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Pub Meet
Thu 23rd Nov 2006
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 9
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Newhouse Hotel Pub Meet.

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Your Comments
23rd Nov 2006 22:14 :: Robin
I will come if somebody can direct me from Falkirk? Ronnie wants to see my wee caur 

23rd Nov 2006 22:34 :: ronnie
I have PM d you

24th Nov 2006 05:43 :: Diamond Geezer & Carol
Great night, great company and a great laugh! Naff weather tho!

Douglas, thanks for the brochure I really appreciated that. All because the lady loves Milk Tray.

24th Nov 2006 06:27 :: Douglas
Terrible night but good turnout all the same, A first me thinks for any area to have a 3 Mx-5 car family all turn up to the same event, well done the Sims, good to see Robin with his smart new BRG, and the Diamond Geezer with his new Trilogy...a real black beauty, Linda says thanks John for the Milk Tray. Hope we don't get *******ised here.

24th Nov 2006 14:42 :: John&Heather
Thanks Douglas - sure was a terrible night, but was a good evening with the usual banter and some great info regarding the Mk3 from Stevie and the DG's Trilogy looks great nmow looking forward to the Secret Santa cu all there

24th Nov 2006 16:55 :: Robin
Great company, a good laugh (even at my own expense sometimes) and look forward to the next one.Top guys 'n gals all Hope you all got home safe & sound, my trip was scary!

24th Nov 2006 18:37 :: Rob and Margaret
A good night in great company, nice to meet Robin and put a face to the name at last.
Unusual to see the Milk Tray man enter by the front door though.

25th Nov 2006 01:10 :: Richard Nicol
Sorry, work often takes me away Thursday nights. May get there yet

25th Nov 2006 22:36 :: Colin
***** I love all of that *****

Great misrable night

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