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Spring Rally 2007
Fri 18th May 2007 to Sun 20th May 2007
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 27
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Your Comments
18th May 2007 20:05 :: graeme & Christine Babbs
Wow it's over and I haven't left the house yet! (It's OK Si, I KNOW...!)

20th May 2007 20:05 :: Gordon & Janice
Well,we're back. All the way home with the roof down, but sadly not with power steering.
Great weekend, fun company, excellent driving and definitely a most memorable hotel ;-)

20th May 2007 20:26 :: Graeme & Christine Babbs
We've certainly caught the sun! That was our first rally since Edinburgh and a good one too I thought. The cavalry charge home was good too!

20th May 2007 21:03 :: Evy
Thanks loads for organising this! Great to see you all again. Really loved the run on Saturday. Super route. Great experience to come to my first ever rally today too. (Never seen so many 5s in one place) Great weekend!

20th May 2007 21:50 :: redhot
i hope u guys enjoyed the run ,when i looked at the weather last night and realised it was so bad i cancelled to day and now i see the photos of the weather im p***ed off,i didnt expect the weather to be good where you were and surprize surprize the weather was great here to

21st May 2007 09:42 :: linda dobbie
first rally and very enjoyable, even got my style bars at a good price !

21st May 2007 10:08 :: Jon
Great Rally! Weather was a touch windy on Friday & Sat, but Sunday was glorious. Beamish was fantastic. Great to see everybody. Well done Tyne Tees!

21st May 2007 11:17 :: Dot and Chas
What a great weekend,thanks to Richard,Douglas and all at Tyne Tees.
Met up with another silver 5 on the way home and had impromptu mini convoy MX51 GAR.
Chas's sunburn will die down eventually!
My foot is slowly recovering from overuse!

(thanks also to Dinaz for her healing hands on Friday night)

21st May 2007 15:02 :: John & Heather
Thanks to all for a great weekend.

Dinaz - pain is gone many thanks

21st May 2007 16:54 :: Jenny Dorgan
I hope you all enjoyed your weekend over the border and will come back to see us again in the not too distant future (in a better hotel though I promise, yeah I know, I slipped up there) However, I hope the venue for the rally, the great weather, fantastic driving roads and our northern hospitality more than made up for it.
Thanks for making the trip.
Jenny. D

21st May 2007 17:33 :: Douglas & Linda
Would like to offer my congratulations and thanks to Jenny & Jim and all the Tyne Tees team who collectively made Beamish 2007 the huge success it was, attention to detail was impressive, fantastic location, brilliant weather, all put together made a most memorable Rally.

21st May 2007 18:21 :: Gavin
What more can I say, it's all been said already. The driving behaviour was good too.

21st May 2007 23:01 :: Rob and Margaret
Many thanks and congratulations to Jim, Jen and all at Tyne Tees for such a fantastic rally, you really know how to put on an event.
Thanks to Douglas, Richard and Eilleen for their contribution to a wonderful weekend.

22nd May 2007 12:54 :: alex
Yep!  Fantastic!!  What a great venue for  the rally too, and the treasure hunt was fun, but why didn't Cilla and I win?  We tried so hard!!

What about the main rally in September?  It's meant to be a great motor museum.


p.s. My clear indicators look great!

22nd May 2007 20:05 :: Tom & Barbara
Well done to all the organisers.
Barbara & I had a great weekend in fantastic company.
Did anyone else get a delivery from MX5parts today? wink.

22nd May 2007 22:36 :: Jacqueline & Ian
Many thanks for a great weekend, we really enjoyed our first MX-5 rally.

26th May 2007 17:29 :: bill and carolyn
what a fantastic rally we both had a great time it was nice to see so many mx5s in one place.good to see our friends from north and south of the border again .our thanks to jim and jen dorgan for organising the rally

28th May 2007 14:00 :: Jim
Great weekend - Our first rally and another great visit to Beamish. Thanks to all for organising!

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