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River Tay Run
Sun 12th Aug 2007
organised by Tayside Scotland

Car Count : 16
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The North Scotland (South) area registered another record attendance for a run, thanks to the superb support we got from the members who came from deep in CS and NSE country to support us - truly an MX-5 Scotland event, and that's not including the "rogue male" who joined us at one stage!

We refused to let the rain get us down and, even though the hoods were up and down more often than the proverbial ..., we wended our way through the puddles of the countryside showing our guests how attractive the hills and river can be around Tayside. Leaving the river after 30 miles, we headed up into the Perthshire hills where highlights included some breathtaking views over Perth and the smell of strawberries as we headed past the last picking.

We then cut across country to the River Isla where we took over the Meikleour Hotel for a fine pub lunch and watched the rain lash down in the car park.

The landlady had reserved a nearby field for us to park in, but what seemed like a great idea during the reccy a few days ago turned into a mudbath. Those who actually braved the field are probably still muttering about car washes.

However, miraculously the downpour stopped just as we headed off again and, having got out of the "car park" we headed South and skirted Perth before continuing onto Bridge of Earn. The last stretch East along the south bank of the Tay provided some of the best views of the day and proved that from 10 miles away Dundee is actually a very attractive city! We finished with a flourish over the Tay Road Bridge the right way (i.e. no toll booths) before passing the RSS Discovery and finishing appropriately beside the river.

After the obligatory photos of the lines of cars we went our separate ways to find toilets, snacks or car washing equipment.

My personal thanks to Alex who helped me organise the run and who now has the experience to organise 3 or 4 of them next year, Lorraine who lent us walkie talkies (which I now realise we can't do without when there are more than about 6 cars!), Liz who (wo)manned the walkie talkie in the rear car and kept me right and to those who spent hours on the road just getting to and from the run. The NSS subarea is ideally placed to provide a link between the North and Central areas and today seems to show that MX-5 Scotland is alive and well!

PS Anyone who wishes to complain about the state of their car at the end of the run should address it to Alex, Broughty Ferry, Dundee ...


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Your Comments
12th Aug 2007 19:49 :: Lorraine
What a super day! Many thanks to Colin and NS(S) for organising the run and for showing me how it's done! It was great to be on so many new roads and see the sights that are not so far from home. The company was excellent too. Top down weather all the way home in our wee convoy of 2.

12th Aug 2007 21:24 :: Douglas & Linda
Linda and I thoroughly enjoyed our day, seeing many roads around Dundee we never knew about, great Lunch venue too, nice to see some old friends and meet up with some new ones. Many thanks to Colin, Alex and Liz for making it a friendly and excellent day.

12th Aug 2007 21:34 :: rockdoc
yep- good day (even though the wee boy could only manage half of it)- and learned a few "wee shortcuts" te boot.

12th Aug 2007 21:51 :: John and Kay
Thanks to Colin, Alex, Liz and everybody else for making our first run (of many) so thrilling (For "Thrilling" read 'no traction in an automatic on corners equals breathtaking driving' Ahem !).
We had a great day out and as soon as we hit perth, the sun was out.. we had a nice cruise back up through Dundee then along the coast road to Arbroath and onto Montrose.. Leaving Kay and heading off to my house in Aberdeenshire, I reflected on a fun day. Cruising home in the Roadster on a Sunny evening was fab!
Great to meet my new Mazda friends from Carluke who I waved at months ago when I was down there.

12th Aug 2007 22:34 :: John & Heather
Was a great day out despite the weather, excellent roads, company & food.

Many thanks to all involved in organising the event.

12th Aug 2007 23:10 :: Rob and Margaret
Many thanks to Colin, Alex and Liz for a great day out.
Wonderful roads around Perth and along the Tay, the lunch venue was superb.

13th Aug 2007 09:00 :: colin n Sandra
sticky toffee pudding was top notch too!!

13th Aug 2007 10:48 :: boringchap
Well done Colin and Alex, an excellent run from start to finish.  lokk forward to the next one!


13th Aug 2007 10:53 :: Tom & Pam
Many thanks to Colin, Alex and Liz for a fantastic driving day out.
Wonderful roads in the Tay valley. The rain just added to the fun.
This was our first run and the drive from Currie was well worth it.
Cheers all !!

13th Aug 2007 11:06 :: Tom & Pam
Many thanks to Colin, Alex and Liz for a fantastic driving day out.
Wonderful roads in the Tay valley. The rain just added to the fun.
This was our first run and the drive from Currie was well worth it.
Cheers all !!

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