to us, and also to Douglas for saying hello, hope to manage up to Glenshee hotel and perhaps meet some more of the crowd, Graham and Norma hope to see you both again soon, I owe you a drink !  like your reg Norma :-) enjoy your holiday

14th Sep 2007 16:35 :: koolchef
Good food, alright service - "wheres the bloomin drinks?!" i'd say good banter but was more like a slaggin match near the end :( but glad to chat more to michelle,barry and kev as i was busy last time.thanks to kev for the run. and everyone else too. :)

14th Sep 2007 17:16 :: Michelle and barry
We had an excelent night. It was great to get to know a few more people this time. had a brillant laugh, good food. mini run home was good better for me than the rollacoaster to the meet (seriously scary) and i held a few speedsters up sorry guys. see you all soon.

14th Sep 2007 18:03 ::
Don't tell me we missed an impromptu run!  We'll be at the next one.

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