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Summer Tech Day
Sun 19th Aug 2007
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 20
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Please note this event has been moved to the week before Callander Classics.
A two tier Tech Day, usual Tech Day BBQ and working on cars, plus a chance to help with the preparations for Callander Classics Show. BBQ will be provided, just bring along your food as per usual.

Unfortunately we won't be able to have the Porter Cable demo this time round.

Wheel alignment session at Dreadnought Garage has been arranged and list is now closed.

10.30...Dave Mak
12.00...Dawn & Charlie
Total 9

Running order is subject to change, as all the Mk-3's are up first it could be we are ahead of schedule.

Nine is the maximum the Garage can take in a day, will start a reserve list...
1. Andy J
2. Colin McLean

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Your Comments
20th Aug 2007 13:03 :: Douglas
Why no comments!!!!!!!
A great day thanks Richard & Eileen.

20th Aug 2007 13:07 :: David I
Just waiting 'till lunchtime to get online - Great day and a good turn out.  Looking forward to next weekend.

20th Aug 2007 13:18 :: Dawn
I posted comments on Ronnie's Post - Paul and Claire done a brilliant job! They were great! My car is driving so much better and I have a straight steering wheel at long last!!!! Big thank you to yourself and Richard and Eileen for organising the event and for their hospitality!

20th Aug 2007 14:05 :: colin mclean
sorry, just read the blurb to see that i should have turned up. Being only second reserve I thought it would have been a wasted journey from aberdeen. Oh well

20th Aug 2007 15:24 :: Douglas
It can't be helped Colin, we did have 9 places booked with two reserves, I was hoping to be able to squeeze two more in but reluctant to say that on line, however when Stephen B pulled out on Friday I deleted his name from the events page and left the 9th slot blank thinking Andy J would have noticed.

20th Aug 2007 15:50 :: ronnie
Well worth getting tracking done has made a big difference to cars handling. The set up at Richards is first class and the hospitality there is great too. All in all a great day...great company and good food too 

20th Aug 2007 16:17 :: koolchef
Thanks again to dreadnought for the blowtorch and an hour and a half of banging at my car. but what a job! very thankful. wish could have stayed longer. looked good over at Richard's. Cheers for the patience ronnie! and everyones understanding as well!

20th Aug 2007 19:40 :: John & Heather
Thanks to Claire and Paul at Deadnaught they seem to have sorted my problem with the car.  Also to Richard (Mk3 setting) and Eileen, for their hospitality - looking forward to next weekend - hope the weather stays good

20th Aug 2007 20:01 :: robin
Always worth a trip to sit in a quiet courtyard with enthusiasts and meet the folks!Finally got a hurl in Monty too!Enjoyed the whole day, thanks to to Richard  &Eileen again for hospitality.

20th Aug 2007 20:58 :: Dot and Chas
Great day,even the sun came out!Thanks Richard and Eileen for the hospitality once again!
Roll on next weekend!

20th Aug 2007 22:02 :: Colin
Great day - everything superb.
Shame I had to make a sharp exit....but at least that meant there was some food left for everybody else !!!!!
Will be able to hang about longer next time (as long as there is'nt too much work to be done ;-})

21st Aug 2007 13:19 :: Ian
A great first tech day for me, many thanks Richard & Eileen. 

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