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Pub Meet
Thu 29th Mar 2007
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 13
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Another good night in the plush surroundings of the Newhouse Hotel,only thing we could improve on is getting our feet under the big round table early on in the night.
Good to see Kool Chef back again, that's Richard not of the roofs, nor Richard of the AJ &.

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30th Mar 2007 08:45 :: Jacqueline & Ian
Another great pub night, excellent company and banter. Good to see Cool chef returning for a second time glad he enjoys our company.

30th Mar 2007 09:03 :: Robin
Time flew again. Superb company & convo. One problem..Lowflyer has threatened to take me round Knockhill.... Stopped a few miles away going and dropped hood!

30th Mar 2007 11:04 :: Rich & AJ
Our journey to the pub was on as many white roads as possible with the top down.  It was a great start to a great night, the food and the company was excellent.

30th Mar 2007 11:49 :: Ron & Ann
Good to see everyone again - will spend the weekend making a "designer Hunter" strap for the hood!!!  Thanks Douglas for the advice!

30th Mar 2007 17:44 :: lochpark
Another great night in good company.

30th Mar 2007 20:42 :: koolchef
why was everyone surprised to see me? took me awhile to find where everyone was sitting in there but once i did it was good to see everyone again. too bad the tables were abit small tho. soz to ian - didnt get a gd chance to chat. ppl i did see - brilliant. next time no chocolate indulgance aint that right rich!

30th Mar 2007 21:37 :: Douglas
Don't worry about it 'Richard of the Chefs' its just our way of making you feel welcome.

31st Mar 2007 09:25 :: John & Heather
Very relaxing evening, food was superb as was the conversation and company.  Robin no need to feel afraid, just ask Shaun.

31st Mar 2007 11:40 :: Robin
I know John! Cannot wait, and thanks very much!

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