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Tech Day
Sun 11th Feb 2007
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 16
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A great turnout for our first Tech Day of the year, and good to meet some new faces, also hats off to Malcolm who had travelled down from Buckie.
Tony and I managed to get his car in the Garage first and tackled the job of changing one of the lower suspension bolts. Don, Andy & I, stripped down my chrome filler cap lid and freed off the sticking piston, no more embarrassing moments in the petrol station for me. John was busy with the glue gun as he fitted a new cubby box and clock to his son Fraser's special edition Gleneagles, while the others outside were fitting Robin's new radiator grille.
Lunch time and although the rain came on we still managed to get the BBQ going and satisfied the hunger of our participants.
Loads of other little jobs were completed before we set about the demolition of a scrapped car Richard had got a hold of. It was quite sad to see the gradual stripping of the layers and structure of what was once somebody's pride and joy, although fully aware of the economical reasons for not returning this car to the road, it still tugged on the old heart strings knowing there would be one less little five on the road.
An excellent and productive day, many thanks to Richard & Eileen for once again hosting this event.

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Your Comments
11th Feb 2007 16:51 :: Robin
Big"Thanks" to everyone who worked on Bruce today..rear end, front, and inside!Bags of laughs too,great company, now a member of the "I met Malcolm Club"!

11th Feb 2007 17:01 :: boydie
Had a great day, thanks to everyone who organised this and to everyone who turned up!Cheers to malcolm who made the trek down fae Buckie! Was good to meet you mate!

11th Feb 2007 21:54 :: Tom
Just In!

A very productive day in great company and loads of laughs

Sorry to anyone that didn't get their car put back together properly (wink) lol.


11th Feb 2007 22:07 :: John & Heather
Thanks to Richard and Eileen for their hospitality and to Tom for helping to put clock in the Gleneagles (son is over the moon with it) a good productive and destructive day (sorry about windscreen Richard)

11th Feb 2007 22:37 :: lochpark
Great day, thanks to Richard and Eileen for the hospitality.

As usual learnt a bit about how the car comes apart, just a pity we ran out of time to put it back together theough Richard, I'm sure you'll manage it on your own !!

11th Feb 2007 23:54 :: Liz&Don
Had a great day too. Thanks to Richard and Eileen.

You must have been there pretty late, looking at the pics of the red MX5 !


12th Feb 2007 10:48 :: Andy
A great laugh, nice to see everyone and thanks to Richard and Eileen :)


12th Feb 2007 12:56 :: John & Heather
Car back together again and popups working fine - thanks T


13th Feb 2007 19:34 :: kevham
Sorry I couldn't make it. Felt obliged to spend some time with family since I'd hardly seen them during the week. Looks like a good productive day.

20th Jun 2007 00:49 :: nkki
wooo check ma dad go eatin his chips haha... well worth the efort was it? hehe!!

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