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Pub Meet
Thu 15th Feb 2007
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 16
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Great turnout once again, good food and excellent company...excellent company!!! 'there he goes again', I hear you say, bet your thinking to yourself...him and a few others are always banging on about excellent company at these Pub Meets, it can't be that good surely!! well if that's what your thinking I don't blame you and somtimes a night like last night when your explaining the virtues of Central Scotland O.C.Area to a few brand new soon to be members, it makes you stop in your tracks, take stock and be thankful that you bought the car you presently own and not the more expensive less smiles per mile German model.
So excellent company...your damn right it is and if you still don't believe me, well the rest is up to you.

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Your Comments
16th Feb 2007 09:09 :: lochpark
Another good pub meet, excellent food and company !

16th Feb 2007 09:23 :: Skarecrow29
Sorry I didn't make it, have too much on at the moment,  will try and make the next.

16th Feb 2007 10:32 :: Robin
Nice to meet up again Tried to blag Alex for a tenner,did'nt work. Good luck Anne with your new Icon today!   

16th Feb 2007 16:32 :: Tom
Another fine night in the company of good people.

16th Feb 2007 17:35 :: Wee John
Cracking night!Nice friendly people!

Excellent!  Doh!

16th Feb 2007 18:48 :: Rob and Margaret
Another great night, always good to see everyone again.

16th Feb 2007 21:18 :: Colin
Excellent pub meet. MX-5 Owners are the real McCoy.

17th Feb 2007 14:53 :: Bettyboo (alias Ann & Ron)
Hi Everyone - many thanks for making our first pub meet so warm and friendly.  Got the Icon yesterday and Ron has spent the morning washing and waxing her - talk about looks the dogs b*****!!!!  We will be joining you once I have the new registration on the car for sure.  See you all soon .......Ann & Ron

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