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Technical Day
Sun 23rd Feb 2003
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 11
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What is the benefit of a tech day exactly? The best answer to that might be Keith's experience. He changed his front disk pads having never done it before and having no idea how to do it, yet he did it. He was taken through the procedure by someone who knew what they were doing, yet Keith did it all himself, apart from a little assistance with taking the second wheel off and putting trims back afterwards - time saving manoeuvres.

The day started grey and stayed that way. The wind was cold, but the tea urn was working properly (thanks go to Richard for scrubbing it clean for 3 hours the day before). This time, more people wanted to watch or help than actually wanted to work on their cars - which is absolutely fine given the limited inside space we have at this event. We had 11 cars attend including Brian and Moira who came to their first event and Gavin who came hopefully to his last in that hat. Apparently he wears it when he goes hillwalking so it's a surprise he has never been shot for sheep worrying.

Garage space was taken up, not by me for once, but by Simon who was putting in a glass rear screen - a popular job on our tech days. After a couple of hours, unfortunately, he found it wasn't compatible with the zip on his Mazda hood, so off it came. My errant headlight was finally fixed - it turned out to be broken wire, so we took a feed off the other headlight and the problem was solved. Best mod of the day was one nameless driver who came in a 1.6 to find it was a 1.8 - a 200cc increase in engine size just by opening the bonnet. That's the other benefit of a tech day - letting other people see your car and finding out it's more than you thought it was.

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