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Callander Classic Weekend
Sat 25th Aug 2007 to Sun 26th Aug 2007
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 48
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One cant help getting that Callander Classic déjà vu feeling, when yet another year, you arrive at the field early on a Saturday morning only to find its raining and the grass is too long, not only are the shoes you thought were waterproof slowing sending signals to the brain reminding you of the trades description act, but what really hurts is the fact that you spent four two hourly evening sessions on your car that week, cleaning and polishing to a level that even surpassed your previous attempts, only to be ruined by the wet and dirty roads on the last two mile section through the Trossachs to get to Callander…ok so what’s new.
The early bird members, and most of them were attending their first show, were a great help at setting up the gazebo and setting out the stand, before long we almost  had our full compliment of cars including our visitors from the southern areas:- our good friends from Tyne Tees, Yorkshire Ridings, Peaks and Pennines and two cars from the London areas. Because of the popularity of this years event we were forced to split the Run Lunch group into two, the first group headed off to Crieff and lunch at the Hydro and the second group went directly to the River House in Stirling followed by a tour of the Trossachs including The Dukes Pass which was much admired by the visitors.
Although late back to the field we managed to secure the gazebo for the night but just as the last two cars were leaving Tom and I noticed the wind lifting the legs off the ground, a quick decision was made to collapse the whole thing for insurance against the weather, but just as we started to dismantle, a gust of wind caught hold and pulled the roof and sides over, shattering the plastic roof joints and breaking two poles, with help from the BMW O.C. we folded the lot up and shoved it into the two boots for the night.

Although not quite a limo the large Mercedes saloon that was hired to taxi us to the Party at Richard and Eileen’s, not only impressed the guests it was collecting, but when we called into the rally field to pick up Paul who was camping, we soon realised how rare those cars have become, one of the rally organisers came rushing over to the car to drool and ask hundreds of questions. With the party in full flow now and everyone enjoying the BBQ al fresco, light started to fade and we all moved into the marquee where our regular musicians Sandy and Chas entertained us for the rest of the evening in what was a most enjoyable night.

Sunday started a bit dull but soon picked up and stayed bright the rest of the day, the standby gazebo was set up and all the bits and bobs from Saturday were safely put inside. Cars were arriving thick and fast and arranging them into the various marks had to be done quickly and precisely, it was at this point we deduced that the pitch was going to be too small especially as a few more cars were still to arrive, ok we had a couple of extra cars that we hadn't expected but even so we were well short of space.
The criteria for the inaugural Stevie Smith Trophy was that the award would go to the member who had travelled the furthest to get to Callander, Stevies dad, Stuart kindly turned up to award the trophy to winners Bill and Linda from Golspie. The rest of the afternoon was a relaxed affair, we signed up a few new members and even managed a small BBQ and later found out, that with our 48 cars on show, by one car only we beat the previous record of the most cars on a Club stand, held by the Porsche O.C.
Many thanks to Richard & Eileen once again for their hospitality in hosting the Saturday night party, to the many members who arrived early on the Saturday to help set up and to everyone who turned up making it our best Callander Classic Weekend ever.
Sadly we learnt a few days after the show that this years event was to be the last of The Callander Classic's and will no longer be taking place in its present form.
A new event called the Culzean Autoclassica will be held in Ayrshire on the same Bank Holiday weekend.

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Your Comments
26th Aug 2007 18:38 :: Norann
Ron, I and Herbie had a lovely time today.  The cars were a wonderful sight.  It was so nice to meet so many other members of the club and Herbie sends his love to Cara!! Thank you Douglas and Gavin for all your hard work.

Hope to see you all again soon - Ann & Ron

26th Aug 2007 19:01 :: Robin
Perfect.Weather, company,huge turnout,a song from wee Hannah!..finally meeting BillB & Linda,Guy,Paul(Hotch) Jo's fantastic goes on. Brillaint bunch of folks one and all. Thanks to Douglas & Gavin, Richard and everyone involved in the organisation.     

26th Aug 2007 20:39 :: koolchef
Weather looks fantastic in the pics, looks amazing, sorry couldnt make it this year. will definatly try next time. But i've been busy on the threads again :S

26th Aug 2007 20:42 :: nikkidoll121
great day great weather great drive Thanks Douglas & Gavin and everyone involved for making it a great day

26th Aug 2007 20:50 :: Guy & Kim
Page 3?
What a great weekend and what a lot of time and effort by Douglas & Gavin....big round of applause you earned it!

Guy & Kim

26th Aug 2007 21:25 :: Chic and Heather
Thanks to all involved in arranging another good weekkend particularly Douglas and Gavin for organisation, Sandy for entertainment and Richard and Eileen for their hospitality

26th Aug 2007 21:36 :: David & Heather
Fantastic weekend and a great show.  We even got some compliments from the the guys on the Club Porsche stand.  Looking forward to next year already.  Well done D&G.

26th Aug 2007 23:26 :: Jim & Alison
Great weekend - thanks to all organisers and particularly to Stevie's dad for making it extra memorible!

Fabulous turnout of MX-5s and so many other interesting marks - well deserved congratulations to Douglas!

Lookin forward to next year!

27th Aug 2007 09:05 :: alex
BRILLIANT!! Well done everyone!!

27th Aug 2007 11:46 :: John & Heather
Top class show, lots of wonderful cars and a fantastic turnout of 5's. Lots of thanks to the usual suspects (organisers, hopitality, entertainment). Special thanks to Stevies dad (Stewart) and also all our friends from south of the border for making it such a memorable weekend.

27th Aug 2007 12:37 :: Rob and Margaret
Many thanks to Douglas and Gavin for the hard work put in all through the weekend. we are sorry to have missed the fun on Saturday night, must book a room earlier next year, thanks to David and Alex for leading our wee run over the Campsies on the way home.
Many congratulations to Douglas for car of the year, a perfect car in my favourite colour.

27th Aug 2007 14:47 :: alex
Didn't get many photos this year but have uploaded what I have - mostly Mk3's, sorry!!

Anyone with a few good photos going to do an article for STHT?


27th Aug 2007 18:53 :: Gavin
I only had a bit part over the weekend, Douglas did all the donkey work. Thanks to all who helped set up and then remain to pack up the stand. Just enjoyed the day off.

27th Aug 2007 20:54 :: Stella & Nige
Fabby day. Scariest part was walking round the old cars and counting 7 that we had owned in a bygone era, starting with a Morrie Minor - getting old we is!!! Thanks to all the organisers again.

27th Aug 2007 21:25 :: Jenny Dorgan
Jim, Paul, Jane and myself had a fantastic weekend. Thanks for inviting us and a very special thank you to Richard and Eileen for their kind hospitality on Saturday night at the BBQ. And a big hug to everyone else in CS who always make us feel so welcome.
We made a long weekend of it and did some touring of Scotland before and after the car show, brilliant driving roads and stunning scenery. Congratulations to the prize winners.
Jenny. Tyne Tees A.C.

27th Aug 2007 21:38 :: BillB
Just got home a few minutes ago. Many, many thanks to Douglas, Gavin, Richard, Eileen and all others for making this a very special event. Linda and I are very honoured to be the first recipients of the Stevie Smith Memorial Trophy, we promise to keep it safe and to return it to the Central Scotland section so that they can present it to the next winner(s). All in all a very special weekend, especially meeting Stevie's dad. We have already booked our room at the Old Rectory for next year.

27th Aug 2007 22:13 :: Colin
Just home Bill ? I knew you came a fair distance, but I did'nt realise it was that far !!!! Did you walk it home, or something - you certainly deserve that Trophy :-))))

Also had a great day myself, thanks everybody - thought i was in heaven when i was in among all those STAGS. V8's rool.
Cracking Sunday made up for missing Saturday.....Callander 2008...(mother, pass me the diary)

28th Aug 2007 09:50 :: Dot and Chas
A belated thank-you to all for organising the weekend.A special mention to Stevies dad.Congratulations to the trophy winners,Bill,Linda and Douglas.
We had such a great time,we are also booked up for next year (surprised they want us back after all the loud Shhhs!as we went upstairs at 1am!)
Thanks Douglas,Richard,Eileen and Sandy !!!!!

28th Aug 2007 15:42 :: BillB
Hi Colin, we did not leave Callander until Monday morning and took the long way home, along the north side of the River Forth, then the coastal route through east Fife to Kircaldy, cup of tea with my son and his partner, St Andrews for some late lunch, then a leasurely drive back home via Dundee, Perth etc. A good finish to a wonderful weekend.

28th Aug 2007 16:05 :: Douglas
Houston we have a problem...could I ask that nobody else books a room for next years event, I'm awaiting confirmation on a possible major change to the location, will get back to you asap.

28th Aug 2007 17:36 :: Richard & Eileen
They won't move too far and I'm not moving !

28th Aug 2007 17:44 :: Douglas
Just had it confirmed,sadly its Callander no more, the event is moving to Culzean Castle Maybole,in Ayrshire. The new name will be'Culzean Autoclassica', see forum item for more details and discussion.

28th Aug 2007 17:49 :: dot and chas
Thats not good!!!!!!

28th Aug 2007 18:00 :: Gavin
Aw, shite. That's not good news.

28th Aug 2007 18:25 :: koolchef
aww bullocks!

28th Aug 2007 19:00 :: graeme
Not really a surprise though since the organiser, Tony Flint, lives out that way.

Question is, do we go for the show, or do we go for the barbie?;-)

28th Aug 2007 19:20 :: Douglas
That's totally irrelevant Graeme, Tony has helped organise this for 25 years at Callander and previously at Doune.

28th Aug 2007 20:54 :: David I
There used to be a show at Culzean every August and it was great.  I understood it was stopped because the NTS were charging too much for the use of the field - I guess that's changed. It looked like we brought Callander to a standstill on Sunday - don't imagine the locals will miss that...

28th Aug 2007 21:03 :: Graeme
I'm not sure why it's irrelevant. He's 25 years older than he was when he started. Maybe he wants it to be closer to home now?

28th Aug 2007 21:07 :: Jacqueline & Ian
What a brilliant weekend, many thanks to Douglas, Gavin, Richard, Eileen for all their hard work and hospitality. Very disappointed to hear it may be the last in the current format.

28th Aug 2007 21:07 :: Douglas
David...the organisers of the Culzean Show had a fall out with the National Trust for Scotland and for the past few years have continued the show as 'The Eglinton Car Show' at Eglinton Country park in Irvine.
could we continue this discussion on the forum thread please.

29th Aug 2007 10:21 :: Jenny Dorgan
The red car reflected off Phils black one, in the pic on the top row is our MK3.

Now that's what I call intergration.
Jim & Jen.

29th Aug 2007 10:39 :: Phil
Congratulations to Douglas, I told you that the polish had worked !  Culzean does have far more facilities, which wouldn't be too difficult.

2nd Sep 2007 09:45 :: Bill and Carolyn
we both had a great time,weather was good,it was good to see everyone again,many thanks to Douglas for organising everything.Many congratulations on winning the car of the year,its sad to hear that the callander show is finished now.Whats Culzean castle like for hosting next years show? is it okay.

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