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Xmas Drive
Sun 9th Dec 2007
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 15
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'Sunny in Hamilton' was the text message I recieved at 8.45 on the morning of the run, normally this wouldn't mean much but due to the snowy conditions of the night before it was a signal that meant the Lanarkshire posse were on their way and the roads were fine. At breakfast in the Hotel we watched the snow slowly slipping off the roofs of the adjoining buildings and the little patches in the car park were now turned to slush, therefore the Run was definitely on.

When Rob & Margaret and Linda & I recced and planned this event, the main criteria was for a relaxing day, a 30 mile short run of about an hour and a half followed by some lunch and retail therapy with a Xmas atmosphere.
Every one turned up with the festive spirit, wearing all kinds of strange and unusual headgear, including Colin with his Affro Wig and rumour had it that xmas crackers were hidden in it somewhere. We were soon on the road and attracting loads of attention from passing motorists who all sounded their horns and pointed fingers as they told the occupants to look out the windows at us, driving through all the towns and villages of the Hillfoots brought a smile to the faces of many people out and about on the streets as the turned to look at the mad hatters in the tolpless cars.
The drive through Glen Devon was stunning with the hills around all covered in snow, it would have made a great photo if there had been somewhere to stop.
Our destination was soon met as we drove into the Baxters Centre at Blackford, where we had lunch and perused the shops to pick up some gifts.
As we were all going our seperate ways from here, the last four cars to leave decided that the A9 was not for them, so we took a chance on the Sheriffmuir road back to Bridge of Allan, this just seemed to make the day a total success as the roads were fine apart from a few water splashes and we did get the chance later to stop for some pictures beside the reservoir.
All in all another successful Xmas Drive and last Run of the year, many thanks to Rob & Margaret and Linda for their help with the planning.

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Your Comments
9th Dec 2007 17:26 :: Norann
Many thanks once again to Douglas and Rob for organising this run - great time and plenty of retail therapy to follow!!!  Merry Xmas & a Happy & Healthy New Year to you All!!!

9th Dec 2007 19:05 :: Robert and Margaret
Thanks to everyone who stayed over at the Pirnhall for all the fun and laughs at night. Thanks to Santa Douglas and Rudolf Linda for a great run. So many amazed looks and smiles from the passers by, snow on the hills and the top down all day.

9th Dec 2007 19:45 :: Jim & Alison
Great Christmas run - thanks to all who organised and took part. Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to all - see you in 2008!

9th Dec 2007 19:54 :: dot and chas
Thanks to Douglas and Linda( also Rob and Margaret who had to follow a Mondeo all day!)
It seems Santa has ditched his sleigh for a 5!
Great run through snowy countryside,great find for lunch too!
See you all in 2008!

9th Dec 2007 20:20 :: Jasper
Thanks to everyone who made me feel welcome on my first club run, especially Colin who looked after the newbie. I'll be back :)

9th Dec 2007 20:46 :: David & Heather
Thanks to all for a fun run to end the season (especially Jim for his dynamic take off from Pirnhall! :) ).  I think we brightened up a few people's Christmas shopping trips along the way. Hope everyone has a good Christmas and New Year and roll on 2008.

9th Dec 2007 21:40 :: Dawn
Many thanks to Douglas and Linda and Rob and Margaretfor oragnising yet another terrific day. We had a blast! The snow was just the icing on the cake! Merry Chrsitams and a Happy New Year to everyone! See you all soon!

10th Dec 2007 08:19 :: norma & graham
Message left yesterday has gone? Anyway just to say again we had a really great weekend, thank to Santa and all his helpers for making it such a memorable one.Merry Christmas to all and roll on 2008!

10th Dec 2007 12:15 :: Gordon & Janice
Thanks to Santa and Rudolph, Rob & Margaret for an excellent wee run, we certainly managed to turn  a few heads going through the towns yesterday.

10th Dec 2007 21:35 :: John F ( JFJ )
Loved it ! Nice drive, good lunch. Thanks goes to Douglas, Linda, Rob and Margaret for organising the day. Both Carol and I hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas and a Happy and healthy New Year. Cya in 2008.

11th Dec 2007 22:11 :: Jasper
Did no-one make a picture of Santa Douglas behind the wheel of his MX5? That sight was just priceless!

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