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Skid Control Course
Sat 24th Jun 2006
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 5
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"Iím spinning around,
move out my way,
coz I know you like it like this"Ö
recognise these words, of course you do and since Saturday "I just can't get them out of my head" either. When Christopher Dean, a.k.a. Stevie decided to perform several Triple Lutz movements on the skid pan during the rear wheel drive section of our Knockhill Skid Control Course. What in effect was a serious of induced doughnuts on wet tarmac and unfortunately not captured on film, really showed how easy it was to lose control in adverse conditions. Although extremely entertaining for spectators, this coupled with the strong smell of leaking petrol from the ageing Sierraís fuel system meant that the two rear seat passengers were beginning to decide they didnít quite like it like that, donít get me wrong both Iain and myself in car two, plus Fiona, Gordon and Andrew in car one all had the cars waltzing at some point and young Andrew, possibly due to his instructor forcing him wider, managed to slam the tyre wall too but Stevie was either trying harder than the rest, or he had chewing gum stuck to the sole of his right shoe.
The front wheel drive cars admittedly not as exciting to watch did very emphatically teach us the benefits of skid control in an exaggerated emergency situation. Cadence braking, ABS off, ABS on, induce and correct understeer, this and a few more techniques were professionally demonstrated firstly by the two instructors Bill & Iain and then not so professionally by our six members taking part, although we did all get the hang of it in the end.
A very rewarding and interesting day, mixed feelings about whether we should pass on the FWD Vectra's, opting for the RWD cars only, the next time.


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Your Comments
25th Jun 2006 01:11 :: Gordon
Whee, that was a blast. Thanks very much to Douglas for organising it and especial thanks to Fiona for putting up with Andrew and I all afternoon.

25th Jun 2006 01:50 :: Fee
FANTASTIC!!!  What a great day, had a blast.  Craig got a bit bored watching and wandered off to see some bikes, but thankfully made it back to see me having LOTS OF FUN at the understeering.  I was having so much fun getting the back end out I forgot we were supposed to correct the"error"!  hee hee
Can't wait for some rain and a nice big car park to practise. Well done to Andrew on the oversteering, you put your dad and myself to shame!! Excellent day. Cheers.

25th Jun 2006 01:54 :: Fee
Oh, and a big thanks to Iain, our instructor, he was fab! (just in case he reads this!)

25th Jun 2006 05:03 :: stevie
Thanks Douglas

That was a fun day out. Spin left, spin right,power on,power off. Opps another 360.

25th Jun 2006 06:04 :: Douglas mean 360 x 3 or was it 6, anyway apart from feeling dizzy it was truly a great and entertaining day.

25th Jun 2006 06:09 :: Douglas mean 360 x 3 or was it 6, anyway apart from feeling dizzy it was truly a great and entertaining day.

25th Jun 2006 06:15 :: Douglas mean 360 x 3 or was it 6, anyway apart from feeling dizzy it was truly a great and entertaining day.

25th Jun 2006 06:25 :: Douglas
Yeah x 3, or every time you upload a picture.

27th Jun 2006 17:03 :: Mikey
If you are just doing rear wheel drive next time....I am totally up for it =D

I loved it when I went up so will totally be up for it if you are organising another day!

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