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New years Run
Tue 2nd Jan 2007
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 17
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Your Comments
3rd Jan 2007 00:49 :: Rob and Margaret
Thanks Colin and Douglas for organising a great run and the best possible start to the year.
The meal was excellent with the chunkiest chips I've ever seen. I'm going to put my feet up now, drink my raffle prize and watch "The Sweeds-The Movie".

3rd Jan 2007 01:15 :: Tom
Excellent start to the year, great company, food and drive. 9 hours out for me, hood down all the way.
Well done! Douglas & Colin.

3rd Jan 2007 01:41 :: Colin & Claire
Yes. "Great weather for it" a bemused shopper at the Co-op right he was. I can feel the sun burn on my cheeks as we speak, or maybe its frostbite from the wind chill factor ?????
Result getting that weather considering the same road last week had 30 feet viability max.
Had a great day, can't wait for the Planning Meeting to cement more days out in place.....
See yous there !!!!!

3rd Jan 2007 02:06 :: John & Carol
Thanks goes to Colin and Douglas. What a great start to a new year!The run was brilliant, scenery was awesome and the food at the Sorn Inn was very, very good indeed. Good choice guys! Looking forward to more of the same in 2007.

3rd Jan 2007 03:38 :: Jim & Alison
Thanks to Colin and Douglas for a fabulous run!!!

Great roads with puddles, mini-floods but plenty of clear blue sky! Great food at the Sorn Inn!

Thanks for 'showing me the road home' Douglas.

Hope to see you all at the Planning Meeting.

3rd Jan 2007 18:07 :: John, Heather and the two wing
Great day, many thanks to Colin and Douglas for organising the run.

4th Jan 2007 02:52 :: Heather & Chic
Thanks to Colin and Douglas for a fab New Year run and all the organisation.  Good Food.  Great to catch up with everyone again.

8th Jan 2007 15:03 :: evy young
Thanks Colin and Douglas for a great rally on the 2nd!! This was my first outing with the MX5ers in Scotland and it was real good fun Very well organised, great runs, great people and great food!! Thanks again and see you all very soon.

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