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Xmas Mystery Run
Sun 3rd Dec 2006
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 13
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The day after the Lunch and the night before, a complete mystery tour with a Christmas theme, so bedeck your car with tinsel and bring your santa hat for what should be an enjoyable and relaxing day.

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Your Comments
3rd Dec 2006 22:05 :: Robin
Best driving lesson& experience I can recall. Thanks for your patience if I lagged a bit. Floods just added a challenge.    Fantastic fun.

3rd Dec 2006 22:39 :: John & Carol
Thanks Douglas, Christmas theme was mad, Santa Rob even turned up! Nice to see as many cars turn up on such a drab day. Run was brilliant, Scotland's scenery is still awesome no matter the weather conditions. Mr Sym yer a nutter! :-)

3rd Dec 2006 23:03 :: john&heather
(john) the colour of the car is SPLASH green afterall, but what a wonderful day, Scotland trully is beautiful even in the most extreme weather conditions - well done to douglas for the choice of roads, many thanks to all for a great weekend.

3rd Dec 2006 23:11 :: Rich & AJ
What a great run, thanks Douglas for our magical mystery tour. A nice way to be integrated into the MX5 community.Merry Christmas everyone, see you on Jan 2nd

4th Dec 2006 00:02 :: Rob and Margaret
Many thanks Douglas for an excellent choice of roads. Even the weather couldn't spoil the day, it really was a "magical mystery tour".

Anyone know if it's ok to put a Santa beard in the tumble dryer?

4th Dec 2006 03:22 :: Colin
(Should it not be) Thanks douglas, excellent choice of car park !!!!!

Another smashing run, spectacular despite the weather. Strangest sight must John Sym piloting U-19 (DIVE, DIVE, DIVE). Now you know what happens if you leave the port-holes open ;-# !!! are mx5 - HARDCORE

4th Dec 2006 15:23 :: Jim n Cecile
It was a greatand special driving experience.. thank you for your patience with us trying to get our feet wet.(pun intended)My highlight of the day was the cars diving in the flood waters... whoohooooo what a rush!!!

5th Dec 2006 02:14 :: Dot and Chas
Great run on great rivers oops sorry meant roads!!!
Hope John has dried out!Great photo on the forum of Splash Green.
Thanks to Douglas and Gavin for a wonderful day!

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