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Australia Run
Sun 29th Apr 2007
organised by Grampian Scotland

Car Count : 11
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We had a very good turnout for our jaunt today so thanks to everyone who came along. Weather not too great to start with but as promised the cloud burnt away fairly soon after we set off. I'm not going to mention Kemnay but I'm sure someone will take great pleasure in spilling the beans! Ok, seeing as you asked, Kemnay has a strange Bermuda Triangle phenomenon going on there with one car getting lost never to reappear and one coming back a wee bit later!
The views were great to and from the Lecht with the sun beating down only making things better.
Thanks to Ian for a great route and to Ricky for addding an unexpected nice wee single track road on the way to lunch in Aberlour. Thanks also to Andy for the resident kangaroo to add some authenticity to the day. To cap it all, no run is complete without a pheasant "hit".
All in all a grand day out.

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Your Comments
29th Apr 2007 19:50 :: Andy
So how did it go today then? Weather down here was overcast and pretty chilly...

29th Apr 2007 19:53 :: rockdoc
Good day, cloudy start but warmed up inland, even found some roads i,d never been on before

1st May 2007 23:37 :: Rugger
Great day with great weather. Thanks for the route Ian.....will upload some pics to this section when I work out the resizing thingy.......

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