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Ayrshire Run
Sun 4th Mar 2007
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 31
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On the days running up to our yearly jaunt into Ayrshire the weather forecast seemed to be getting worse and worse, but undeterred and in complete contrast, our willing participants list was growing by the day, strangely enough every single person that indicated there intentions to be there whether it be by forum, e-mail or telephone, all turned up, that is… all 31 cars and 58 people. Lots of new faces to welcome at the meeting point just outside Lochwinnoch, including one Rx-8 Owners Club Member who came along by invitation to see how we do things. Another little piece of history was made today when Central Scotland’s very own Willie & Gill turned up in their brand new, and our first Roadster Coupe.
A quick confab with run organisers Phil & Gordon before deciding to split the group into three convoys, this proved to be good idea right from the start as many busy junctions had to be negotiated. An Ayrshire run wouldn’t be complete without Phil’s Treasure Hunt Quiz so those wishing to take part were armed with pen and paper to find the clues en-route. You can recce a route as many times as you like and on the day, if your route involves Stewarton, fate will always deal you the wrong hand, I can’t ever remember travelling through there in convoy without there being roadwork’s, only this time it was the diversion through a residential street with parked cars on either side that caused all the bother, I think everyone just laughed when the single decker bus tried to get through against the flow of ten cars. Criss-crossing Ayrshire we eventually had to put the hoods up and unfortunately that was the case for the rest of the day.
The lunch at The Malin Court was excellent as per usual…food, service, surroundings and value were first class. The quiz answers were read out by Phil and as always, loads of hilarity when people heard some of the answers, although claims for half points were turned down, congratulations to winners Rich & AJ, Mary & Shaun and Evy & Iain.
After Lunch many made their own way back from Turnberry so we were able to travel in one convoy to the finish line at Galston. A great day out despite the weather and on surprisingly quiet roads. Many thanks to Phil and Sheila, Gordon and Janice for the organising and leading the run, a big thanks also to the tail cars  Stevie, Shaun and Gavin.


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Your Comments
4th Mar 2007 18:59 :: Heather, John & Sons
Rain didn't dampen the spirits, great day out and excellent roads, many thanks to Phil and Gordon for organising the day.  Malin Court as usual was great.

4th Mar 2007 19:18 :: Jacqueline & Ian
Yet another excellent day out in great company. Many thanks to Phil, Gordon, Douglas and Gavin.

Jacqueline and Ian

4th Mar 2007 19:33 :: Rob and Margaret
Many thanks guys. A great day out with  excellent food and company.

4th Mar 2007 20:08 :: Stevie
Thanks Phil and Gordon for a excellent day.

Douglas love your new car.But felt funny with no Racing Bronze.

4th Mar 2007 21:14 :: don.b
Thanks to Phil and Gordon for a good day.
Great venue for lunch.  Liz and Don.

4th Mar 2007 21:19 :: Gordon & Janice
Thanks to Phil for doing all the work for this.

Fantastic lunch again at Malin Court, nice to see all our old friends there, as well as all the new faces.

4th Mar 2007 22:09 :: redhot5
just to say sorry that i didnt continue to the end but had to return to see rach in hospital,never the less it was a good run and meal was spot on,pity about the weather,just to say thanks to all involved and good to meet some new faces

5th Mar 2007 09:46 :: Andy
Just to add our thanks to the others, great run and lunch.


Andy + Jo

5th Mar 2007 11:10 :: Johnf
Thanks for a great day in rainswept Ayrshire . Just been down to Stewarton Main Street this morning and the traffic is still chaotic ( the road is now open but someone has crossed the wires on the traffic lights and I was almost mown down by an oncoming bus !)
Hope to see you all soon .

5th Mar 2007 12:53 :: chic and heather
Echo the comments above - thanks to Phil and Gordon

5th Mar 2007 17:16 :: Gavin
Considering the number of cars I thought things went very smoothly, thanks to Phil & Sheila, Gordon & Janice and Douglas & Linda for leading the groups. Malin Court excelled again. I thought that traffic jam that group 3 got stuck in was hilarious with residents coming out to see what was going on in their normally quite street.

5th Mar 2007 18:51 :: madmortons

5th Mar 2007 21:07 :: Colin and Claire
Great run to kick off with !!!!!
Thanks Phil and Gordon for setting it up......can't wait for the next one now !!!!!
Bring it on

6th Mar 2007 14:05 :: Evy and Iain
Thanks loads to Phil, Gordon,Douglas and Gavin! We had a fantastic time and loved every minute. Great company, great route and excellent location for lunch. Super day out!

7th Mar 2007 09:29 :: Tom & Anne
As it was our first run, not sure what to expect.  Great day out.  Thanks to all who organised it.  Can't wait for next one.

8th Mar 2007 00:12 :: Jim n Cecile
Thank you for the fantastic day and the really impressive lunch. My grandson really caught the MX-5 bug.. now,I wonder if he will let Cecile go along for the next event!

8th Mar 2007 08:26 :: Phil
Thanks to Gordon & Janice for the help they gave me in organising this run and thanks to everybody for turning up and making it such a good day.  Only thing I couldn't organise properly was the weather !!!!!

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