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Swedish Pub Meet
Thu 17th Aug 2006
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 26
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Ok hands up, I was a bit economical with the truth when I said 26 cars in attendance but what the heck, its not every week you get 20 Swedish Miata’s turning up at one of your Pub Meets and at a plush City Centre Hotel to boot. When I arrived at the Glasgow Holiday Inn Hotel there was only sign of one car, the Mariner Blue belonging to Borje and Eva so I guessed the others hadn’t arrived or had parked elsewhere. Rob & Margaret joined me followed by Alex and then Jim and Stevie. We settled down with a drink and having never set eyes on any of our visitors before we played a game of people spotting otherwise known as  ‘Swede or Non Swede’ all the while straining to listen to the accents, in the end the task was made much simpler when Borje and Eva appeared wearing their ‘Miata Club Sweden-Scotland 2006’ T shirts, introductions were made as they joined us for a drink. It then transpired that the others had been delayed and were on their way. At this point our Richard had driven in from Callander and was cruising around the top end of the town among the maze of one-way streets and coincidently the red light district, looking for a way down to the Hotel, we then guided him to the street parking places beside the Hotel. Roland and the rest of the group soon arrived and managed to shoe horn about 16 cars into spaces for 8. Introductions over and the visitors went off to get ready for their evening meal. Not wishing to impose ourselves we had arranged to go outside the Hotel and find a restaurant nearby but when Roland heard of this he kindly invited us to join them at their buffet meal. A very pleasant evening was had by all, both over the dinner table and in the lounge afterwards. In conversation about the weekend ahead I was asked about our run title 'Tumshies and Swedes', now I had thought its possible to be questioned on the meaning of the word Tumshie but hadn't really envisaged being asked by a Swede what is a Swede in relation to the Tumshie word, then once getting more involved and introducing the word Turnip, things just went from bad to worse as I made my excuses with the promise of a better explanation over the weekend.
Time was getting on and we bid goodnight to our friends and headed for home after what had been a very enjoyable night.

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18th Aug 2006 15:09 :: Douglas
Thanks to all that turned out to give a warm Central Scotland welcome.

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