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Pub Meet
Thu 23rd Aug 2007
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 23
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Another excellent night in pleasant surroundings and atmosphere. I must admit I honestly did have impure thoughts towards the two tables with non mx-5 owners sitting in our wee area earlier on last night, I'm not sure what made them quickly finish that last spoonful of custard and down their drinks so quickly, perhaps they were spooked when Richard and I carried in the extra table and chairs and thought it was time for a quick exit before any more of these petrolheads turn up, if it was you and you happen to read this, I can only offer my sincere apologies. (But Iím glad you shifted)
The place soon filled up and it was like a takeover, the members who were standing at the doorway enjoying the cool summer breeze, conveniently trail blazed the path to the alternative meet in the car park, as per usual.
It was great to meet the new and prospective members Joe, Carol, Michelle, Darren and Emma with partners, families and friends, hope you come back and join in at some of the events. 

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Your Comments
24th Aug 2007 00:07 :: John & Heather
Great night and was good to meet so many new people, had a wonderful top down run back home

24th Aug 2007 00:26 :: Colin
Great evening !!
Even got a drink out of John S !!!!!
Would have been a wonderful top down drive home - if I had a tin opener !!!!
See yous soon.

24th Aug 2007 00:51 :: nikkidoll
great night as usual

24th Aug 2007 07:32 :: Rob and Margaret
A great night even the pub staff went home before us.

24th Aug 2007 09:39 :: Robin
Great display of "new" 5s'. Rbrigs amazing R.N...1st dark drive.
Interesting "hood care" seminar in the car park! 

24th Aug 2007 13:09 :: David & Heather
Another great pub meet - lots of new people and even decent weather.  Good to see everyone - roll on Callander.

24th Aug 2007 15:57 :: koolchef
usually i'd say good meet, but fs is was brilliant. really had a great time. enjoyed the banter and meeting the other legends. Si - a privledge as always, kevham, shiny car!, kev777 - gd to meet u finally,glad to see nikki there, Ian, Robin, Sean, Tom, Rob & margaret who went missing!?! Douglas, john & heather- still jealous john!, colin cough BMW cough ( lol ), need to mingle with the newbies next time. cheers. still like the newhouse pub better. waitress' abit more inteligent!

24th Aug 2007 16:00 :: koolchef
aww crap i forgot to mention alex, was good chatting to you. no idea what about - probably those mx5 cars :S lol!

24th Aug 2007 18:57 :: Dot and Chas
Great night,great food,great weather,great company,roll on the weekend for more of the same!

24th Aug 2007 19:24 :: kevham
Good night.  I haven't stayed so long at a pub meet ever!

24th Aug 2007 20:08 :: Baron
Koolchef......that looks more like an Oscar(r) acceptance speech !!!!!

24th Aug 2007 21:28 :: koolchef
cheeers! :D

25th Aug 2007 13:45 :: Carol
It was my first meet and I only wish I could have stayed to the end. I really enjoyed speaking to fellow enthusiasts and a BIG THANK YOU to Robin who\'s advice has cured my need for a waterproof cover, it was the trip just for that! I didn\'t manage to speak to as many people as I would have liked but enjoyed the banter with Douglas, Robin and others out in the car par and it was great to see other cars, didn\'t get any photos unfortunatley and also went home in the dark with my hood down. May not make Callander but looking forward to the next meet at the Red Deer, thanks to all who made me feel so welcome!!!!

25th Aug 2007 14:02 :: Michelle & barry

It was nice to meet you all at the pub meet on thursday. Everyone was very friendly and made us feel welcome especially heather and susan. It was good to see so many other 5s and although we cant make callander, we will see you all at the next pub Meet. cheers Michelle and barry

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