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Central Scotland Track Night
Fri 9th Jun 2006
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 28
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Let’s go for an all Mx-5 Track Night this year, that was the plan I put to some of the track regulars at our planning meeting back in January.
In 2005 the 21  Mx-5’s were joined by 9 non Mazda’s, so building on last years success and coupled with the positive feedback by way of a forum poll, the ultimate Scottish Fives Track Night may just have been feasible. The months leading up to the event were spent e- mailing last years attendee’s and anyone else who may have been interested, even one month before the big night the numbers seemed to have peaked at 23 with little prospect of improvement, more e-mails were frantically sent out, yet still no response. Remembering how there was a late flurry of interest last year I decided to ease off and see what transpired, finally the numbers were reached although on the night due to a couple of major mechanical problems a few members had to take part in their substitute cars.

The ninth of June arrived amidst a week of glorious weather, would we be lucky with the conditions…yes we would, but despite most of us burning in traffic queues to get to Fife, that famous Knockhill micro climate took over when within sight of the Kincardine Bridge, which turned out to be about 30 yards due to the fog, yes some were arriving in shorts and T shirts only to find the air somewhat cooler than the towns they had only just left, hey but what the heck cold damp air is much better for the induction system than the warm stuff.
The early birds were treated to an entertaining and incident packed display by the previous car marques track session and thankfully the trend was not continued into ours. Although Paul and Elaine were down from North Scotland there was still no sign of Lorraine, Andy and Tom from the Aberdeen area but fortunately they arrived just as we were about to start the compulsory pre track session briefing by the Head Marshall. Once again this year we had arranged for the track novice’s to follow the Knockhill pace car for a few laps, thus getting a less pressurised feel for the track coupled with a follow me through the corners instruction. The rest of the pack were soon on track and enjoying the superb conditions, apart from a few minor spins and near moments everyone was well behaved and showed the greatest respect for their fellow drivers. One aspect of this years event which was very pleasing, was the family atmosphere created not only by the drivers who were sharing their cars with partners and family members but by all the other drivers who showed willingness to give passenger rides to the spectators.
The two hours were over far too quickly and after retiring to the paddock to say our farewells we were off home our separate ways, although a small contingent stopped off at the Kincardine Way for a bite to eat and a summary of the night.

Many thanks to everyone that took part, for the exemplary track etiquette shown and for making the night a huge success, to the North Scotland members that travelled so far and back the same day, a big thanks for your commitment.
As for next year, well the track's provisionally booked, let's see if we can make it all five's. 


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Your Comments
9th Jun 2006 18:01 :: Douglas
Never been asked for them before, no harm if you have them with you.

9th Jun 2006 18:44 :: Douglas
There is one rule they may apply, in that arms should be covered in open top cars, in view of today's weather thought it worth mentioning.

9th Jun 2006 19:09 :: Kristoff
Wouldn't worry about sunburn too much, the East Coast Haar is hanging about ominously, it may even make it as far inland as Knockhill so bring something warm to wear too.


9th Jun 2006 19:28 :: Skarecrow
Does the rule about covered arms extend to covered legs?? will brind some long trousers with just in case.

10th Jun 2006 04:26 :: Richard Nicol
Brilliant night, considerate driving and good fun, unless you're in a Focus. Scarey!

V.Pleased with the new car, seemed to go ok. SC maybe?

10th Jun 2006 05:41 :: Fee
What a great night!  I've uploaded loads of pics to a photobucket account. I can't put a link here but will put one in the general forum.

10th Jun 2006 05:42 :: Fee
Actually, make that the motorsport forum, makes more sense.

10th Jun 2006 06:08 :: rockdoc
some well driven non-FI,d  5,s there too.
Happy that mine never missed a beat (except when it it was bouncing off the limiter)

10th Jun 2006 06:18 :: steve Oliver
AMAZING almost as good as watching ENGLAND qualify for the world cup (just kidding!) Learnt a hell of a lot more about my car tonight especially after Si thrashed the pants off it! Scary but true. Thanks to Douglas and the guys for organising such a great evening more of the same please.

10th Jun 2006 10:02 :: rockdoc
Out of interest/curiosity,did / was anyone taking lap times?

10th Jun 2006 14:37 :: Gordon & Janice
That was fun!!!

Thanks to Douglas for organising this, can't wait for the next one.

10th Jun 2006 15:13 :: Gordon & Janice
I timed one of Andrew's laps at 1min 18.5 if that helps any.

10th Jun 2006 17:02 :: Tom
What a night !
I'm still on a high this morning.

Great photos Fee!, Barbara's didn't turn out too well.

Thanks to everyone that took Steph out. (her old man wasn't quick enough, apparently).

An enormous thanks to Douglas for all the organising.

11th Jun 2006 03:04 :: Jim
What a fabulous night!!!

Thanks to Douglas for organising the ultimate 5 night - brilliant weather, poeple but the 5s stole the show!

The track tuition paid off with smoother faster cornering helping me catch much faster cars.

An event NOT to be missed. Can't wait until next year to do it all again.

11th Jun 2006 03:05 :: Lorraine
Yes, thanks to all those there for making the night one to remember. I seem to have rather sore triceps today- too much hanging on for grim death -might have been worse had I keep my eyes open for longer!!
£55 well spent indeed! Thanks to you chaps for organising it all.

11th Jun 2006 20:06 :: Gavin
Yes, great night, good weather and considerate driving. Saving up for new tyres now. The Michelins on the Mk3 are c@$p

12th Jun 2006 03:10 :: June
Thanks to everyone who took Paul & I out as passengers, Paul didn't shut up about it the whole way home!!!
Special thanks to Boydie for that wee stunt he pulled on the hairpin!!!!

12th Jun 2006 14:43 :: Mikey

Was a really good night even though I never took part =(....hopefully next time =)


12th Jun 2006 16:58 :: lochpark
Great evening, thanks to Douglas for organising the event and to Jim, John and Tom for the passenger laps.

12th Jun 2006 20:53 :: Skarecrow
Thanks to Douglas for a great night, sorry we couldn't make it along for a bit to eat afterwards but I waited with Colin of a while, AA truck picked him up at about 9:45 pm. My best lap was 1:14.5, not bad for a stock 1600cc

12th Jun 2006 21:52 :: Si
Thanks again Douglas for yet another fantastic track session. 

Not as good as the last session, but only because I didn't have my MX-5 :-(  The Clio was better than I expected through the corners, but didn't feel quite as positive as the 5.  The Clio also had too much power as it was destroying everything on the straights which meant that I didn't have any "tussles" with other participants.

Best discipline/etiquite I've ever seen at a track day so thanks to everyone for that also!


12th Jun 2006 23:43 :: kevham
A great night. Great track discipline. Si Fraser as quick as ever (even in a Clio !!!).  Great to see the Mk3 owners bravely tracking their new cars.
Anyone else signed up for Dreadnought nights in August/September???? If so, I'll see you there.

13th Jun 2006 00:00 :: Douglas
Many thanks to everyone for making the night the success it was, Plaudits again from Knockhill Marshalls and Staff. Thanks Fiona and Gordon for getting the pictures posted, look forward to seeing the video footage.
report will be posted shortly.

13th Jun 2006 19:22 :: Pete
Sorry I\'m a bit late adding my thanks- great session well organised and my first event, what a baptism!  Well done to Fee for the pix- mine didn\'t come out too well.
PS- rockdoc- is FI forced induction?

14th Jun 2006 05:36 :: rockdoc
Pete FI - Certainly is FORCED INDUCTION- was you thinking it was sumthin else ;)

16th Jun 2006 04:14 :: Pete
Thanks Rockdoc- yes my mind was racing with all sorts of suggestions!

16th Jun 2006 04:51 :: rockdoc

20th Jun 2006 16:13 :: Simon
Some new photos uploaded for your viewing pleasure .... vids to follow shortly once I find some decent compression software.

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