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Loch Rannoch Run
Sun 4th Jun 2006
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 22
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Run Organisers Gavin and Mino

Please meet at 09.30 for 10.00 sharp departure. If you are not there by 10:00 make sure you print out a set of route instructions and catch us up.

Lunch at the Mac Donald Loch Rannoch Hotel - On the northern shore of the Loch.


Join us on a spectacular run through some of Scotland's finest Glens. The run starts at Stirling Services with an 86-mile cruise to the Loch Rannoch Hotel. The menu will be 2 courses ( Starter and Main ) including tea/coffee: ?14:00 or 3 courses including tea/coffee: ?18:00. Menu Details to follow.  After lunch sees a 93-mile drive along the north bank of Loch Rannoch, the south bank of Loch Tummel and down the west bank of the River Tay, past Pitlochry and down to  Dunkeld. From there on some, previously, unused roads and some familiar ones to finish at the Dunblane Hydro for Tea/Coffee etc. If you're coming in a Ford that's okay, otherwise one will be provided.


So far the cast is:
02 Gavin & Bill
04 Douglas & Linda
06 Mino & Graeme
08 Rob & Margaret
10 Dave & Caroline
14 Norman & Son
16 Chic & Heather
18 Stella & Nigel
20 Richard & Eileen
22 Jim & Alison
24 Graeme ( redhot5 ) +1
26 Trish Withey +1
28 Gordon and Janice
30 Phil +1
34 Alan & Miranda
36 Stewart & Dawn
40 Norrie & Ross
42 Angela Currie +1
44 Heather & Ken
45 Stevie
46 Tom
47 Ronnie
48 Colin
49 Iain

43 Bods.

HOT OFF THE PRESS 28/05/06 : Run was recce'd today and there is no limit to numbers.
We are using the MacDonald Loch Rannoch hotel and have struck a deal there.
If you still want to come and your name does not appear above let us know here. If you previously said you would like to come but were put on the reserve list, still let us know. 

The menu for lunch in the Ptarmigan Restaurant
Lunch Menu - Sunday 4th June 2006
Leek and Potato Soup
Dovetail of Melon, Exotic Fruits, Coulis
Chicken and Bell Pepper Terrine, Plush of Leaves, Tomato Coulis
Pan-Fried Trout, Salsa Verdi, Coconut and Lemongrass Reduction
Chicken Breast Centred with Field Mushrooms and Caf? Au Lait
Emmental and Leek Tartlet, Wilted Leaves, Herb Oil
Chef?s Selection of Cheese and Biscuits, Grapes, Celery, Chutney
Strawberry Charlotte, Sauce Anglaise, Soft Fruits
Passion Fruit Cheesecake, Sugared Fruit, Coulis
?14 for 2-courses, ?18 for 3-courses, both inclusive of tea or coffee
Normal routine, we'll phone in the final numbers and the orders before we set off



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Your Comments
4th Jun 2006 19:55 :: Richard & Eileen
Just got home after a long day. Well done for a great route to Mino and Gavin, thanks.
Lunch was good but light!(where was the potatoes!!!!!!!!!!)

I think it may have been a tad ambitious to squeeze in so many great roads in the day as people were tired at Dumblane. Ok for me as 15mins home, some people will be very late.

4th Jun 2006 20:26 :: stewart
thanks guys for a great run,fab roads and good food and company,looking forward to another good event on friday

4th Jun 2006 21:28 :: Gordon & Janice
Thanks Mino & Gavin for all your excellent preparatory work, some really brilliant roads today.

We got in about 21.00 not too late.

4th Jun 2006 21:33 :: Tom
Fantastic day!!!! (and a great run all the way back to Rosyth)

Many thanks to all the organisers.

See you all Thurs/Friday.

4th Jun 2006 22:16 :: Phil
Great day out, fantastic roads and we were lucky with the weather.  302 miles door to door, good job I set the video up for Top Gear!!!

4th Jun 2006 22:20 :: Ronnie
What a great day. Dry, fairly warm, top down and I got to give the green demon the wellie. Thanks Mino and Gavin for all the effort. I'm knackered though but happy.

4th Jun 2006 22:44 :: Douglas
Thanks to Gavin and Mino for a great day, some superb roads, could have made two runs out of them all. Thanks to Stevie for being tail ender to red group. Big thanks to all that donated raffle prizes and to Tom, Gordon and Ross for assisting with the ticket folding.

4th Jun 2006 23:01 :: Colin
Thanks to everybody for a fantastic day. Was everything i'd hoped and better than i expected. Route was superb!!!
Looking forward to next time......

4th Jun 2006 23:29 :: Angela & Alison
Hi Everyone!!!
A big Thank You to the organisers whom I think are Gavin & Mino and also to Douglas and his wife for keeping us on the correct route!!!!  We had a great time!!

5th Jun 2006 09:20 :: Iain
Probably the most fun I've ever a car...alone!!
It was a very 'spirited' drive even if there wasn't officially a 'spirited' group!  Don't think I've ever had my car move about its three axes so much (sideways/nose up/nose down!!), certainly never had it airborne!!  Of course it was all safe a within the limits of safety but what awesome fun!!!
The run home from Dunblane to Rosyth with Tom, Mino and Gavin was...erm...spirited too!!
Thanks for a brilliant day out, days like that were the reason I bought the car!

5th Jun 2006 09:21 :: Jim & Alison
Thanks to Gavin & Mino for organising an excellent run!

Great roads, food and company - what more could a body ask for!

5th Jun 2006 22:27 :: Rob and Margaret
Thanks to Gavin and Mino for all the work involved in putting together a fantastic run.
A wonderful day out. Thanks guys

6th Jun 2006 00:11 :: stevie
Thank's Gavin and Mino.

The best run so far this year. Well done!!

6th Jun 2006 01:00 :: graeme babbs
How was I that knackered when I didn't drive? =8-0

Great day - thanks to Mino & Gavin

6th Jun 2006 02:17 :: June
Had a fab time and some of the roads felt like being on a rollercoaster!! ok so that was MY driving to blame for that :-)
Thanks for cramming so many twisties & bendies into one run!

6th Jun 2006 02:21 :: chic and heather
Excellent run Gavin/Mino and a good lunch stop as well

6th Jun 2006 04:22 :: Nigel & Stella
Ditto, ditto and ditto!  Sorry we had to split from the group a little early, but it was a great day out, just love that whole area.  Discovered new roads too.  Thanks Mino and Gavin for all your hard work.

6th Jun 2006 04:55 :: Fiona
Congratulations to Gavin and Mino for organising the day.  I am however disappointed to say that I will be seriously considering any future runs.  I wouldn't consider myself a slow driver, however at times I felt extremely uncomfortable with the excessive speed of the driving on unknown roads.  I found it quite reckless in places.  Also, the leading three cars in the red group managed to lose sight of the other 7 cars behind them which I feel was extremely inconsiderate and unnecessary had they followed the driving rules.  Unfortunately for me my day was ruined by these points.

6th Jun 2006 05:11 :: Norrie and Ross
A great big thanks to everyone at the club for making Ross and I so welcome. I thoroughly enjoyed the run through "The Big County" of my home town and gave me a great opportunity to try out our 5. The car did not disappoint nor did the whole event.Well done to Gavin and Mino for all their efforts. Ross enjoyed a wee taste of port for his birthday as did I.

6th Jun 2006 12:58 :: Douglas
Fiona, My sincere apololgies to you and Craig, I have sent you an e-mail and will contact you today.

7th Jun 2006 02:01 :: Don
Looks like we missed a great day. Just back from France with the MX5, did 2,200 miles in 8 days. Hope to get to  the track night, depending on when I finish work.


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