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Xmas Drive
Sun 9th Dec 2007
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 15
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The day after the Lunch and the night before, a complete mystery tour with a Christmas theme, so bedeck your car with tinsel and bring your santa hat for what should be an enjoyable and relaxing day.

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Your Comments
9th Dec 2007 17:26 :: Norann
Many thanks once again to Douglas and Rob for organising this run - great time and plenty of retail therapy to follow!!!  Merry Xmas & a Happy & Healthy New Year to you All!!!

9th Dec 2007 19:05 :: Robert and Margaret
Thanks to everyone who stayed over at the Pirnhall for all the fun and laughs at night. Thanks to Santa Douglas and Rudolf Linda for a great run. So many amazed looks and smiles from the passers by, snow on the hills and the top down all day.

9th Dec 2007 19:45 :: Jim & Alison
Great Christmas run - thanks to all who organised and took part. Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to all - see you in 2008!

9th Dec 2007 19:54 :: dot and chas
Thanks to Douglas and Linda( also Rob and Margaret who had to follow a Mondeo all day!)
It seems Santa has ditched his sleigh for a 5!
Great run through snowy countryside,great find for lunch too!
See you all in 2008!

9th Dec 2007 20:20 :: Jasper
Thanks to everyone who made me feel welcome on my first club run, especially Colin who looked after the newbie. I'll be back :)

9th Dec 2007 20:46 :: David & Heather
Thanks to all for a fun run to end the season (especially Jim for his dynamic take off from Pirnhall! :) ).  I think we brightened up a few people's Christmas shopping trips along the way. Hope everyone has a good Christmas and New Year and roll on 2008.

9th Dec 2007 21:40 :: Dawn
Many thanks to Douglas and Linda and Rob and Margaretfor oragnising yet another terrific day. We had a blast! The snow was just the icing on the cake! Merry Chrsitams and a Happy New Year to everyone! See you all soon!

10th Dec 2007 08:19 :: norma & graham
Message left yesterday has gone? Anyway just to say again we had a really great weekend, thank to Santa and all his helpers for making it such a memorable one.Merry Christmas to all and roll on 2008!

10th Dec 2007 12:15 :: Gordon & Janice
Thanks to Santa and Rudolph, Rob & Margaret for an excellent wee run, we certainly managed to turn  a few heads going through the towns yesterday.

10th Dec 2007 21:35 :: John F ( JFJ )
Loved it ! Nice drive, good lunch. Thanks goes to Douglas, Linda, Rob and Margaret for organising the day. Both Carol and I hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas and a Happy and healthy New Year. Cya in 2008.

11th Dec 2007 22:11 :: Jasper
Did no-one make a picture of Santa Douglas behind the wheel of his MX5? That sight was just priceless!

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