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The Mad Mortons Extravaganza
Sun 11th Nov 2007
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 19
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Your Comments
11th Nov 2007 17:19 :: Paul Hotchkiss
Great day, thanks to all concerned for introducing more of Scotland's roads to me. As one of the "breakaway trio", I was able to discover some that weren't planned! Roll on next year!!

11th Nov 2007 19:10 :: Kim & Guy
Many thanks to all concernced.  Willie & Gordon you organised a great run - it was good of you to put a special order in for the weather as well!!!!  Guy had a great treat for his birthday! lol

11th Nov 2007 19:12 :: Jacqueline & Ian
Many thanks to all the mad Morton's for a great run and lunch. And I thought I knew all of the good driving roads in Fife, well I do now.

11th Nov 2007 19:17 :: Rob and Margaret
Many thanks to Willie, Gill, Gordon and Alison for a lovely day. Everything was perfect.

11th Nov 2007 19:22 :: Malcolm & Eileen
Great day,excellent company. Fife is almost local for me, yet I was lost a couple of times. Not proper lost - like some I could mention. 

11th Nov 2007 19:30 :: Dot and Chas
What a fantastic day,great weather,great roads and great company!
Many thanks to Willie,Gill,Gordon and Alison for everything!
As a Fifer I saw roads I had never seen before!Dot

11th Nov 2007 19:59 :: Graeme
Thanks to Willie and Gordon for the run. I knew the roads too - I just didn't know which ones I was supposed to be going down ;-) Apologies to the other 2 cars for leading them astray. Newport was nice though, eh? ;-)

11th Nov 2007 20:15 :: Norann
Thanks to all the Mad Morton`s for the run - fabulous weather, great food and wonderful company as ever - even with the "detour" on the return journey the day couldn`t have been better!!
Ann & Ron

11th Nov 2007 20:25 :: Graeme
btw, was that a McLaren F1 we passed before Kinross?

11th Nov 2007 21:05 :: Gordon & Janice
Must echo everyone's comments, well done to all the Mortons and Alison (the almost Morton!) for a great day out.
Certainly found some great new roads that I'd never driven on before.

11th Nov 2007 21:26 :: gordon&allison
Thank you to everyone for their lovely comments and done sooo quickly thats impressive....its good to hear that everyone enjoyed the run as much as we did and look forward to next years run too!!  I wonder how many cars we can loose next year??  he he  :-)

12th Nov 2007 10:06 :: David & Heather
Great day, great weather, great run - big thanks to the Mad Mortons.  Sorry, Graeme -I last saw you a few cars behind going through Leuchars, but I think more interlopers joined at the roundabout and I lost sight of you.  I slowed down and held back after the turn-off, but the next car that appeared was Douglas & Linda! It was an Audi R8. Nice...

12th Nov 2007 10:24 :: Douglas & Linda
Much gratitude and plaudits to the (soon to be four) Mad Mortons, was indeed an excellent day, especially as Allison had pre-arranged the sunny weather.
Thanks David I just couldn't remember if the Audi was an X8 or R8, that's still two I have seen in a week, or could be the same one, at 80 grand a pop they should be rare. I think the car Graeme mentioned was seen before lunch, I only caught the tail end of it, it did look like a McLaren.   

12th Nov 2007 13:21 :: chic and heather
echo all the comments above - enjoyed the roads and the lunch - thanks to all involved

12th Nov 2007 16:54 :: Scott and Gillian
Thanks to everyone for their hospitality on the run yesterday. I dont often get a chance to drive the car (as it is closley guarded by Gillian) was a treat. Willie, a tip would be not to wear the hat at the next board meeting!

12th Nov 2007 19:09 :: willie&gill
Thank you all for your comments they make the effort well worth it.We are glad that all those attending had such good time.As for my hat Scott that is standard issue for our board meetings.Hope to see you all on the 1/12/07.I will post more details to Douglas  on once I know whats happening.

12th Nov 2007 19:54 :: Colin
Had the great day - love it up there.
Having the sun makes all the difference !!!!
Cheers to the MAD (hats) Mortons !

If I've missed a McLaren F1, i'll be peeved......but (and i did annouce it on the radio {although we later established, no one listens to me}) a Zonda did pass us in the morning. And just a meesley R8 in the afternoon ;-}

12th Nov 2007 21:23 :: Graeme
Whatever passed us was black, growled and was as ugly as a box of frogs.

12th Nov 2007 23:33 :: David I
Won't be happy if I missed both an F1 and a Zonda (although I did see one of those in the alps - belonged to the editor of Evo).  We did pass an Ultima GTR coming the other way on the way into Ceres, though.  That's a pretty good spotter's haul for a Sunday in November...

13th Nov 2007 00:04 :: David I
..or maybe it was near Scotlandwell. Definitely before lunch.  Think maybe that was our F1 - it could pass for one, especially the tail.

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