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Sun 8th Jul 2007
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 23
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Twenty three cars wound their way down and across the Borders amidst reasonably impressive scenery and very quiet roads, fortunately when we reached the level crossing upon entering the minor road to Holy Island, the lights turned red, so this gave us the few minutes we needed to get the cars decorated with Scottish flags and other regalia, in order to make an impressive entrance to the car park, well that was the plan and as it turned out the seventeen cars from Tyne Tees were actually behind us.
Folding chairs and rugs were soon laid out in a large friendly circle and the barbeque lunches were enjoyed by all. A bumper raffle was held between the two Areas and a few other wee fund raising competitions were held, one notably called…'What is the Saddest Thing you Keep in your Boot' the justified winner was a Tyne Tees member who produced a packet of clothes pegs!!!
So onto the main event of the day, yes the annual 'England versus Scotland' Rounders Match, two teams of ten competitors were picked for each respective country, although England won the toss they decided they would let Scotland Bat first…BIG MISTAKE. Now one advantage of having so many younger members to pick from is that I personally don't need to risk injury or more importantly make a fool of myself, so for the first time in six years this newly appointed team manager failed the selection board. The bonus with having young guns in your team is that they can actually hit the ball first time and boy did Jackson hit the ball, "aim for the castle" someone shouted in support, and sure enough he did, time and time again, run after run after run, 54 runs later it was time to give the opposition a chance and by this time they were looking totally dejected, despite them fielding two extra players which didn't go unnoticed, the auld enemy only managed 12 runs, partly due to our excellent fielders and partly due to our fast bowler Rachel, who used her assets and good looks enough to distract the opposition, while… or was it before she bowled.
A big thanks and congratulations to our ten heroes, who were:- Jim & Alison, Graham & Rachel, Simon & Catherine, Charlie, Colin, John and Jackson.

A superb day all in, the weather kept dry and sunny, it was good to see a few new faces and just for a change only a short distance to travel for our Eyemouth and Melrose members. We all said our farewells and some went into the village for a look round, before heading home.



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Your Comments
8th Jul 2007 11:41 :: Wesly
Had hoped to come to this, but i'll be spending all day cleaning the house as my brother wrecked it last night with a party and my parents are home tomorrow. Apologies, hope you can retain the rounders title and have a great run!

8th Jul 2007 21:52 :: graeme
A good day out and who would have predicted THAT weather?!
12-10 wasn't a good result for us. Oh hang on, that was the number of people on the 2 teams ;-)
Congrats to the players for retaining the title!

8th Jul 2007 22:03 :: Evy
Great day out! Lovely weather. Great rounders match and some great undiscovered talent!!! Thanks for organising it all.

8th Jul 2007 22:28 :: John & Carol
Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! Got Mead, won at rounders ( even though I was naff ) and had a great drive.

8th Jul 2007 22:53 :: Dot and Chas
Fantastic day,fantastic weather (chas is glowing!) Nice to see we did not need to cheat to win at rounders.(thanks rachel!)
Roll on 2008!

9th Jul 2007 06:42 :: Jenny Dorgan
Fantastic day, tho Tyne Tees wos robbed at rounders...our lads stood no chance after one of your ladies gave 'em a quick flash, it put them right off their aim. Just wait 'till next year is all I can say ;)...I take full credit for the weather after getting it right for Beamish.
Quite a few from TT are glowing too, including Jim and I. Thanks for the laughs and the fun and Gavins dangly bits.

9th Jul 2007 07:53 :: redhot5
ep what a stonking day it turned out to be ,great to see some new face sand well what can we say about rounders(it was quite revealling) but a good tactic,i woke up this morning and my face looks like a cherry but can complain weather was great,hope to see every one next year,thanks to douglas and all involved

9th Jul 2007 08:19 :: Richard & Eileen
Great Day!
thanks to everyone,

Great drive back  (apart from the T*** in the Skoda!

I am burnt and the dog is still sleeping

9th Jul 2007 08:57 :: Jim & Alison
One of the best runs ever! Thanks to Douglas and others for organising, the 'flasher' for putting off the opposition and everyone for a fun day out!

9th Jul 2007 10:18 :: Jo and Andy
Absolutley fantastic day, i reckon the best run we have been on. Both sun burnt, me worse cos i've got panda eyes from wearing sunglasses all day. A big thankyou to all involved organising it....

9th Jul 2007 15:00 :: Simon & Cat
Thanks to all for a fantastic day out.  We both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and was good to meet more people in the club.

Glad that the age old raffle traditions of Eileen winning wine, and me winning nothing were upheld :-)  Kicking @rs£ at rounders was a bonus, but it's not the winning that counts ..... is it??? ;-)  We'll need to buy Sim Jnr a pint for his outstanding performance when he manages a pub meet.  Maybe a new career with the Toronto Blue Jays would be an option (god knows they need a hitter like him!)

9th Jul 2007 19:46 :: Dawn
It was awesome!!!Thanks everyone for making Charlie and I so welcome! Yout a terrific bunch! We can't wait for the next outing?

9th Jul 2007 20:17 :: Rob and Margaret
What a fantastic day. It was good to see our TT friends again. Many thanks to the organisers for a great day out and Congratulations to our victorious rounders team.

9th Jul 2007 23:46 :: John & Heather
Missed a great day by the sounds of it - The defeat of the Auld Enemy was mentioned on Xfm this morning by Julian & Merissa the presenters of the morning show (jack texted them) cant let a win like that go unreported. 

11th Jul 2007 21:58 :: Jacqueline & Ian
Brilliant day in great company, must remember to use the sun cream.

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