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Mx5 Scotland - The Gathering
Sun 23rd Sep 2007
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 60
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Organisers...Chas & Dot and Douglas.

10.00 for 10.30 prompt departure.

A Gathering of all the Scottish Mx-5 Owners Club Members.

This Run is Dedicated to Stevie Smith.

Directions to Perth Services (Caithness Glass)
Take A9 OR M90 to Broxden Roundabout, follow the A9 Perth Bypass, at Inveralmond Roundabout turn first left into Ruthvenfield Road, turn left into Perth Services.,-3.46703|17|4&loc=GB:56.41716:-3.48535:16|PH1%203TZ|PH1%203TZ

Buffet Lunch and Dessert at The Glenshee Hotel 9.00 per

Giant Members Raffle.

Small Auction of Official Mazda Accessories, kindly donated by Dom from Phoenix Mazda.

The challenge...How many Scottish cars can we photograph in one Hotel Car Park.

The Clan Central Scotland:-

Dot & Chas.
Douglas & Linda.
Willie & Gill.
Rob & Margaret.
Nichola & Paul.
Kim & Guy.
John & Carol.
Tom & Pam.
David & Heather.
Richard (koolchef) &
Lesley & Andrew.
Ann & Ron.
Gordon & Janice.
Stella & Nigel.
Chic & Heather.
John & Heather.
Simon & Catherine.
Ron. (jons pal)
Frank & Janice.
Richard & Eileen
Jim & Alison.
Carol & .....
Colin & Claire
Joe & Janette.
Charlie & Heather.
Don & Liz.
Kev & Alana.
Linda & Kenny.
Ian & Maureen.
Dawn & Charlie.
Craig & Sharon.
Pete & Elinor
Gordon & Allison.
Graham Kendall &....
David Carle.
40 cars.... 73 people

The Clan North Scotland South:-
Paul Hotch &......
Andy & Miryana.
Malc & Eileen.
Dave & Caroline.
Tom Morman.
John & Kay.

7 cars...12 people

The Clan North Scotland East:-
Chris & Catriona Dubbels.
Ian & ....... Hindmarsh.
Andy Wylie &
Paul & Elaine.(NOT LUNCH)
Findlay &
Mark & Nicky Swinhoe.
Mike Reed.
Graham Young.
Stevie Gunn.
Tom Carter.
Malcolm & Craig.
Mark Guest (not lunch)
Colin & Sandra
14 cars... 22 people 19 for lunch

The Clan North Scotland North:-
Bill & Linda.
1 car...2 people

Total 61 Cars...105 people


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Your Comments
23rd Sep 2007 20:01 :: koolchef
wow am the first...Well firstly big thanks to the weather for being great. Amazed at the amount of cars. Enjoyed lunch, thanks to the hotel for the hospitality. everything was brilliant. again thanks to the organisers for making it as good as it was. Until next year..

23rd Sep 2007 20:16 :: nikkidoll
Great run, great food, good to meet a few more faces, great turn out. Weather was brill even the SMALL down pour we had on the we up to perth. Well done to the small amount that had their roofs down through this down pour. Great hotel very well organised. thanks for the organisers for making it all run nice and smooth. Lets hope its a annual event.

23rd Sep 2007 20:30 :: Rob Margaret
What a fantastic gathering,  it was good to meet yet more new members, old friends and especially our friends in the north. The venue was ideal,the roads and scenery great.
Many thanks to Dot and Chas for the run, to Douglas and all the co-ordinators for their hard work and to Koolchef for leading our wee run from Red Deer.

23rd Sep 2007 20:30 :: Kim & Guy
thanks everyone for a fun day out!!! brilliantly organised, the lunch was great, the company was good, and we had a laugh!!!  Roll on next year for this one!

23rd Sep 2007 21:05 :: Gordon & Janice
Brill day out, thanks to all the ACs for all their hard work and well done to the run leaders for getting everybody there on time.

23rd Sep 2007 21:06 :: Jon
Super Day! Big Thanks to all organisers, run leaders, tailenders, etc. nice clear radio comms meant I didnt get lost! Good Food as always up there.

23rd Sep 2007 21:23 :: stevieg
Cracking day oot, roll on 2008.

23rd Sep 2007 21:59 :: chic
Great day out - thanks to Dot and Chas for all their work in producing the detailed route and chosing such excellent roads. Also thanks to Douglas and the other AC's for their organisation

23rd Sep 2007 22:12 :: Simon & Catherine
We'd like to thank everyone involved in today .... whether you be from Central, the North (N), North (NE) or North (S) :-D  Can't believe that the weather held out as well as it did!  The Spittal of Glenshee hotel did us proud with the food .... we were among the last to get served, but there was still loads and for the money it was a bit of a bargain. 

What a great way to remember Stevie!!!!!

23rd Sep 2007 23:10 :: Lorraine
Thanks to everyone who turned up, had fun and donated a gift for the raffle.Even though I only met Stevie a couple of times and didn't know his as well as some others did, I'm sure you would agree that he would have been in his element today.

23rd Sep 2007 23:30 :: David I
Brilliant day.  Thanks to the organisers for their hard work.  Looking forward to next year!

23rd Sep 2007 23:52 :: john and kay
Nice to see some familiar faces from down south, meet some folks from Kirkie and sit with Maureen and Ian for a lovely relaxing lunch. Thanks for the car tips. Thanks to the organisers.. next year same place please !!

24th Sep 2007 08:52 :: Norann
Weather amazing and so were the views - thanks to Dot and Chas for the run, Douglas and the other co-ordinators for their wonderful organisation (as usual) and lastly to everyone who made the event memorable.  Looking forward to next year already!!!

24th Sep 2007 11:12 :: Lowflyer
It's all been said above - was simply a great experience, a worthy tribute to Stevie - would also like to add a special thanks to my pilot The Baron von Ripper - ta Colin, one I owe you

24th Sep 2007 11:42 :: Linda Dobbie
one word - BRILLIANT -the organisers did a fantastic job - roll on next year ?

24th Sep 2007 14:01 :: Lowflyer
Special thanks to Dom at Phoenix Mazda Paisley for the excellent items donated to the club for auction

24th Sep 2007 15:09 :: Tom & Pam
Great day out in the MX5. Thanks to Chas,Dorothy and Douglas and eveyone else who helped make it a fantastic run. Looking forward to the 2008 gathering !!

24th Sep 2007 17:37 :: Carol
First run! First class all the way, met lots of nice folk, hung on in there and despite wot Duouglas says, you've got to try and keep up - thanks to those who helped me do just that (you know who you are), got some cracking photos and can't wait to see what else is in store!!

24th Sep 2007 18:45 :: Dot and Chas
Thanks to Douglas for his part in the organisation,also to Chic and Colin for taking group 2 and Richard for being group 1 tailend Charlie.
Thanks to everyone for making the day so memorable and enjoyable.

A great way to remember Stevie.

25th Sep 2007 10:00 :: cjt1.6red
This was my firstrun and what a great day it was, thanks to Douglas for all the hard work and also to Koolchef for the convoy up to Perth, met a lot of folk and hope to see them all soon

25th Sep 2007 22:46 :: Jim & Alison
Fab run - great to see so many people from 'up north' as well as the regular 'south guys'!

The Pram was excellant and it was all a great tribute to Stevie - we'll all miss him!

27th Sep 2007 18:18 :: Willie and Gill
What a fab day, and the weather held up, great to see soooooo many cars. thanks to dot, chas and of course Douglas.  see you all in Oban

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