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Oban & Argyll Weekend
Sat 23rd Sep 2006 to Sun 24th Sep 2006
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 15
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Seal your lips and puff out your cheeks, have you done that yet!! Ok you can breathe out again, now you know how we all felt after our Oban trip, or as one of our participants put it “sleep, drive, eat, drive, eat, sleep” and that was only the Saturday, yes indeed we in Central Scotland know how to enjoy ourselves on these weekends away, although the pre organised lunches and dinners can sometimes take their toll.
With the promise of a fine Saturday and even warmer Sunday, it was perhaps an omen when the 15 cars left behind  the puddle filled car park of the Luss Visitor Centre on Loch Lomond. A warm welcome was extended to Chris and Dave who had joined us for the weekend from North West Area, normally the Mk-3’s Winning Blue colour is pretty scarce but with the addition of Dave and Chris’s car the total compliment of WB’s was now at three, this unusually meant it was the most popular colour over the two days.
First stop was Inveraray and a brief visit to the tourist shops for some and a chance for a coffee for others. A steady pace onwards through Lochgilphead to our Lunch stop at the Cairnbaan Hotel, where once again we had an excellent lunch. Before setting off we had the chance to watch some of the boats coming through the locks of the Crinan Canal which sits beside the Hotel, with the sun shining down on us and the crisp colours of the boats, we could have been anywhere in the world. Fiona took the lead for the short section of  B road that runs alongside the canal and meets up with the main Oban road just before Kilmartin. This year we had decided to give the Loch Awe road a miss and head direct via the Campbeltown to Oban road, although having travelled this road many times over the years, this was the first time in the five,  it was excellent the twists and hairpins rewarded you with different panoramic views of the little bays and spectacular hills. The tourists and locals oooh’d and pointed as we drove through the bustling town of Oban and at the far end some of our party parked up for a pre arranged stop, the others carried on to the Hotel for check in and pre evening meal drinks.
As of last year the dinner was absolutely first class and going on everyone’s comments, enjoyed by all. We retired to the lounge collapsing into the rather low comfy chairs, think puffer fish again…yep that’s right completely stuffed. The evenings entertainment continued in the form of a music quiz organised by Alison & Gordon, complete with mini karaoke machine, cd’s, tapes, competition forms and prizes, a lot of work had gone into making the quiz and it turned out to be a great laugh and very successful, many thanks to them for that. 

Sunday started off not too bad weather wise, but during breakfast the expectations of another glorious day turned to disbelief when the light rain just got heavier and heavier and  that really was the pattern set for the day unfortunately. Retracing the steps of last years  run, we took the Connel Bridge to Ballachulish, down to Glencoe village and round the old north road to Kinlochleven.  A relaxed stop in Kinlochleven gave us the chance to visit the impressive Ice Factor, which has the worlds biggest indoor ice wall and the UK’s highest rock wall, then on to the excellent Onich hotel for a very light bar lunch.
The last leg was down the A82, through Glencoe, which aside from the bad weather was as stunning as ever, a detour through Glen Orchy to bring us back onto the Tyndrum to Oban road, then following the A84 and A85 to Callander where we went our separate ways.

Another superb Central Scotland event, a weekend of two halves weather wise, but as ever we don’t let that stop us, with excellent company, good food, great roads and fantastic cars, what more can you ask for, well perhaps a diet sheet.


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Your Comments
25th Sep 2006 01:00 :: Gordon & Janice
Another excellent weekend away. Great roads, fine food (and wine!) and superb company. Thanks to Douglas for excellent organising and leading the runs, special thanks to Gordon and Alison for all their efforts on the Pop Quiz, although I didn't enjoy being reminded of Jilted John's One Hit Wonder!.
It finally stopped raining when we got to Newton Mearns, so we finished the run with the top down once more.

25th Sep 2006 01:03 :: Rob and Margaret
A wonderful weekend in excellent company. Thanks to Gordon and Alison for keeping us entertained with the quiz and thanks to Douglas and all who helped in organising the run.

25th Sep 2006 15:20 :: Tom
A brilliant weekend in very excellent company.
Thanks to Douglas for all the organising and Gordon for the interesting quiz, although I think "we was robbed" LOL.
Sorry I had to cut and run in Callander, but I think it was the right decision as the car coughed and spluttered into dreadnought garage(377 miles).

27th Sep 2006 06:49 :: Holly Oaks
Great weekend again! Grub was spot on as was accomodation - lovely.
Cheers to Gordon & Alison for the quiz - don't know what was funnier, your dodgey record collection (honest they're ma grannies 78's), or some of the wrong answers folk had ???
Weird !
Cheers Douglas for pulling it all together....thanks mate.

Did'nt allow Sunday's rain to dampen the spirits as the drive had a fairytale ending when the wicked witch of the north, magically turned into sleeping beauty and i got my cd's on for a change :-)

PS. In october, the B von R will be back on a run near you !!!!

30th Sep 2006 02:17 :: Dave and Chris
Thanks to Douglas for a great week end & thanks to you all for making us so welcome.We really enjoyed the company and the great roads;in fact we stayed up there until
Thursday to ensure we got some more top down weather!

5th Oct 2006 01:58 :: madmortons
whay a great weekend.sorry for the delay in our comments, but have only now been able to climb the stair to my study to operate the computer.(eating too much at the weekend)!!!!!.yes, yet another very enjoyable time spent with great company .THANKS TO
DOUGLAS AND HIS LITTLE HELPERS.see you all next time.

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