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Cowal Run
Sun 10th Jun 2007
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 26
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Your Comments
10th Jun 2007 18:07 :: nikkidoll
had a great time thanks all hope to see you all at the next meet work commitments permitting

10th Jun 2007 18:31 :: Kim & Guy
thanx for a great day out -  lovely meeting everyone, looking forward to the next run already!!

Kim & Guy

10th Jun 2007 19:02 :: Wee John ( JFJ )
Excellent day out, thank you to you all from myself and my dad. Brilliant fun! Cheers! 

10th Jun 2007 19:12 :: koolchef
Cheers - good drive about. enjoyed it alot. gd to see some new ppl - you know how you are :P

10th Jun 2007 19:19 :: Gordon & Janice
Another excellent Cowal run. Probably the best one we've done. Thanks to Douglas for his organisational skills and to Rob for leading the second group. Hope you all get home safe and sound from darkest Greenock :-)

10th Jun 2007 19:33 :: Mino & Dinaz
Many thanks Douglas foranother great day out - and so good to see so many faces, both old and very new ?:O)

10th Jun 2007 20:20 :: Tom
Fantastic roads, love that route. Well done,Douglas & Rob!

10th Jun 2007 21:24 :: redhot 5
Graham and I enjoyed today, nice scenery good company and nice to see everyone. Andy- Tshirt now in the washing machine. lol :-)

10th Jun 2007 21:26 :: Gavin
Thanks Douglas for organising and Rob for leading the second group. Sorry I made an a**e of tail-end Charlie of group one. At least I assured the hotel that you would be there at 1300.

10th Jun 2007 21:36 :: Rob
A great day out, some of the best roads we drive during the year.
Many thanks to Douglas for organising, to Colin and Shaun for helping with group 2 and Margaret for sorting out the ferry tickets.
Best part was seeing our visitors (including David's dad and John's dad)enjoy the day so much.

10th Jun 2007 22:59 :: Jacqueline & Ian
Many thanks for yet another great day. Looking forward to more adventures on the Ullapool run now.

10th Jun 2007 22:59 :: Colin
Great day again
Laughed all day (exept on the approach to Arrochar - but thats another story.....which we will save for a pub night) ;-x

10th Jun 2007 23:38 :: Phil
Great day out, roads and scenery were superb, thanks to Douglas and all the other for the organisation, route, tickets etc.

11th Jun 2007 09:33 :: ronnie
Smashing day. Shame it was overcast but it did stay dry apart from a VERY brief shower. Eleanor and I had a great time. Thanks again Douglas and Linda for doing the donkey work as usual. Rob ....I see a future for you.  Ronnie 

11th Jun 2007 10:36 :: Andy and Jo
Great day Jo and I both enjoyed it, thanks again Douglas. Rach good job Graham will be much happier hehehe

11th Jun 2007 13:21 :: David Inglis
Great - my first run.  My dad stood in for Heather and he had a great time - reminiscing about flying over the area as a boy in 1932 in a De Havilland Puss Moth on a family day out.

11th Jun 2007 23:03 :: lochpark
Great day out, well done to Douglas, Rob and the tail end charlies.

Horrified to hear though that a number of our members "skipped" paying for lunch, you should be absolutely ashamed, you know who you are !!

12th Jun 2007 09:54 :: redhot5
yes i have to agree its a sad day when you have a day like that arranged for free and cant even pay for the food they ate(shocking)

12th Jun 2007 14:00 :: ronnie
Even worse (if you can get worse) is that I was told that the money paid by the rest of us as a gratuity to the hotel staff went to pay some of the outstanding bill. So a) the staff got cheated of a tip and b) we paid a part of their meal. How mean can you get?

12th Jun 2007 14:35 :: koolchef
I cant believe that - ppl didnt pay? I know i paid for myself and my friend paid as well. i am actually quited pee'd off with that and hopefully some action may be taken to the ppl who didnt pay. thats personally how i feel.

12th Jun 2007 14:47 :: Linda Dobbie
thanks for a really nice day even though we only did the return journey with you,nice to have met you.

12th Jun 2007 18:01 :: David Inglis
Hard to believe people would do that, especially in a club. I would hope that it was an oversight and that they'll come forward and sort it out.

13th Jun 2007 20:34 :: graham
great day out best day out with my toy going too be a member soon thanks all

13th Jun 2007 22:31 :: guy
Just came across the comments about non payment for lunch and have to say it is bang out of order.
Whoever it was should cough up.


24th Jun 2007 19:43 :: Richardn
When people don't pay do they think the hotel say ok don't bother we can afford it?

NO its the organiser that gets stung !!

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