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Janet's Jaunt
Sun 29th Sep 2019
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : Unknown
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Janet's Jaunt

Sunday 29th September 2019

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Your Comments
29th Sep 2019 19:04 :: Hugh & Karine
Thanks Janet and Wattie for organising today's run.

29th Sep 2019 20:15 :: Jim and Maria
Thanks to Wattie and Janet for our day out today, really enjoyed it, and to all the members for their company.

29th Sep 2019 21:07 :: Drew & Ali
Thanks Janet & Wattie for a great run today and also thanks to Garry for providing help to Susan following her puncture.

29th Sep 2019 21:11 :: Susan
Thanks to all the organisers for a good run today, until Foxy's blow out! RAC did actually pick her up at 6.15 and she's now at a garage in Alloa. New tyre in the morning. Massive thanks to Garry for looking after me, and to all of you who stayed behind and offered help. I'll await a slagging next time!

29th Sep 2019 22:36 :: garry cairns
Many thanks to Janet and Wattie for a fantastic day out, I can appreciate how much time and effort you have put into today's run. The day did not come without it's mishaps and this came in the unfortunate puncture that Susan's car Foxy had, but it looks like every cloud has a silver lining and I've seen and read  on Susans post the RAC has come to her rescue. Hope to see you all soon and thanks for the friendship I was shown today

30th Sep 2019 10:01 :: Stuart Wilson
A big thanks to Janet and Wattie for a great run.

30th Sep 2019 15:03 :: Wattie97
Thanks to all who attended this run. Glad to hear Susan got Foxy back and will be back on the road again.
Huge thanks to my bestest pals Jim and Maria who as stated at start of run could not have done more to assist Janet and I. Also thanks to Drew and Ally for their help.
Hope everyone enjoyed the day out.

30th Sep 2019 17:12 :: Matt and Elaine
Thanks for a great run. Weather Gods were very kind again. Some fabulous roads and scenery.
Great that Susan got recovered ok
Thanks to Janet,Maria, Jim and
Wattie for organising and keeping us entertained.

30th Sep 2019 21:47 :: Peter & Fiona
Big thank you to Wattie, Janet, Jim & Maria for a great day out. Some new roads  for future solo runs. Sorry to see Foxy at the side of the road. Never got a chance to say cheerio at the end but I will blame Fiona for that!

3rd Oct 2019 15:22 :: Stewart Watt
Many thanks to Janet and Wattie and everybody else involved in organising this great run with the benefit of hoods down all day. Glad Susan got sorted so quickly.

4th Oct 2019 20:00 :: Ian
Run video now added.

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